Kick in the Kindness Challenge: Day 5

This is Ellen's last Kindness Challenge for the week! Find something kind you can do every day, or once a week, or once a month, and continue to do it all year. Keep the kindness going. You'll be glad you did. Have fun!

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norma byrom
512 days ago

i have been waching elen show for i dont know how long and i love every one of it i just dream that one day i weel meet her but at the moment i have to save some monny for my weding me and my partner trying to get merried for long time even just in magestre wee just strugling at the moment.
love you elen i see you one day xoxo

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Donna Bennett
516 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I am writing to you today to ask for your help. We are eager to become Foster parents in our community. Last evening we had our first visit with the Licensing Agent, and even though it could be about 3 months before everything is put into motion, she suggested that we do the minor plumbing repairs to the 2 bathrooms, and get bunkbeds, since we are willing to take in siblings so they would not have to be split up. We are also looking forward to taking them to the needed Dr., Dental, or other needed appointments, but both our cars are reading over one hundred thousand miles. Yikes!!!This is alot to ask. Sorry.
Anyway, I did go on a Missions trip this past June through our Church and we did some amazing things for the people in Tiajuana, Mexico (Spelling?) My husband and I also sponsor a young boy from Brazil. We feel that we need to open our small home to familes who are hurting and needing time to heal. We welcome the challenges that lay before us, but would greatly appreciate any help you could send our way. Thank you for all you do. May all who see you see our loving Savior Jesus Christ.
Friends, Bruce and Donna Bennett

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517 days ago

ELLEN we need your help today or tomorrow or sometime this week bcuz our motor went out we dont have no moeny or nothing our lights get cut off sometimes water my kids barley have clothes just ellen plz help us


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517 days ago

Dear ellen i wish you will kick off the kindess at my house we really need help my kids need clothes and my motor went out we just need your help we dont have no car or nothing we dont have no money jsut help us we have been typing to you for the longest

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Christine Morishita
517 days ago

What I do is simple and can be done every day. When you see people you would normally shy away from and look them straight in the eye and give them a big bright open warm accepting smile. They are the ones who need it!

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stacy loyacano
518 days ago

I have been wanting to do randon acts of kindness since april. There is so much ugliness in this world. After the newtown, conn happened. I have been leaving little packages all around for people to find. With a note attached in memory of an angel name with it. This way for a minute they will be remembered, and never forgotten. In the near future I will do other things for my acts of kindness.

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Janette Lara
519 days ago

Hello, My name is Janette and I was reading about a little boy named Tripp Halstead. I know you have helped a lot of people and this story broke my heart. Tripp was critically injured when a large tree branch fell onto his head Monday, October 29th while at daycare. Now he had surgery today due to having meningitis. I don't know the family, but I do know they need help. I don't have much i'm a single mother of 2 working as a waitress and going to school. So I can't do much, but if word got out maybe other people can help. For updates go to

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Susan Kinlaw
519 days ago

I think random acts of kindness are wonderful. My husband and I have tried to instill these kind of values in our children. I must say that my heart swelled a bit when I watched my daughter pump gas for an elderly couple yesterday. The gentleman was having trouble with what appeared to be arthritis in his hands. Just grasping the pump was an extreme effort. My daughter watched for a second and stepped over to him. I couldn't hear the words exchanged but the smile on his face spoke volumes. It was such a small thing really, but anyone who witnessed it as well as the people involved all walked away with a positive, happy feeling. Thank you Ellen for reminding us that being kind to one another enriches all of us.

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520 days ago

Hi Ellen

I know kindness week is over. I also know one has to do something kind for someone else. But I had to write to you cos
I feel I didnt miss your show today for a very special reason.
Let me just tell you a little about the unkindness life has shown me. When I was 5 years old I was brutally raped. Thereafter I suffered severel years of until about 12years of age that I was raped and sexually abused by that relative.

despite this I grew up with smiles and jokes.

Due to having suppressed this trauma I became bi polar.
I know suffer with severe bipolar disorder.

I have worked hard all my life and now lost practically everything. I realise due to my illness I cannot work .
Because although I am on meds when I become stressed I have severe episodes. I cannot cope at work and am on the verge of losing my job.

Despite such adverse cir***stances I have managed to meet the man of my dreams.
He is a recent admitted attorney and his dream is to be a practising attorney in the USA. All I dream of now is him getting a job where he can support us and our children to come.
And that we have a beautiful safe home for us and our kids.
I had such trauma for so long and all I dream of is us having this beautiful safe comfortable home.
My love Ruarc works very hard and helps everybody but he earns a meager pay even as a professional. Please find it in your heart to be kind to one more person.

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Tennille Amor
521 days ago

Ellen has inspired me in so many ways! Learn more about the work that I do through my non-profit organization, E.P.I.C. here:

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Gloria Rinderman
522 days ago

Teaching kindness to young children is important.Since Ellen is interested in helping to combat BULLYING, here is information about a song CD, which many schools and libraries have purchased:

Upbeat songs with inspiring lyrics to help combat bullying (for children up to grade 4.)

Favorably reviewed by School Library Journal

LINKS to hear samples or download songs:

“A very educational & positive children's music album that reinforces hospitality, acceptance, & togetherness.”

I was an elementary school teacher for 20 years and was a lyricist for these songs.

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Sharon Mottaz
522 days ago

Today is my 72nd birthday and I have asked my friends to help me celebrate by doing 72 acts of kindness before the end of February. One never knows how an act of kindness can affect someones life along with the ripple effect.

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Aurora Jean "Ellen" Perez
522 days ago

This is Ellen's last Kindness Challenge for the week! Find something kind you can do every day, or once a week, or once a month, and continue to do it all year.

Au Ellen Perez
Going to work I jog/walk (about 5k) good enough to stay healthy and fit! I always saw a banana street vendor, he always smiles at me and greet me good morning! I will make it a point to buy banana to him every day, or once a week, or once a month, It will make me healthier and I know it is a kindness thing to do form him.

Aurora Jean Perez
Au Ellen Perez

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Terrusha Hayes
522 days ago

Ellen I love your show :) I watch it everyday at 4 p.m. I believe my mom should be up for Kick in The Kindness. She is a wonderful loving Mother, Wife, Sister, Grandmother, and Friend. She works two jobs to take care of her family and make sure her house is where it needs to be. She never do anything for her self she always doing for others. She gives her last to make people happy. She works with the elderly and she spends all her time with her clients. She is there for everyone in the community. I don't know what I would do without her in my life. She is there for all Six of her kids and seven Grandkids. I really want to show her that she is appreciated for what she does for her family and her community. I really want her to take some time with her self and enjoy what she love doing the most. Could you help me please Ellen to show her that we do appreciate everything she does for us and our kids.

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cindy jones
523 days ago

Dani Hess,God bless your Mom, dad and whole family.Alcoholism has consumed most of my life.First with my Dad and now with my son.It is a disease and a truly cruel one!It eats a person up just like cancer until you don't recognize them anymore. My mom raised 4 of us and babysat lots of other kids to try to provide for us thru dads daily drinking.Dad got sober for 20 yrs and then started again, what added so much to it was my son started having problems with drinking at 17. He is now 27, we've raised his daughter because I can't bear for her to live the childhood that I did.Our son is soooo sick, underlying emotional and mental problems spur the drinking even worse.I cry behind closed doors because I have to stay strong and "happy" for our beautiful grandaughter. i pray every day 100 times a day, to win a lottery so i can get our son into a whole mind and body rehab facility. We don't have anything like that in Nova scotia and we can't even pay for the day program they have here, which just isnt the right kind of help. It's devestating watching your child die before your eyes,not recognizing anything of the wonderful boy you raised.But, that's another story. I ask you to Please, give my praise to your parents! To your mom for remaining the rock thru it all( because that's what us moms have to do) and to your dad for running that home!! God bless them so much. We had to go bankrupt after 10 yrs of trying to help our son and going thru a heartattack with my hubby and me with cancer and FMS. So I know how horrendous it feels to give all that you have willingly and lovingly to others and then still not have enough to live.We are fighting that battle and the alcoholism battle everyday, but we can never give up because hope is what keeps us going everyday and compassion for others is what fills our hearts every morning! Without hope and compassion our souls would surely give up, so we have to keep going. When you're living like this, doing even the smallest act of kindness for someone else lifts you up and gives you such joy! We need this joy everyday, it is the best feeling in the world.I know sometimes we get so tired and feel like we have nothing left inside, but giving to others fills that void back up.That is also the kind of joy I feel everyday watching Ellen!She inspires me to keep getting up everyday, pushing thru the pain and heartbreak to put a smile on my face and do whatever I can to put a smile on someone elses face. Keep the faith ! I will keep your family in my prayers and pray that Ellen is able to help you! God bless your family!

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