Next week, is a big one -- it’s my birthday! It’s also the inauguration, so I hope President Obama still has time to buy me a present.

This is gonna be a really fun birthday week. Jude Law and Simon Baker are here! They both have accents, they’re both very handsome, and they’re both madly in love with me.

Of course, another big event this week is my birthday show. There’s gonna be a big surprise. I would tell you, but I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise! Also, I have no idea what it is.

Here’s something that’s not a surprise: I’m excited to talk to Kristen Bell about her pregnancy. It’s a shame, because I’d love to scare her, but I don’t her water to break on my good chairs.

I’m also gonna talk to Chris Colfer about his new movie. He’s only 22, and he wrote and stars in it. Incredible. When I was 22, all I wrote was a letter to my parole officer.

And DJ Pauly D will be here with singer Jay Sean. I can’t wait to hear their new song, and to ask Pauly D what he does to keep his hair from moving.

I hope y’all have a good weekend. And don’t worry about getting me a birthday present -- the love and support you show me every day is all I need. That, and for you to follow me on Twitter.