Ellen loves to prank her guests, and this hidden camera prank is one for the history books! She sent her writer, Amy, into his dressing room with an earpiece, and Ellen was telling her what to say! Watch the hilarious results here.


Amanda R.
411 days ago

I love when she sits down and he uncomfortably turns away from her still being polite ... love him!!

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Constance I Ramsey
413 days ago

huge Vince fan. He was so polite and patient today.

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Amanda Jane
441 days ago

That prank with Vince Vaughn was soooo funny thanks Ellen, I've put it on my facebook page :)

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443 days ago

I strongly agree that starting up a website takes patience and engaged, continuous involvement with your audience and neighboring communities.

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450 days ago

lol i love you put this message on the show and then email the episode to me i love you ellen stay cool here is my email deren.sen@education.nsw.gov.au
thanks your biggest fan

(if you are an fan of ellens email me saying freinds on the subject)

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Vivian Kyhn
452 days ago

Hidden Camera Pranks! SOOO funny and it is so much fun to see. WE watch you show as often as I can. Some times we just have to tape your Shows... Also we liked when you Scare your guests like the Banana costum!!

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Anita McCants
452 days ago

Vince Vaughn is a sweetheart. Enjoyed your show, Ellen :^)

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Randy Gallinger
452 days ago

I love it when Ellen gets people involved and speaks to them through an earpiece. The Vince Vaughn prank was hilarious. I also enjoy it when she does this with Starbucks employees.

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Pier Angela Parker
452 days ago

HILARIOUS ELLEN! Amy is so good 2! Vince was so funny how you just went with the flow. =) Made my day! =)))))))

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452 days ago

I love, love that coffee table. I just kept looking at the table.

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452 days ago

That was hysterical!!! Vince was a patient and good sport.

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