I go to Australia in 2 weeks! I’m taking everything I have that’s Australian, my didgeridoo, my boomerang, and my wife.

There’s a lot going on before I go. Steve Carell is here! He’s going to tell me about his new movie, “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone." I hear it’s incredible.

Jessica Simpson is here! She’s pregnant with her second child, and it’s a boy! I thought of the perfect name for him. I can’t wait to tell her -- Ellen.

The gorgeous Salma Hayek is here with her exciting new line of beauty products. I wanna try ‘em, but if I get any more beautiful, we’re all in trouble.

Also, Howie Mandel is going around the country auditioning people for "America’s Got Talent," and he’s taking a break to stop by my show. Someone must have told him about my cat ventriloquist act I’ve been working on.

From two of my favorite shows, “Modern Family” and “The Office," Rico Rodriguez and Ellie Kemper are here! They’re both such sweet, funny people. I’m gonna make them play “Boomerang Blitz” against each other. Let’s see how sweet they are then.

Emily VanCamp is on the show this week! She’s the star of one of my favorite shows, “Revenge." I love that show. I didn’t think they could get any more revenge into the second season, but they really did.

Plus, I’ve got country music star Luke Bryan, the handsome vampire Kellan Lutz, and one of the fastest men on Earth, Jimmie Johnson! He just won the Daytona 500. I can get from my house to my office in 12 minutes, if I take Mulholland Drive. I know he’s gonna be impressed.

See you tomorrow!