Ellen is weighing in on the conversation surrounding the policies of Abercrombie & Fitch. 

"I know a lot of kids watch this show, so I wanna say one more thing to you all," she said. "What you look like on the outside is not what makes you cool. At all. I mean, I had a mullet and I wore parachute pants for a long, long time. And I’m doing ok."

"What’s important is that you’re healthy and you’re happy. That’s the most important thing. And now that I’ve made myself clear, I would like to dance.”

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388 days ago

I just want to know that I´m from México and i can´t see your show on a daily bases so i come here to your page and watch all the videos... I want you to know that you inspire me in so many ways, you´rse so selfless persona, and you use your fame to help people, you give to the world happiness, you show us that love comes within your self no because what people thinks is "the normal way" I hope my relationship comes as strong and as pure as yours with your wife... you´re my hero in all ways!!! thanks for existing and for living that kind of life because you give ... Thanks again for everything... andjust for the record you are SO BEAUTIFUL, (regarding your monologue) inside and outside!! you ROCK!!!

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421 days ago

"Oh Fitch, please!" LOL that was cute, that was cute....

And that's exactly why I don't like that store and brand. Never shopped there before and I'm definitely not going to start now.

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Angelena Zaglas
427 days ago

So great!

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Laura Van Tuy
428 days ago

Every business in America has the right to se what they want and to whomever they want. But, the mean-spirited comments are uncalled fro and they are hurtful to a culture that is obese.
As a person who strugges with morbid obesity for most of my life and who has faced harassment and who has now overcome those chains of obesity -- I will never shop in this store unless there is a global apology. I will discourage others -- including my 12 grandchildren to not darken your doors!

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Marilee Fritsch
429 days ago

To those of you who are thin:

You are beautiful too! The thing is, overweight people face a lot of discrimination so the cultural focus is on empowering them.

The purpose here is for everyone to be healthy and happy. I've been all sizes. I was a size 1 when I had an eating disorder. I was a size 13 before that. Now I'm a size 9. SIZE DOESN'T MATTER! when I was anorexic, the A&F CEO would have considered me "cool" and "beautiful" but I was hurting. I was also hurting when I was a size 13. Now I'm a size 9, but I'm healthy. I'm happy.


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Marilee Fritsch
429 days ago

Ellen! THANK YOU SO MUCH! This monologue means SO MUCH TO ME! I was an eating disorder patient and still struggle with body image issues at times and I have friends who are teenagers who BUY INTO THIS! It hurts to know this, because they have gone through so much in their life and this CEO (with clear self-esteem issues) is saying if they are above a certain size that they aren't beautiful? I call BS on that!

Ellen, it's people like YOU who SPEAK UP that will make this world a better place. Thank you again for representing someone like me (just a silly college student studying nutrition at Penn State who is still trying to figure life out), and my beautiful friends who deserve to KNOW THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL regardless of what anyone else says!

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Pandora Williams
430 days ago

Dear Ellen,

I wanted to come to your page personally and thank you for the piece that you did on Abercrombie and Fitch decision to no longer sell clothes in a size larger than ten.

I heard about this controversy a week or so ago as it exploded on Facebook. I am post-op bariatric surgery patient, a proud member of the Obesity Action Coalition and a proud supporter of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America. When I first heard rumors of the story I was admittedly on the fence on the issue. There was a part of me, looking at it from a business perspective said, well hey, every company has a right to market to their target audience, not every company carries plus sizes, nor do we as a society expect them too, but before I made up my mind on the issue I wanted to take the time to actually read the statement that was made by Mr. Jeffries, CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch.

I JUST arrived home today from a trip to Vegas where I was in the company of several hundred weight loss surgery patients, for the WLSFA's Annual Meet and Greet Fundraiser. The WLSFA is a non-profit organization that raises money for grant recipients for patients whose insurance will not cover bariatric surgery and who cannot afford it themselves. This amazing organization is saving lives for people in the fight against obesity. During the Convention I was just at in Las Vegas, where Carnie Wilson spoke as the WLSFA Ambassador of Hope I had the opportunity to go zip lining with last years WLSFA grant recipient, Darren King. Thanks to the WLSFA Darren was able to have weight loss surgery and has taken his life back from obesity. It was an amazing experience to watch four of my dear friends soar through the sky who a few years ago, wouldn't have even been able to do so before weight loss surgery due to the 250lb capacity on the zip line.

After talking to several people about the issue during the convention I had joined the group of those who feel that the actions of Abercrombie and Fitch were not only extremely weight biased, which let's face it, prejudice against obese individuals is accepted discrimination of society; but that it also sends a message to our youth that they are less than worthy if they weigh too much. Too many people still believe it is alright to make jokes about obese people, to tease them, ridicule them and treat them like second class citizens.

After spending a weekend surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of people that used to be obese, who could now, fit into Abercrombie and Fitch clothes, I can honestly say that not many of us would. Ellen I absolutely LOVE that you stood up to Mike Jeffries and I wanted to ask you if you would consider making "Oh Fitch Please." Ellen T-shirts on your website and perhaps even consider donating a part of the proceeds to the WLSFA. I promise Ellen, we have the type of community that if you did this, would stand behind you loyally and buy these shirts!

I hope you will consider this request.
Thank you again for standing up against this topic and for sending the message that beauty isn't about the number on a scale or what size pants you wear, and that weight isn't about being beautiful, it is about being happy and healthy and able to enjoy life.

Pandora Williams

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Tracy Mandera
430 days ago

Check out the shirt I created. I'll be wearing this each time I go to the mall... http://www.zazzle.com/shop_anywhere_other_than_a_f-235255...

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430 days ago

First, I think the whole point of the zero is being misunderstood...no one is a zero..and in saying that no one is trying to offend those who wear a "00" now, sizes are arbitrary...they are a ____fill in the blank with you waist measurement and your inseam. Men's 30 X 34 makes a lot more sense than 00.

Second i have an idea. Maybe we should take all the AF labelled clothes and sew that part with their name onto a pair of size 12-24-?? stretch pants...you know right across the rear, or wherever you might want to add it to make your statement.

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430 days ago

I am a size plus, plus, plus and I am beautiful !

I am beautiful because I love and I am loved...
I am beautiful in the eyes of wonderful friends that I can count on and vice versa...
I am beautiful when I laugh, sing, dance and work...
I am beautiful, I am happy and I believe beauty is everywhere and in everyone !

I am a size plus, plus, plus...
I have fibromyalgia and can't work since 2002...
I don't have money and my car is very old...
I don't have "smart" gadgets...
My computer is a dinosaur and my TV is slowly dying...
Enough to make you sad, mad and ugly ?
No ! I can still watch your show and be happy and more beautiful each day !

You are right; beauty is not a number, an age, a size...
Beauty is what your heart and mind reflect and project.

Hugs and kisses from a beautiful person to another !!!

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julianna farias
430 days ago

I loved today's show!! It is so true how know a days, it is basic on your looks. Not your personality!!! Ellen you are great person, with a wonderful heart. You put smiles on millions of peoples face a day. your awesome...

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431 days ago

I am sure ALL of us could find the pros and cons of this conversation. I agree with Ellen....what is MOST important is that we find that inner happiness to be comfortable in our own skin. Whether that is a size 0 or a size 14.

If this is the marketing tactic that A and F chooses to take that is their choice. Making it public is down right rude and lacks compassion for those that may be struggling with self image issues.

This is a subject very near and dear to my heart as I currently have a 14 year old daughter who is 6 months into recovery from an eating disorder. So I would like to personally say thank you Ellen.....for ME your stand against A and F was outstanding. More awareness needs to be on health and happiness and less on size!

Keep up the great work. Jen

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431 days ago

Hi team Ellen :) There's an awesome campaign to rebrand A&F by donating their clothes to the homeless, might be something interesting for you to share!

Their video: http://youtu.be/O95DBxnXiSo

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431 days ago

First of all I love that fact that you took Abercrombie & Fitch to task in your monologue. A & F's marketing tactics over the years have been more than questionable. I personally do not shop there, but not because I can’t fit into their clothes, but because I do not want to dress like a teenager. I am a forty-something woman who at 5’7 and 100lbs is the same size I was in high school Yes!! I am a size 0! Well, at least I used to be. Now I can grab a size 0 skirt off the rack in a store, hold it up to my waist and know immediately it is too large, probably by at least two sizes. I have seen my friends get so excited because they found a pair of size 4 pants that they bought one in every color. If they looked in their closet they would see they are hanging next to the identical size 10 pants they bought five years ago. Sizing itself is a marketing ploy and most clothing manufacturers are guilty of sizing down their product to make the average sized woman feel better and therefore spend more money in their stores. It is pretty sad that it works most of the time.
Where I think you missed the boat on this one, (and I hate to say it because I just love your positive attitude and great sense of humor) is by implying that no one is a size zero. I do get the joke, and even laughed along with you, but on some level it brought out in me the feelings of the skinny, unattractive girl I have worked so hard to keep hidden. I have spent a lifetime fending off a never ending barrage of questions, comments and accusations concerning my weight. I have had strangers come up to me and ask me how much I weigh, often times in a not so polite manner. Just recently I was walking into the grocery store and had someone yell from a car passing by "Hey!! You need to f-ing eat something lady!" Another comment that sticks out is "You know, your sister is such an great woman, she would be cute if she put on some weight" Ugh! Even for someone my age who has developed a pretty thick skin regarding these remarks I have to say that hurt. These comments have shaped my behavior in so many ways. Some ways I didn’t even realize until I really thought about it. I recall a time in high school when someone made a comment when I was coming out of the ladies room after lunch. "Well, we know how she stays so thin" After that I never used the bathroom after lunch again, ever. On a lighter note, I love to travel, but my absolute biggest nightmare isn’t about the plane crashing, but what will I do if they lose my luggage and I have to try and shop for clothes that fit!
I really do hope you see this letter because it truly was meant to be a heartfelt “thank you” for your positive message about being cool by being you! I do hope people realize that when we call out these companies for their bad behavior , that is just the beginning. We need to demand realistic sizing and photo-shop disclaimers in print advertising! Our true power is in our wallet. Money talks and when it isn’t flowing into their cash registers they will listen. As for me, the next time someone asks me “Really!! What do you eat” I will reply “Really, you want to know?? Take me to dinner, and bring your AMEX”


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431 days ago

Ellen, Please let's not forget that there are plenty of girls & women in this country that are a size 0 or 00 or 4 that are ridiculed daily for being too thin and are made to feel inadiqut thanks to today’s popular slogans like "Real Women Have Curves" and being excluded from Doves “Real Beauty” ads. My daughter is one of those girls. From grade school to young adulthood, my daughter has not lived a single day without someone commenting on how thin she is or making a wise crack like “go eat a burger”. I find it unfortunate that no one understands how comments like these can be just as hurtful as if your were to meet a larger person and then comment “gosh you’re really fat”. One young man, a perfect stranger, came up to her and told her she looked like a holocaust victim. She’s been harassed at work as well but the boss does nothing. I’m sure if it were ongoing comments to a larger person he’d have been fired. My daughter is now a young adult and it’s to the point she dreads going to work and is afraid to meet new people because she knows she’s going to hear comments about her size. Please note: My daughter has tried everything to gain weight. At one point, she was drinking up to 5 cans of coke a day. She also tried carbs, milkshakes and fast food but really, should she have to sacrifice her health and her teeth for social acceptance?

Friday evening, I came home to my daughter crying in bed (as I have many times in her life) after she watched your video “Fitch Please”. Your knock, knock joke about size 0 made her to feel as if she doesn’t or shouldn’t exist. If you really meant it that size doesn’t matter, why did you have to make a joke at the expense of thin girls? Being a single mom who doesn’t have the luxury or time watch daytime TV (I don’t have cable either) so I’m not sure if any of you ever looked into the issues thin girls have to endure but perhaps it’s time people start “seeing them”. Or, will we wait until the teasing gets so bad that one of these thin girls chooses not to exist. Check out this link: http://theskinnygirlproblems.com/

My daughter is thin the way that God meant her to be. She is beautiful inside and out and is absolutely in every way a Real Woman!

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