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Calling all first-time pregnant moms! You can win tickets to Ellen's Mothers Day Show 4 different ways! On Instagram, on Pinterest, on Twitter and on Facebook! Make sure you're following Ellen on all of those sites to make sure you don't miss your chances to win. Good luck!

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Victoria Swihart
133 days ago

Hey Ellen! The funniest thing happened at my drs. appointment the other day. Your show was playing in the background while the doctor was conducting an ultrasound and my little one (who is about 27 weeks in the womb, our first and we are due in June!) started dancing in the womb once you said, "Everybody get up and dance!" We caught it all on the video of the ultrasound! It was hilarious! I guess he knows your voice since I am a regular watcher. LOL. We couldn't stop laughing! We can't wait to come to your show and dance in the audience! Please let us know when Mother's Day tickets are available! Thank you!

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133 days ago

Hi Ellen,

Just want to make a comment here and see whether I can get tickets to your Mother's Day Show for 2014! If everything goes well, I will be approximately 24 weeks pregnant, and hoping to celebrate with all the first time mothers on your show. I have been waiting to not only have a successful pregnancy, but to also come on your mother's day show as it is the only thing on my bucket list! I have had 3 losses and have hopefully a sticky bean this time. I am still worried all the time that something could go wrong, but watching your show daily and dancing helps me stay positive so far. It would mean a lot to me to be able to be in the audience and dance with all the other first time moms! I hope you can make my wish come true... thanks for reading this!

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Heather MacKinnon
133 days ago

Cant wait for Mothers day 2014!! For the first time i get to celebrate it!! Cant wait! Love your show...keep spreading the love! :)

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Eduardo Hernandez
134 days ago

This is for my dear friend Cristy Flores Barela.

I've known her for nearly 5 years now. She is a very dear friend and I've recently

found out that she is pregnant with her first child. She has always been an

inspiration to me because she used to be my high school teacher for Journalism.

I've always watched the Ellen show and have always loved it and it would not only

mean the world to me but to C Flo, as I call her, as well. She is well on her way to

motherhood, and is being supported by her loving husband Curtis. She left her

job as a high school teacher so that she can continue to get her Masters in

Counseling Education. Not only has she been an influence in my life but she is

currently working on her Thesis on helping young girls maintain their interest in

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and other non traditional

careers. I know that she will be an awesome mother, supporter, and an individual

that others will soon look up to. She has always been at the care for others and I

know she will be a great addition to have on your show. With Curtis supporting

her and her work in school I know that she will be so very excited to be welcomed

on to your show. I know that she will continue excelling at her dreams and goals

in life and with her first soon to be child on his/her way is will be a great addition

to the beginning of their family, not to mention being on the Ellen show would be

a great story for all to tell! :D

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Heather Mackinnon
134 days ago

Cant wait for Mothers day 2014!! For the first time i get to celebrate it!! Cant wait! Love your show...keep spreading the love! :)

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Donna White
134 days ago

Hi Ellen! My dear friend Cristy Flores Barela is first-time mom -- she and her husband Curtis are expecting their first peanut in August! Cristy loves your show, and would LOVE to be on as a special guest. Won't you please consider her? She loves the cartoon Peanuts, and so she's super excite to be EXPECTING a little peanut... I've known Cristy since we were 12 years old and in middle school. Now, we're 34 and 35. Cristy has asked her friends to help to get her on your show -- let me know if you need her contact info so you can get her booked. She's super cute, funny, and loads of fun. Lots of love to you! Donna

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Julie Gonzalez
135 days ago

Ellen, I am commenting because I have the perfect mother for your show!! Trust me, she is the one you need. Cristina Flores is a passionate women who is kind and gives great advice. She is my former high school yearbook teacher and one of the best out there. She is currently studying for her masters to be a high school guidance counselor, so you know her kid will be on the right path! This first time mommy will be a fenominal and that is why you need her on your show!!

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Elise Capener
135 days ago

My name is Elise!!

I grew up and live in Southern Orange County and am the ultimate beach girl!

We are expecting our first BABY this summer!!!!!!!!!! AND A BOY!!

We couldn't be more excited to show off to the world how cute is (cuz he will be! I'm sure of it!)

We LOVE YOU Ellen! We watch you everyday!


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138 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I know this is a long shot, but it's worth posting a comment . . . you never know what will happen.

I LOVE your show! Especially when I'm feeling a little blue and need some sunshine in my day. You always make me laugh and I feel so refreshed after watching. Thank you!

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost two years. After I had surgery early December, we're finally pregnant! Although we are currently set back financially with paying off my surgery bills. BUT, I am so humble and happy and I know we will be fine.

I come from a family that it seems like everyone has gotten pregnant in there early 20's. My step-sister has 3 girls and is pregnant with her 4th. My sister-in-law is pregnant with her second and both of them are under the age of 26. Then there's Auntie Stacy . . . Finally!!! Did I mention that I've been married longer than all of them, thrown baby showers for them and am the first one to get on my hand and knees to play with my nieces and nephew? Now that it's my turn, it doesn't feel as special in a family setting because they're all pregnant too and it's "old news" to them. I'm thrilled and would love a way to feel like it's my special time. I couldn't be happier on the inside, but I would love a way to celebrate my little blessing in a special way.

Here's the tricky part. . . My husband and I are not on FB, Pintrest, Twitter or Instagram. Yes, we live in the dark age. ha ha Believe me, our friends make fun of us constantly! It's just a choice we have made because we prefer to spend time outdoors then on the computer and if someone wants to say hi, pick up a phone. ha ha Call me old school, but we don't know what we're missing and we're ok with that. With that being said, is there any other way to have the chance to win tickets to your mother's day show this year without being on social media? Believe me, I promote you and talk about your show all the time, just not electronically. :)

Anyway, thank you for providing this opportunity to new expecting moms. I think it's an amazing gift, but everything you do is an amazing gift. Keep being you and I'll keep laughing with you!


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Arleene C. Velayo
140 days ago

My quickly expanding family looks like a United Colors of Beneton Ad! Forrest and I are getting married in 17 days (3/22/14). Three months after that, we'll be welcoming our new baby boy (ETA 6/24/14)! What does this mean? That I'm going to be a massive bride. A happy, fabulous, AND ginormous bride that is! This is what happens when pillow talk conversation sounds something like... "Well, we ARE engaged already, and I AM 31 years old and all, let's just see what happens." Pregnancy happens, when one JUST "sees what happens."

With that said, our half white/half Filipino baby boy won't be our only baby. Jada is our half Mexican/half white kid (a 10 years old big beautiful baby), and Jesus is our strapping young, quite handsome, full blooded Mexican son (a 14 years old even bigger baby). As a Filipino mom with my fiancé being a red headed white dude... We are the American Family.

I met Forrest at a dogpark in 2009. He was a single father with 100% custody of Jada his daughter and Jesus his ex-step-son (although you'll never hear him say "step"). Me, a single, highly career focused woman, with a 13lb miniature poodle named Elvis Bojangles, did not know that on that day, I'd fall in love not only with the man of my dreams. But, that I'd also be meeting a total of three loves of my life. A three hour conversation later (which NEVER happens at dog parks according to friends/family/strangers haha), I knew that this man was special, and that those kids would change my life for the better.

Auto-Family is what I like to call us, and since that life changing day, that's exactly what we became: a family. Flash forward to 2014 and I'm finally marrying my best friend aka partNERD in crime. How many women (or men! as I raise my fist in solidarity) can say that they knew from Day 1 that their significant others would be FANTASTIC fathers (or mothers)? Mine was already one when I met him. I think I can say that I'm a pretty awesome mother BUT only have faux expertise with kids from ages 6+ that is... This newborn business is all sorts of new to me! All of us can't wait until baby boy is born! Just hoping that I take to changing diapers quickly!

To share this with the other fabulous moms on the Ellen show would be such a blessing, not to mention, probably one of the raddest things I'll ever get to experience with my in utero baby boy. Thanks Ellen for all that you do, all that you stand for, and for giving myself and a bajillion others, the opportunity to be part of something really cool. From Forrest and myself, and our little family, thanks for the opportunity (and for listening to my long winded story).

PS: We happened to run into Fabio one day at a grocery store and asked him to participate in the photo that outed our pregnancy to our friends and family via social media. WOULD LOVE to show you because it's pretty damn hilarious (whether we get picked or not). Thanks Ellen and Ellen staff!

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140 days ago

Hi ellen! How do we sign up for your Mother's Day show? Since everyone is doing it here I will too. :) me and my husband have been trying for couple years. We went through many heartbreaks and tears after multiple recurrent pregnancy losses. All unexplained infertility issues. I finally found out that I had a huge fibroid and I removed hoping it would improve our chances but even after we kept having RPL. But we did not lose hope. We started our first Ivf cycle and now pregnant with out first miracle baby and so far baby is healthy!! We feel so happy and blessed! Anyway, I keep watching previous shows and can't help balling my eyes out. (It must be the hormones!) You're the sweetest and would love to be part of the show!

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debbie petty
140 days ago

I am trying to surprise my daughter-in-law with a ticket to your mother's day show. She found out she was pregnant with her first child after my Son started the fire academy (not a paid position). She is a school teacher. It would be a tremendous blessing and help to this young couple if she could be on your show. She is due on June 22nd Thank you for your consideration

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143 days ago

Surprise. baby. Surprise third baby. Who knew that curing cancer and running marathons could have such an effect on my fertility. For the second time I found out I was pregnant after running a marathon with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's, Team in training.
I didn't even think I could get pregnant without medical intervention. But low and behold, one month before my baby turns ONE (and after giving away TONS of baby gear) we are expecting again. We are thrilled. And terrified.

Please help keep us cool by including me in your mother's day give away. I promise to keep trying to find a cure and raising money to put an end to cancer. (I also promise that we will be more careful from now on.)

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146 days ago

Hi Ellen!
I have always wanted to be a mom. Once a nanny, now a teacher of 7 years, over 1500 kids have touched my life. Even so, I thought I might not be able to have kids of my own. After a year and a half of trying, plus meds, I am finally going to have a baby at the age of 30! My $70,000 in student loans are a bit scary, but my husband and I are ready to make it work. Your show has kept me entertained through bouts of 4 AM morning sickness. My birthday is three days before Mother's Day this year. I would love to spend it being a part of your Mother's Day audience!

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146 days ago

Hi Ellen!!! I just found out my husband and I are expecting our first baby!! We are stationed in 29 palms Ca. My husband is a Marine who just got back from his 2nd tour in Afghanistan. We had a mc on christmas morning, so we shocked and so excited to find out that God is giving us a little miracle. I have always wanted to be on your show, I think you are an amazing women!! I am also a full time college student finishing up my Bachelors degree in psychology and sociology. I would love to meet you in person, my bestfriend and I are only 3 weeks apart and this would make our year!!!

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