It’s your last chance to win tickets to Down Under! Enter here! You won’t find another way to get to Australia for free unless you’re a really strong swimmer.
Before I head to the Southern Hemisphere, I’ve got some very exciting guests to talk to. Halle Berry will be here! She’s telling me about her scary new movie, “The Call.” It’s not easy sitting down next to someone so incredibly beautiful. I’m sure Halle will do fine.
One of the most adorably quirky people I have ever met, Kellie Pickler, will be here with her “Dancing with the Stars” partner, Derek Hough. That Kellie is a real firecracker. You never know what’ll happen when she’s here.
Jessica Alba is stopping by and we’re gonna talk about her new book that’s all about being a new mom. I know the feeling -- Portia and I just got a new goldfish.
The talented and bubbly Jennifer Love Hewitt will be here to talk about her show on Lifetime, “The Client List.” If you haven’t seen it, you’ll love Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Plus, one of my very good friends, Bethenny Frankel is on her way! She’s got some great do-it-yourself tips to get your life organized. I hope she can help me pack.
Also, the handsome Scott Foley will be here. I can’t wait to hear what’s going to happen next on his hit show, “Scandal.” I don’t know if you’ve been watching, but it’s absolutely scandalous.
Plus, the hilarious Joel McHale is taking a break from his two hit shows to come talk to me, and lots more! You couldn’t ask for a better send-off week than that. It all starts Monday on my show!