Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2013. I had to write 3 checks before I got the date right on one of them. Let me tell you, the people in line behind me at the 99 Cent Store were not happy about it.

Here’s something I know you’ll be happy about. I have a big announcement to make on my show this week, and I mean BIG. I even have a surprise guest to help tell you about it. That’s how big it is. We’re talking HUGE!

My friend Bethenny Frankel is here with tips on how to make small changes in the new year. You probably saw her over the holidays on the cover of every tabloid. She’ll take a minute to address what’s been happening in her personal life.

The beautiful Emma Stone will be here to tell me about her new movie, “Gangster Squad," which also stars Ryan Gosling, who she starred with in “Crazy. Stupid. Love.” I love the two of them together. I’m glad to know my letter campaign paid off.

My friend Courteney Cox has a story about her dog, a balcony and a pee pad. I would tell you more, but I’d really rather have her tell it. Long story short: I hope none of her neighbors have binoculars.

Two very funny men will be here -- Jimmy Kimmel and Ricky Gervais. You never know what will happen when they're here. With both of them in the same week, the only thing I know for sure is that it’s gonna be hilarious.

There’s so much more this week that I know you’re gonna love -- Kaley Cuoco from “The Big Bang Theory," Kevin Nealon, Common, and so many more. It looks like 2013 is gonna be the biggest year yet!