Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need

Ellen's friends at Shutterfly came to the rescue of a family who needed their help. Find out all of the amazing ways you can commemorate your photos at!

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Phyllis L. Rafferty
289 days ago

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Valerie Kayser
291 days ago

Dearest Ellen, I needed to write to you about my sister & her partner. Last week my sister wokw up & noticed her girlfriend was swollen aroun the belly. They went to the emergency room & BJ was admitted into the hospital. They found cancer throughout her body. BJ has worked & took the day off to go to the hosp.Her job doesn't give medical,so the hospital put her as a charity case.Now she has to go to another hosp.When she went for her interview & they told her they would start tests next week.My heart is breaking for both of them ( Allison,&,BJ).They have no money for the cremation when BJ passes. Then my poor sister can't afford to keep her apt. I told her to come stay with me.I only have 2bdrms. 1 is my sons room & 1 is mine. But she is more than welcome to share my room with me. I have no understanding to do a fundraiser,I used to do them all the time with the P.T.A. but that was years ago & this is different. Do u have ant Idea's for me. I would really appreciate any input to help for my sister & BJ. Keep up the Great work. I Love ur show,&,watch it everyday. My home # is 347-374-5979. I live in Brooklyn, NY. My sister lives n New Jersey.
Thanks so much & keep up the good work. I spent 99% of my time in my apt., but always have a good laugh while watching Ellen.
Valerie Kayser

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bobbie jeanice worley
296 days ago

dear ellen I love your show when im at home to see it your show lifts me up im in the dr. offices most of the time because I have chf , cancer, copd asmanth I would love to see your show in person I just glad to be able to watch you keep it up

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297 days ago

Dear Ellen, I love you and your show….you are a positive influence in the lives of those of us who watch you! I’ll try to make this short…my sister Stephanie Arnette is 42 years old and has MS. She has two kids 6 and 8 y.o. Her son Cameron, 8, has Neurofibromatosis (or NF) with tumors on his spine , behind his eyes, and in his throat. The one in his throat is the big threat because it continues to grow but is inoperable because it is wrapped around his carotid artery. He has MRI’s every 3 months and is trouper! He is on chemotherapy for the third time with no substantial results as of now. He never complains and is such a sweet kid. Anyway, Stephanie goes above and beyond trying to raise money for The Childrens’s Tumor Foundation ( to find a cure. Even with MS she work tirelessly by running marathons, organizing walks in the community, , and other activities to raise money for CTF. She held a walk this past weekend that raised $20,000! Oh, and she works a full time (stressful) job! She involves her kids in all kinds of activities: little league baseball, cheering, etc.
The reason I am writing is to see if we could surprise her with a donation to the Children’s Tumor Foundation! She would be SOOO surprised and SOOO appreciative , as would the Children’s Tumor Foundation and all the families that are affected by this common disease.
I can send pictures and videos and whatever you need to help make this happen. I just get excited thinking about it! Her facebook page is:
Thank you for ALL you do (for people AND animals) and the amazing role model that you are in this crazy world!
Much love,
Suzanne Roberson

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Patricia Casey
298 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I watch you just about everyday and when I can't I dvr you. I love to watch you because I am a single mom of a special needs child and it get stressful at times. I have a very intelligent 14year with ADHA/ Asperger's Symdrome and 3:00 I have my me time and watch you and you always make me laugh. I tell my kids not to call me unless you are bleeding or there house is on fire LOL. You are my stress reliever everyday and I just want to say thanks for making everyone who watches you feel the same way.

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Gloria jeffs
298 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I'm a single mom of 3 beautiful kids. I thought I had my challenge in life when my 1st baby was born, she was life flight to primary children stayed in the NICU for 17 days was diagnose Down syndrome, it took a while for me to understand why was a given this challenge, I don't know I get it completely but I know my job is to care and protect her for the rest of her life. She's 19 years now her name is Oksana, I'm still learning patience, it can be difficult at times. I would always think God has giving me this challenge and nothing more could happen to my other 2 kids, boy was I wrong! On October 23rd last year my boy Richie 16yrs was having trouble breathing all day so that night we went to the emergency room the doctor soon talk to me and told me he's going to be transfer to primary children Hosp and will be in the ICU because his heart is pretty sick, as soon as he got to primary's doctors and nurses filled the room starting to draw blood hooked monitors and through an IV he was getting medicine, I watched my boy deteriorate little by little 1st he would cough a lot so he had to put the back of the bed up so he can sleep, then a couple of more medicine were added to his IV the doctors continue to ran more tests and when they noticed his heart beats were irregular he was taking to the OR to have a defibrillator in his chest which was supposed to be a small procedure, the surgery was to much for his body to recover it took a day to get him stable, the doctors were hoping with the high doses of medicine his heart would recover but it wasn't the case that's why it took his body to recover a little longer and that he most likely will be needing a heart transplant, I couldn't believe what was going on, I thought the biggest pain I experience was when my girl was born. He was transfer to the University of Utah Hosp to the ICU quickly taking to the OR to have a cath in his neck to monitor directly his heart, more machines were hooked stack on top of each other controlling the amount of medicine his body was getting, he wasn't hungry anymore, had a restriction on intake of liquids to 8oz, had pneumonia, no longer was able to get up and use the bathroom, starting to do all the tests to have him on the waiting list for a transplant when all of the sudden the doctor tells me he's too sick to undergo that kind of surgery his body won't make it. His lungs were collapsing. So the next thing the doctor said needs to be done is an implant of a pump on his left side of the heart which it will help him get better and maybe his heart can recover on its own or be healthy for a transplant later. The procedure was an open heart surgery he was gonna start feeling better quick and in 2 weeks he could come home, we were so happy to hear he be able to come home but things didn't happen that way instead after surgery the doctor came to talk to me and said while doing the implant he noticed his right side of the heart was so sick that he had to hook him up to a machine that will assist his right side, therefore could not close his chest and he's placed on an induced coma, to prepare myself to see him hooked up with lots of machine when I saw him I felt my heart break into pieces over and over I could not breath. Tired that night the doctor said to go home he'll be watch closely he's asleep and to go get some rest hesitant to do it I went home, I was home 2.5 hours when I got a call from the doctor himself giving me devastating news and needing me to give permission for the neurologist to intervene my son had a STROKE, I don't know how I manage to get to the Hosp so quick but I did, I then reached to a level of pain imaginable I could ever feel, I wanted to be gone from this life I felt I could not handle it anymore seeing my son suffer, doctors coming in and out of the room,bringing him in out of coma every so often, checking to see if he can point at things and if he's vision is ok...I could go on and on with more challenges were presented to him, anyway I was finally able to bring him home, one of the happiest days of my life I might add. I hope you can help his dream come true. Before all of this happened he had a plan for his life, he wants to be a heart surgeon, right now he's taking speech and going to school he's on his senior year hoping to graduate.
Ellen I hope when your staff reads this letter will feel the love and compassion for my son and makes it to you. I love your show and watch it every time I can, I have seen your show since I came to the United States, I love you

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Valerie VanRoekel
299 days ago

Ellen..first off I totally love you and your show gives me so much inspiration about life..I am not writing about myself although since I totally lost my home and all my precious keepsakes in the Iowa flood in 08..thinking that when it all happened that I would never recover..well I have and I now live in a 1974 mobile home that is ok for the most part..I have a roof over my head and I have a pretty good job that pays my bills and such..can't complain cause with the grace of God I survived some very trying and hard times...this is about my one and only sister...she has been having some very rough times in the past few months...her husband had a stroke this past may and has since passed on..he was 54 years young and left behind my sister and their 4 children..2 oldest are both out of the school but yet there is 2 small children left at home..and the youngest has a lot of physical problems and some mental ones as is very trying for my sister to maintain her home and take care of these kids alone...she is a very hard working and provides the best way she can...she traveled 45 mintutes one way every day to see her husband in the hospital and yet continued to work and take care of her family and home...this went on from the end of may till his passing which was august she has to still deal with all the bills and home and so much other things...I truly love my sister to the end of the world..i so wish I could live closer to her and help her more..i live like 5 hours from her and it tears me up not to be able to do more and see her more..she is turning 50 this month and her and I have planned a little vacation away together cause I feel she is in need of a little get away and I miss spending time with her...I guess I am not sure what I am asking of you...nothing really ...just saying that since I lost my home and she has so much on her plate now I am pretty much just asking that maybe you could send us a few prayers and a little hope that maybe things will actually turn out for the better some day....she does have her hands full daily with her disabled son and yet she keeps her head up for the most part as we all are such and inspiration to me and I truly love watching you show as it always makes me smile and then laugh...then at times I cry...just love you as you are such a wonderful person and seem so down to earth..your the best and don't let anyone every tell you different...
thanks Ellen..

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Rosa A. Simmons
299 days ago

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Josie MacKinnon
300 days ago

October 5, 2013
Dear Ellen,
My name is Josie MacKinnon and I am writing you from Cape Cod Massachusetts. Let me begin by saying I am a huge fan and have on my wish list to one day see an Ellen Show. This letter is not about me however this is all about my friend Leo Finn. We live in a small seaside town called Bourne. This small town has rallied around this man and his family in a huge way! I know how passionate you are about helping people so I wanted to share this story with you. Leo is happily married to a wonderful woman named Kim and they have three beautiful children Jillian, Nick and Cash. A recent addition to the family is Relay a rescue dog that they kindly adopted.
Leo’s story begins with a sneeze. He was unaware that anything was wrong until one day when he sneezed and broke a rib. What followed was a terminal diagnosis of Bile Duct Cancer. Leo is 48 years old. I cannot stress enough that this is happening to the nicest guy, the nicest family but you and I both know that cancer does not discriminate. We saw that with your beautiful little friend Talia. So many people are affected by this killer. Cancer is cruel and it has no mercy.
The Finn’s have so many friends in the community that the only way to keep all their concerned friends in the loop was to began a blog about Leo’s treatment. Leo is also on Facebook which has been so helpful to all those who post daily messages of hope. The outpouring of support, kindness and love for this family is truly amazing and a story I know you would want to know about. Leo and Kim both work for the British Beer Company. Due to his illness Leo is not able to work now. Kim is working four jobs to support the family. She is an amazing photographer and while her husband, soul mate and best friend is going through this, while they are going through this, she has managed to open a photography studio. This woman I am proud to call my friend is so hard working and dedicated to her family that it is truly a testament to inner strength and perseverance. The town has come together on two occasions in the past few months and thrown fund raisers with silent auctions and raffles to try and help. Bracelets were made up by a friend. You will see many people in town wearing “Finn to Winn” around their wrists. This man’s attitude and spirit are remarkable. He has remained upbeat and positive this entire time. You would never guess he was ill unless you actually knew him. He refuses to give in. Backing down is not an option for Leo Finn. He has too much to live for. He has been going to The Dana Farber Institute in Boston for his chemotherapy treatments. He is battling tumors in his liver and the cancer is now stage 4. There have been some rays of hope with some shrinkage on the tumors until his last visit which was the end of September. The chemo is no longer working. The doctors have recommended a trial drug. We are all praying this is a miracle drug. Even with this latest development Leo has remained upbeat and positive and was excited to try this drug. This is where the plot thickens. As you know our government is on shutdown. Well Leo received a call from his doctor saying that due to the “shutdown” The FDA trial was on hold. Yes, you are reading that correctly Leo and others like Leo were being told they were not able to get the medicine they need. The medicine that is potentially keeping them from death’s door. This is a matter of life and death. Not a game. Government shutdown preventing people from living? Leo posted the update on his facebook page and this is where the magic happened, this is where a small town on Cape Cod made a huge different not just for Leo but other patients as well. His page blew up with comments, suggestions, actions were being taken and calls were being made. People who knew people were reaching out. In a matter of hours Leo, Kim and their family were on Fox News, WCVB news, they were featured in the Cape Cod Times; the story was on the cover of the Boston Globe. Their story was the top search on Yahoo. The outpouring of support was truly a beautiful thing. Thanks to a Congressman things have drastically changed and quickly!
The following is a clip from Fox News:
Enter Congressman Bill Keating. The U.S. Rep. got wind of the story and got in touch with Leo.
Despite all the government inaction, Rep. Keating was able to get the National Institute of Health to bring back several furloughed employees and classify them as essential employees to get approval for the Dana-Farber clinical trial. Additionally, Congressman Keating's action got approval for several other trials across the country.
Thank God for social media, and thank God for the kindness of people. I have enclosed the links to the articles and interviews. I am hoping that you will take an interest in this story. You are so kind and generous (not to mention hilarious) and I have seen time after time how you have helped so many in need. I live by your motto, “By Kind to One Another”
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for anything you can do.
Josie MacKinnon

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302 days ago

Hello, I am writing to you today to tell you about the most amazing person I know, my girlfriend. She has lupus, arthritis, bursitis and varicose veins in her legs so bad that her legs throb constantly. We are in deep financial trouble because tenants we had did over 10,000.00 worth of damage to our apartment fixing it put us behind and work is very slow.
I am self employed contractor, my girlfriend goes to work with me everyday so I won't have to pay someone. She is amazing, she climbs ladders, fixes roofs and anything else that you can think of that needs fixing in a home or remodeled. She had vein surgery a cpl months ago and during a heat wave she helped me fix a roof in thigh hi's. she does all of this never complaing about the work or the lack of money, even though I know she is in an extreme amount of pain. She works all day and then goes home and takes care of everything there, her 2 boys live with us and even though they are 21 and 19 and work full time, she still takes care of them by doing laundry, make lunches and anything else they may need, furthermore she is a grandmother of 2 beautiful little boys and babysits them whenever possible. She puts everyone in her life ahead of her self. I want more for her but can't give it to her, I have plates and pins in 0ne of my ankles, I fell from power lines years back and crushed all the bones in my feet and ankles, and I had necrotizing fasciitis and lost feeling in my right hand and wrist, Iit doesn't function and lately I am in so much pain I can't keep up at work. Dawn still try's to keep it all together and takes care of me. I don't know where to turn but we are in he process of loosing our home, we already had a modification on our mortgage, it didn't lower our payments after adding in late payments and taxes. She is now in the process of trying to get another job but I'm afraid she will get sick. If there is anyway that someone could help us it would be greatly appreciated, I know if we could save our home would mean so much to her and to me.

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303 days ago

I know that you have people asking for your help all the time and I know a lot of people are probley always asking for money or something because anyone that knows you or watch's your show know how big of a heart you have and what a wonderful person you are!!
So I'm not gonna bother you with asking for money or any gifts I'm just going to ask for your prayers and I'm asking for you to just pray for me not my friend or a family just me because I am 44 and disabled I've been in 2 abusive relationships and I won't go into detail about all the health issues but I do have several and no to top it off I've just within the past few day been told that I may have a blood clot on my brain that could be from some of the abuse that I was put through and still trying to heal from not just physically but mentally and even though the home I'm staying in now is falling in and full of mold and I'm always having to try and find a ride to doctors and things I only want to ask for you to pray for me because I have 2 kids that are grown and my first grandchild will be here in November and I really would love to just be able to at least hold my grandbaby one time.
So that's why I'm only asking for your prayers so if I'm not here much longer with your prayer and mine just maybe I will be here long enough to see my grandchild.
Thank you so very much for being the warm and giving, and beautiful person that you are!!!
oh and really love your show it makes me forget some of the bad in my life if only for a little while

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Angelina colon
304 days ago

Hello Ellen,
My name is Angelina and I am 19 years old. I am a huge fan and I watch you show daily. Ellen, I am reaching out to you for help. The help is not needed for me but for my aunt. Her name is Melissa,she's 36 and has 5 children. At this moment in life she is struggling with many things. One being her living environment. She,her children, and my grandmother are living in a small two bedroom house. This house is literally falling apart and infested with bed bugs. This house doesn't even have heat or hot water. The kids,my cousins wake up daily with bites and rashes. Every winter they have to heat water on a stove for baths. The use of space heaters are the only way the house stays warm. Her two youngest children sleep on a matters on the floor in a room that has black mold growing on the ceiling. Due to the house only having two rooms,my aunt has given up her room to my grandmother. My aunt Melissa and her oldest daughter sleep on recliners in the living room. Her oldest son doesn't even stay with her,simply because there is no room. He is only 16 and has taken it upon himself to find some where to lay his head. I have literally talked my cousin,her son off the edge of suicide. It causes him a lot of pain not being able to help his mother and sisters. I believe my aunt is a strong woman but at this time she is down and out. She tries her very hardest,it is just not enough for such cir***stances. Even though she tries to stay positive I can see that her situation is eating her up inside. It pains me having my family live like this. Ellen,I am begging you. If you can help my family out please do. It would be a blessings

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Neil Vickrey
304 days ago

Hello Ellen, just wanted to say that best friend misty who lives in Tennessee is a great mom and friend, but she's having a lot of trouble with no money and right her car is broke down. She can hardly pick her kids or take them anywhere, plus she can't even see her mom who has cancer and her mom is really having a rough time...I try to help misty out with sending her money when I can for her and her 3 girls, but it's hard when I live in Maryland. I do anything for her, which I'm doing this now for her. She don't know

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304 days ago


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308 days ago

My good friends son is dying of an inoperable brain tumor and we are trying to make the childhood cancer fight more prevalent around the country between the Run to the White to the Lemonade stand please please please read the article below...

Dying of cancer, boy inspires hope

Mother’s goal is to support her son, raise awareness of disease

Daniel Dreifuss/Staff

Sam Jeffers sits on the couch with his grandfather Chuck Elderson and his mom Sabrina at their home in Grover Beach, Sam was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer in September, 2012. Alex's Lemonade Stand to Fight Childhood Cancer will host a fundraising event for Sam on Friday September 27, 2013 from 2 pm to 6:30 pm.

Fifteen framed pictures of the Jeffers children — Sam at age 2, Ben at 4 and Abby at 3 — form a collage on one wall in the family’s Grover Beach home.

The display is arranged like a timeline.

In the section of pictures nearest to the bathroom door, one photo shows Sam and his two teenage siblings seated on a ripped sofa in a San Luis Obispo meadow.

John Jeffers, the children’s father, said the group had moved so much — stood, jumped and sat — on the sofa that the wear forced it to break.

He searched for a separate picture of Sam alone. He was smiling and standing on the couch.

That was about three months ago.

Now, the 8-year-old has trouble getting out of bed unassisted. His eyes move involuntarily and his movements are slow and slight.

Sam’s limited function is the result of an inoperable and rare tumor discovered in his brain September 2012.

The diagnosis means Sam has a few months — or weeks — to live.

A vicious enemy

After the diagnosis, John and wife Sabrina said they were consumed by the reality and fear of confronting a vicious enemy in what they knew would be a long battle.

“Brain cancer is not defined in stages,” Sabrina explained. “It does not have time to metastasize, because there’s very little room for growth in the brain.”

Brain tumors are ranked according to severity from 1 to 4.

Doctors graded Sam’s initial masses at 2, what is considered low-grade.

Three months later, masses had metastasized to a grade 3.

Despite six different types of chemotherapy treatment, doctors detected a grade 4 tumor May 29.

They said there was nothing else they could do. Sam had celebrated his final birthday April 2.

“There are no thoughts that go with that,” Sabrina said. “There’s no way to process that.”

She has watched her son’s health deteriorate but said she tried to maintain some level of normalcy for her other children.

“We all have our sad moments, our angry moments,” she said. “What’s helpful, we’ve found so far, is that not everyone is down at the same time.

“Sometimes, I’m strong for my kids, and sometimes they’re strong for me.”

In an Aug. 31 blog entry, Sabrina wrote:

“That boy. That beautiful, bright and shiny boy is the one that is dying. The boy I am caring for now is nothing like him,” she says. “Except for the sweetness. And the love. And the hugs. I am grieving for a child who is standing right before me. I miss him, yet he is still here.”

Hope for a cure

Sabrina held her son with both hands above his waist as she guided him from the kitchen and into a wooden chair in the living room Tuesday.

He swayed slightly before he fell backward and allowed his mother to scoop him in the chair.

She had prepared blueberries and pineapple as a snack.

He does not talk much but communicates through body language, brief sounds and short words.

His mother said she has learned to interpret the sounds and cues.

He balls a fist and nods it up and down for “yes” and taps his middle and pointer fingers against the tip of his thumb for “no.”

“Sam is smart and sweet and very thoughtful,” Sabrina said.

Halves of stacked shoeboxes form thrones for a plush zebra and bunny seated on the living room table in the Jeffers’ home.

“They’re animals,” Sabrina said. “They’re not stuffed.”

She whispered the warning because Sam, a proclaimed animal-lover, was in earshot.

He laid between the legs of a light-brown teddy bear the size of a body pillow.

Across the room, a red dragon piñata left over from Sam’s eighth birthday celebration was placed near the fireplace. It had no holes or ripped sections.

“He doesn’t like beating up animals,” Sabrina explained.

The dragon blended into an assortment of animals: Beanie Babies on the living room table, a flamingo on the tan loveseat.

“They’ve all got personalities, and in his mind, roles to play,” Sabrina said.

Her role is to support her son but also to inform others about pediatric cancer, the mother of three said. She added that awareness could spur financial support for research, and research could lead to a cure.

“What we’re doing now is not going to help Sam. We know that,” she said. “If we had started a year ago, we could not help Sam.

“I think there’s hope for a cure, and I don’t want to see any of my friends go through this. I don’t want to lose any grandchildren.”

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