Adoptable Pets of the Week


  • Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in 2003
  • Athletic and active
  • Loves a good game of fetch, followed by a cuddle session
  • Prefers to be your one and only doggie

Ogy rhymes with foggy, not fogie.

And sure enough, there's nothing old about this handsome guy. Ogy was born in 2003, and he's been looking for a home ever since he was picked up as a stray by animal control one year later.

He's very athletic and active, and is fond of long hikes. He also adores endless games of fetch -- your arm will wear out before he does! He's not always on the go -- Ogy enjoys cuddling and scratches and gives little kisses in return. He loves all people, but other dogs, not so much.

Ogy truly enjoys all the volunteers who come to the sanctuary. He even has a bit of a fan club. One such fan makes him “Special Ogy Peanut Butter Biscuits.” But sadly, still no home!

Ogy is hoping that somebody out there will become more than a fan -- he's hoping somebody will become family.


  • Breed: Domestic short hair
  • Gender: Male
  • Past his kitten stage, but not quite a senior man
  • Adores being petted
  • Known for returning affection
  • Prefers to be your one and only kitty

Morris loves being petted so much, he just might wear your hand out. But that's okay. He'll sit nice and pretty on your lap until your hand has recovered, and then seek more petting!

This guy knows that love isn't a one-way street. He gives as much as he gets, and that means little kisses on your hand, and affectionate leaning into you. Morris really is a true romantic.

He'd do just about anything to go home with you. Morris would prefer to be the only cat in a home, but may do fine with one other friendly feline.

Morris came to Best Friends after his people divorced, but he hasn't given up on love. He just knows there's someone special out there for him, so please come get him!

Ogy and Morris are part of Best Friends Animal Society’s "Single and Loving It!" adoption promotion! Right now, when you adopt one of the dogs and cats who want to be only pets from Best Friends, your new friend will be delivered to your town for free, because helping a homeless pet is priceless.

See all of Best Friends’ single cats and dogs looking for that special relationship right here. Adoption application must be received by Feb. 18.

Best Friends adopts to all of the United States and Canada. Please contact Best Friends Animal Society right here.  See all the animals that need homes... at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.