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nicolle ward
190 days ago

Hi ellen,
I have been watching your shows for the last 4 years and you are such an inspiration to me. I live in new zealand and am 24. I am a double major student of education and psychology with the intention of being an educational psychologist for students with special needs and behaviuoural issues. I came out that i am gay when i was 14 and most people were ok with it because of you, "oh well, ellen is gay and shes awesome". There were also plenty of people not ok with it. I also suffer from bipolar and your shows was the highlight of my day when i was really ill. I was in a mental hospital for 3 months all up and every morning your bookshop show was on and n the afternoon was your talk show and that is what i looked forward to everyday and kept me going. The nurses also loved watching you but i cant say much for the other patients when i would rock in and change the chanel. I then found the love of my life, we had a rocky start as i was still in the mental health system. She was totally amazing until just before christmas she tells me that she doesnt want a gay relationship because she wants a husband and kids. It has tornmy life apart. I had done everything for our life together. I try to tell her well look at ellen and porshe there is the same age gap and they are happy as. All we need is each other but she needs more. I feel like im back to square one and am heartbroken looking forward to your show everyday. After a day full of crying, not eating and being miserable your show puts a big smile on my face. I have even looked at your tickets since your wittyness and sense of humour can make me smile even when i am in the deepest darkest place. My dream is to meet you. You change so many lives and i wanted to know you are changing lives on the other side of the world. You are the best! Keep doing what your doing and nplease dont stop the show, what would i have to look forward to and make me smile?

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Mary Jean Thompson
196 days ago

I love Ellen simply because she is a good peron. Her heart is always in the right. She doesn't judge people. I big one for me is that she isn't a racist. My ex disowned our daughter because she decided to be with a black man. You disown child because of a skin color? It's what's in the heart that counts. God made different oolor for his own reasons. We are not worthy to question it. I havethe most beautiful grandsons that anybody could ever be blessed with. Yes, they are biracial and I wouldnt change a thing about them.
Ellen loves animals. I do too. People call me cat woman. I have 5 cats and 2 small dogs. They were all rescued from situations. A few the cats an the dogs were resued from my evil ex. Along detailed situation but He beat the dogs. Through o against the wall. Cats were too fast for them. He beat me too. I refused to leave them behind.Stayed longer until right time. Has o get money too. Stuck out of state. We made it home to pittsurgh. I respect Ellen so much of how she loves animals. Shes probably one of few that understands why I refsed to leave without them.
Ellen being funny is a bonus.

Mary Jean

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mert bell
217 days ago

I love you Ellen because you are REAL! You are not phoney at all! I laugh, I cry, and for one hour I forget about all sadness in my life. You give me that Ellen and so much more. No matter how bad life gets for me, my children and grandchildren, I can turn your show on and get much needed laughter from you. You make my life much better. You see I have cancer (presently taking chemotherapy), children and grandkids that have no where to live and some that don't have food to eat at times but with your show we learned how to come together and help each other, We will be fine. Thank you Ellen from your Canadian sister Ida Bellam. Laughter is such great medicine, you give me that Ellen.

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218 days ago

I don't have a song or dance that I can submit, I just have words from my heart.

Ellen, I am sitting here watching your show and have had one of the worse years. I don't want anything, I just want you to know that I thank you for all you do to cheer people up. You got me through five surgeries this year, Crohn's Disease flare ups, bad luck days and I just want to say that you don't need to be nominated to be a Sainte. You pull off miracles every day to people in need. Weather you fly them to your show to surprise them or show up at their door, your generosity gives those in need a new life. A second chance. For those at home who are glued to their televisions, like me, you are my miracle smile when I need it most. Sometimes, it is just a smile you put on viewers faces, like mine, that makes every difference in the world.

If you need an inspirational story of kindness and fun, well, you are mine. Thank you so much for all you do for others and for me. You give me that smile I need...every day.

I send the Merriest of Christmas wishes and Happy Holidays to you, Portia, your Mama, your Family and all your staff.

Catherine Eandi

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Alice Clark
224 days ago

I hope that you like my silly joke....

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Melissa Zimprich
243 days ago

First off, Ellen I know that you have heard from thousands of your fans! Maybe even some stories will be close to what I am about to say (as it seems to be more and more a reoccurring story anymore)! I am a single mom of the best and most amazing two children EVER! Their life had changed following an accident in which I had on 2/13/09. Then their world and life would change forever when their dad and I got divorced 9/09. Ever since then I have been doing nothing but struggle it seems. I have not been able to work since 2/10 due to issues following the accident, AS WELL AS other health issues that we continue to deal with as best as we can just to survive. I wish that I could make things all better for them as they once were, but one can only do so much when trying to make it on a budget of less then $500 a month for a family of 3. Just hoping that maybe you can put that glimmer of hope back in their eyes. Thanks for all you do! You are definitely an angel sent from heaven above! it seems like a lot of dishes the kids just had this gloomy sadness about them anymore and as long as I can get them in the room with me when your show starts at least I can see Smiles from them throughout the day. I don't know how to explain it but my kids the same to lose that have that they used to have that childish glow about them and I don't know how to give it back to them anymore. If I did then I guess I wouldn't be right into today. My sisters been amazing I'm helping us one of my other sister has always been there to help watch the kids when I need and to drive the kids to go meet a dad as I am NOT driving any longer. My parents live a block away just to help out as much as they can but they have a life of your own and me time when you're on to dealing with as well. If I could even just got a letter from you to show them that you do care I'm that would make the world to them seems like it's possible to do anything! Then I both see all the good you do to others that are in life are worse situation then we are in. However that doesn't make this life that we're now leaving seem any better. I used to have a5 bedroom house that's we lived in I couldn't afford it had to get rid of. And now we're renting a three bedroom house that it feels like we're coming apart at the seams on. The kids rooms are freezing cold during the winter with plastics on em is still feel a draft coming through the windows. They just missed a house that we can call hours and we don't have that right now. As a matter of fact I think you could be looking at losing that along with everything else we have. I just went through your long custody battle against my ex husband where the end result stay the same where the kids get to stay living with me. And I'm afraid that if things don't change I'm going to have to send them to their dads to live from now on knowing that at least then they will have a roof over their heads. And any mother I know that that is the absolute last thing you ever want to do is give up your kids but I promise my kids I would never ever separate them so this seems to be my only conclusion that I face anymore. If you have any ideas and helping me think of something to make our life better right now please help I'm not one to need the help I want to give the help and now with my physical limitations I don't know how to do anything anymore! If you can help us Ellen I understand please don't give up on all the lights do need your help and know that any little thing you do can be life changing! We love you and hope that your life is as in rich as you have give unto others. God bless and please remember to keep on dancin :-) love Melissa

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281 days ago

We love you Ellen...I'm a single father of a beautiful 4 yr old and thank the lord everyday for her..I'm trying my hardest to make everything work with the bills and things for her..its tough now a days.. And living pay check to pay check is really rough.cannot get the things she ask for because I'm outta of funds it really breaks my heart I do my best just outta options here..thanks ellen

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281 days ago

Ellen is so loved because she is real! Down to earth and believe she really cares about folks. Ellen is a natural and would help everyone if she were able. She has not let her awesomeness go to her head!

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Brandee Simoneaux
295 days ago

First I just want to say I love Ellen... She is such a inspiration to me. I love watching her show she is such a loving and giving person... I Enjoy watching her everyday. I am 31 years old and was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I am a mother of 3 young children. My Middle child is 6 yrs old and 3 days after i was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in August my son was rushed to New Orleans childrens hospital by ambulance where we found out he has a heart condition and will be having surgery this month. I am going through a tough time right now emotionally... when i watch ellen it touches my heart how she helps people and brings me hope in my life..... Its amazing how one day your life is going so well and in a blink of a eye your whole life feels like its falling apart around you. I am going through Chemo right now til december. I have been so sick with it and its such a struggle to get through each day when you have 3 young kids that need you. Things are really rough right now trying to pay bills now with a ton of medical bills piling up. I am so sick of crying everyday trying to figure out how we are going to manage til the next paycheck with one income right now. I am constantly worrying about christmas coming up. I am trying to talk my kids into things other than what is on there list because of our financial situation right now. My 11 and 6 yr old want IPADS and my 3 yr old wants a NABI..... Holidays right now are just so depressing its suppose to be a joyful time but for me right now its not. I am looking forward to watching Ellen this month because its Breast Cancer Awareness month and i know she will help so many people. Being a person going through Cancer right now I know its a FIGHT... I know when i am finished fighting this I will be a STRONGER woman... THANKS for listening.... KEEP BEING THE WOMAN YOU ARE ELLEN.... Love Brandee Simoneaux

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Lori Netter
331 days ago

I just wanted to say thank you. Your show and especially you brighten my days. Im about to lose my home and car and i am an emotional mess. I hide the fear and panic from my children but, it is eating me up inside. Your show makes me forget that soon i'll be living god knows where. I laugh, cry and get totally inspired by your kind heartedness. You are a true inspiration.

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Leisa Land
396 days ago

My wife is Leisa Land. She doesn't know I'm writing you. She has been very sick and taking auto immune drugs for her liver for 11 weeks and still has 14 weeks to go. Its like Chemo with out the Chemo. She keeps telling her doctors as long as she gets her dose of Ellen everyday she will survive. She even records them and watches them over and over. 13 yrs ago I had to take her from her home town in Lexington Ky. to Kansas City MO. to help me take care of my father who was not expected to live but at the most for 1 yr he was in his 80's. He passed at 94 yrs. of age and then we had to take care of my step mother who was 90 and had Alzheimer and dimension she didn't have any family left alive to help. My wife refused to put her in a Senior living. She gave up her life from her three son's who are adults and now are married and recently have children just to help me. She was so unselfish. Then while there in Kansas City she had to have gallbladder surgery and they accidentally gave her MRSA (STAFF INFECTION) this attached her spine and literately ate 3 disc's and her spine up. It was actually holding her spine together. she spent 4 months in the hospital. They came to her one day and said " we got to operate tomorrow" " we have fought this for weeks and we need to go in Thoracic (thru the ribs) cause it will kill you if we go straight to the spine" Then they said " the chances of you making it are slim and the chances of you being paralyzed is greater". She handled with dignity . She wasn't able to get a hold of her children before the operation she was so upset. WE thought she was going to die. She was only 51 yrs of age at that time. Her mom jumped on a plane and came immediately. Well "THANK GOD AND THE SURGEON'S" She made it. She has some numbness in in Back and Legs she don't complain. And I know she's in pain. We been together for 23 yrs I know my wife. But, they accidentally gave Hepatitis and she's now battling with this and its a cruel treatment. But, she just keeps saying she wants to be here to go to our grandchildren s graduations, weddings. They mean everything to her. And everyday she worries about our bills. See we have this new life call living on a fixed income cause she's fully disabled. I'm a sound eng. I tour with bands have been for over 35 yrs. But, this yr I had to stay home to take care of my wonderful wife. She's always been there for others I couldn't go out on tour. So I opted to get a job here. I'm 54 couldn't get a decent job nobody wants to hirer a 54 yr old roadie. lol So I now drive a truck for a Auto parts co. Part time. We have gone thru all our savings and juggling bills and food. She is so worried and she needs to recover. We rent and our rent is 950.00 a month. She only gets 710.00 a month. Were struggling but she never complains. She wants a I pad so bad and a phone but our reality is we will never have one. Not anytime soon. My wish for her is to at least have a I Pad so she can do things on line and listen to her music and play "HEADS UP" IS THERE ANYTHING YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO DO? You make her crack up everyday. She loves your wits and especially when you get tickled when you send people out to talk to people and your in their ear. You truly cheer her up. And she says " your relationship with Porsche is like ours" Her love for animals is exactly like your love. We have two Pekingese dogs. Shes a member of the ASPCA. And in her time she lived to go out dancing. Those days are over due to her back. She tries to dance thru the house but has to sit down after a few seconds.She loves to see you sing and Your dancing cheers her up. She sits and dances with you. Your truly a Angel.
Love Pauly Parker our names our different for personal reason's.But we are married lol
Thanks for just listening to me. Paul
Thanks Ellen

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Michael Nettleton
405 days ago

I want to thank you, Ellen, for giving me and countless others the courage to be proud of who I am. Like many other men my age, I married and raised children before I finally came to terms with my sexual orientation. As a special thank you for your positive efforts to make this a better world, I purchased a paver for the local GLBT Center which reads "Yep I'm gay. Ellen" (Sorry about the "yep", but I, too, was influenced by the Time Magazine cover.) Keep up the good work! And thanks for all that you do to show that equality is for everyone.

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Tanya Rogers
411 days ago

Ellen, You are the one person that I have never met that makes me smile, laugh and to get a bright part and view of my life that is going through so much right now. I just got over a long marriage of verbally abuse of 10 years. Getting ready to lose my home that I rent and go to a shelter until I get on my feet. I have to wonderful kids that try and lift my life to a world of smiles. Even though at this time in my life I do not get television so when I watch you is when I go over to my best friends house to watch. We call it the Ellen alarm because before we watch we take a nap. Thank you for all you do for all and for making me have a hour of smiles and laughs to cut out all the bad. Hopefully I will get to meet you and thank you in person for all you do for so many people as myself and family and friends. Thank you Ellen<3

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416 days ago

Hello Ellen I met Ellen when I was at my 1 hour lunch and I was picked by your produce Tracy to assist with a Levi commercial to try on the new Levi last year at the Glendale Mall ,I had so much fun but I had to leave due to running late , when I got to work I told my boss I was with Ellen doing a Levi skit ,she said girl go back there that's the best late excuse you ever Tracy called me back to take picture but I called back too late, Ellen was so cool and I would never forget that day like if was yesterday.

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teri edwards
417 days ago

I just heard something very disturbing from one of my clients. She told me her son is one of the first people to go out and reconnect electricty in places like west and moore ok. He informed her that none of the help from the red cross and salvation amy goes to anyone that is not already receiving welfare. If your neighbor had a job at the time of the disaster his family and will be living in their car while the welfare family will be given housing and food as well clothing right away, but the working guy will be lucky to get anything maybe some water. Could you please look into this misjustice.

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