Adoptable Pets of the Week

Meet Leon, an adorable, easygoing Lab who loves his stuffed toys and food -- he'll do just about anything for a treat! Calm and friendly toward people, he's good with other dogs, too. Leon came to the sanctuary from animal control after his person was arrested, but Leon prefers to stay out of trouble!

Leon is such a sweet guy, and at 59 lbs., he's a great size! Born in 2009, he's prone to ear infections, but otherwise in good health. Leon doesn't understand why he lost his home, but if you give him a new one, he promises to be a very good boy!

Adopt Leon!

When Burberry's family packed up and moved, they forgot one thing: Burberry! Why would anyone just up and leave such a sweet, unassuming, cuddly thing like him? He really is a great catch. He shows initial interest in you by sniffing your hand, and then encourages you to use that hand to pet him. He loves attention from everyone.

Burberry is also pretty good with other cats. He hasn't played with any, but tolerates them well. There haven't been any scuffles, but he's clear about where his boundaries are. In all fairness, it's a huge change going from a family to being abandoned and alone, to living with lots of other cats at the sanctuary.

Burberry is adjusting well, and even though there have been a lot of changes in his life, there's one change he's really looking forward to: a home and a family who won't leave him behind. That would mean the world to Burberry.

Adopt Burberry!

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