Did You Know This About Chris Kluwe?

Ellen got to meet her favorite punter, Chris Kluwe, on the show today! She got to find out a lot more about him, but here are some additional facts we thought you'd like to know!

  • Chris majored in Political Science and History at UCLA
  • He hates wearing shoes
  • He loves the video game "World of Warcraft," so much so that he named his Twitter handle after it
  • Chris plays bass in a rock band called Tripping Icarus
  • When he was younger, Chris was considered a violin prodigy who could play by ear
  • He has two daughters with his wife Isabel; Olivia, 4, and Remy, 2
  • He also has a new book coming out! It's called "Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies.” Look for it in bookstores soon!