Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need

Ellen's friends at Shutterfly came to the rescue of a family who needed their help. Find out all of the amazing ways you can commemorate your photos at!

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274 days ago

Ellen, 11 years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. From the get go it was difficult but we could never have predicted an autism diagnosis at age 3. At this time (2005), nobody had even heard of Autism and our only reference was "Rain Man". It's hard to believe this but ten years ago nobody was talking about Autism - at all. We were utterly alone, confused and scared. Now, everybody knows someone, has a niece, has a cousin with it, etc. There are commercials, walks for cures, help groups, play groups, special lines at parks, special movie screenings, and so on. We've come a long way but I'm not at all pleased that so many others have followed in our footsteps. I'm writing because we were given a very bleak outlook for our child including residential placement in a home. Our story is pretty special and unique. It deserves telling as you would not believe our journey. I'd love to share it and give our perspective on this. Chris is 11 now and well .... you'll just have to meet him.

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275 days ago

hi Ellen as my days goes short and my time is near to leave this planet i find your show to give me the spirit i seek lol crying but most of all what you do is give to all who in need as a gay man dealing with aids and cancer this year has been the worst in my life Christmas around the corner and my heart broken cause im unable to give love the gift to my family ho mean the world to me as my sister and father who i only have left in my life and of course my life time partner i sit in my bed crying and suffering why me why do i have to carry this disease that is going to kill me soon and i can not complete one task in my life and that is to give back to my family being on a fix income and making ends meat its hard to see my own family look at me and ask me were is my gift rather if it is Christmas birthdays or any special holiday on any occasion i only ask of one thing from you Ellen can you help me fill in that dream i know you get millions of email but it wont hurt me to try to get your attention on here i hope and prey to god you can answer my prayers as you are my last resort and i have no more to give the pain and suffering and all the med n test i go to i have no more to give as i am a shame to even face the world as my look devolve in a Hittites way when they use to look at me as a very hot and attractive gay professional man now they look and point at me like a freak and it hurts when i have no more prayers or tears to give out form my shame which i have none i did not ask to be gay it just came to me and i was all ways thought by my mother god love us all and never take it for granted as she all ways told me to say please and thank you and you get back more in return and how so as i still suffer from pain and shame so please i am asking you on my knew and help me please my sister mother and person i adore watching answer my prayers please Ellen you are my last hope to at least try to give to my family what i can not give them and that is a perfect Christmas in the name of are father and dear lord sincerely yours Orlando tonee trueblood from claremont ,ILLINOIS or you can email me at or call me at home 1-618-869-2900

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Trinette Gomez
276 days ago

Hi Ellen!!
My name is Trinette Gomez. I recently got married to this wonderful man who is my life and I adore him so much. Although, this isn't about my married life, it's about my older brothers love life. You see about six or seven years ago my second oldest bother Reginald Henry brought home the first girl the family has ever met, Annalisa Benally. As my brother tells the story of how "love at first sight" exists I could see these two are soo alike and glad my brother found that person. He said of all places he saw her at a bar and through her friends he tracked her down. Annalisa was a packaged deal, from her former boyfriend she had four little girls with him. My brother, the man that he is, accepted that and we as a family accepted all of them. My parents opened their doors to them and from then they became a part of our family. My parents had another daughter-in-law, we had another sister and my brother had his first wife. They didn't make it official but they were planning for a wedding and financed a car that she could use and my father helped them finance a "cabin" and they moved it right next door to my dads. The cabin was more like a storage cabin but was big enough to do some work and make home for them. I'm afraid this story has a sadness to it. This year on September 18, 2013 Annalisa was doing her daily activities, getting her four girls up and ready for school driving them to the bus stop. As she was taking her oldest who is a freshman in high school, the bus stop is quite a ways. So she traveled half a mile and back, but as she was making the turn to the house a car accident that involved three families happened. While waiting to turn off she slowed down to the turn off thinking the car behind her would slow down as well, he did but not in time. The guy behind her ended up pushing her car into the oncoming lane and straight for the truck that was coming up the hill. According to the police there is a device in the vehicles that explains the speed of everyone's car while everything happened. The oncoming truck didn't slow down when her car came to the other lane the guy sped up and everything got out of control. It being so early in the morning my parents wouldn't respond so quickly if it weren't for the neighbors notifying them. The call I received while I was at work still brings tears down my face and an ache to my heart. My father said as he went to the sight of the accident he knew she was gone. Pronounced dead at the scene from the medical people, and the voice of fathers' as he told me. My brother who was working in Co. at the time rushed home as quick as he could. They were really a match made by HIM and yet I still can't image why HE had to take her soo soon or at all...(sigh). My brother spent six years with her, planning their wedding while they would stop by my apt and visit. With little money they had she would always throw birthday parties and invited the whole family and neighbors. My brother lost the love of his life and gained four daughters which he always called his own and the girls have a wonderful father who will never leave them. Along with our family my other two brothers and two sisters and parents we pitch in as much as we can do to our part and help with the girls. They financed this "cabin" if you will for all of them to live in but isn't enough space for all of them. I only ask for your assistance with the little things that I'm sure they will appreciate from you.

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Cesay William
276 days ago

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Sharanya Smith
278 days ago

A couple's Engagement and the months leading up to their wedding is normally described as one of the best times of anyone's life. For Mike and Melanie, who have been dating for four years and became Engaged in March, their story has had a bit of a twist. Melanie and Mike are like two peas in a pod, two individuals who were really molded for each other. Two of the most caring, giving, light hearted, and full spirited people you will ever meet. Two people who were meant to spend an eternity together, and two people who aren't going to let anything get in the way of that happening. Mike's accident, and outcome of events, may have put wedding planning on hold but it has only strengthed the love these two have for each other. This site, and request for donations, is to help Mike with the next crucial steps of recovery.

On September 23rd, Mike was on his way home from work when he pulled over onto the side of the Florida Turnpike. He was outside of his vehicle when he was struck by a woman driving a Honda accord. He landed on the hood of the car which then hit his parked vehicle on the side of the road before hitting the guardrail and he was thrown approximately 30 feet from the road. Even though he received treatment roadside from a few guardian angels and medical personnel, he did have to be revived and was breathing only with the help of a ventilator for a period of time. His physical injuries consisted of a bleeding right kidney, broken right ankle, fractured pelvis in two places, fractured upper right arm and a ****tered right shoulder. He also had numerous cuts, bruises, and abrasions all over his body. While his physical injuries are extensive, it is the Traumatic Brain Injury that Mike sustained that is the most concerning of all. The outcome and extent of his brain injury is hard to predict, but the care and rehab that he receives in the meantime is crucial to his chances of recovering from this accident and going on to live a productive and happy life.

Mike's recovery is exactly why we are asking for your support. We are in the process of getting Mike prepared to go to an intensive, specialized rehabilitation program at The Shepherd Center, located in Atlanta, Georgia. This rehab center is a private, not-for-profit hospital specializing in medical treatment, research, and rehabilitation for individuals who have a spinal cord injury and brain injury. The Shepherd Center is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top 10 best rehabilitation hospitals in the nation. This program will offer Michael the hope, support, and the best opportunity to return to the life he had before his accident.

Although Mike has health insurance which will help to cover a portion of his medical expenses, there are numerous other costs that he is still facing. One of the most crucial of these costs is transporting Mike to The Shepherd Center from North Broward Medical Center to Atlanta on a medically staffed airplane, which will have to be paid out of pocket and up front to get him there. There is also getting him home after rehab, and other foreseeable and unforeseeable costs pertaining to his recovery. It is crucial to get Mike to The Shephard Center to begin his intensive rehabilitation and begin his road to a full recovery. All money donated will be used for causes related to Mike and his recovery. If at the end of this journey any money remains, Mike and Melanie will make a donation to the Shepherd Center so that it can be used to provide hope to another family that needs it more than ever.

We understand that everyone's financial situation is different, and we so greatly appreciate all of the outpouring of love and support from all of our family and friends so far. If you can make any donation, it would be so much appreciated. Regardless, we appreciate you taking the time to pray for Mike and all those who are suffering along with him during this difficult time.

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279 days ago

Dear Ellen,

The reason I am writing to you is to inform you of my sister & brother in law's situation. You see my sister who is a nurse aide by trade and works at a nursing home on top of private home caretaker after work for a wounded army veteran. She spends her time taking car for others instead if herself. Right now her husband who is in the Air National Guard has been furloughed. As if that would be tough, losing 1 income. My sister is 9months pregnant and due anyday now. She is not allowed maternity leave since she works part time and her work as a home caretaker is private duty. Now the 2 of them will have limited to no income with a newborn on its way. After trying to get pregnant for 5 1/2years to get pregnant with multiple doctor visits and medical bills adding up they took a break because they couldn't afford their dream of having a child. On st Patrick's day we found out that their dream came true on their own they are pregnant! After all these years of having their dream come true to have a family of their own it couldn't have come at a worse time. For 2 hardworking people who have served out country over sea & home as well as my sister who takes care of elderly and wounded army veteran they are going thorough a tought time right now when it should be the happiest moment of their life. I just hope you read this to help 2 hardworking deserving people out during this economic crisis.
-Caring & loving sister,

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Kimberly Winters
279 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I love your show and I think the main reason is because our birthdays are on the sam4e day Jan26. I am writing because i need some help. I am a single mom of a special needs child who was diagnosed with gynecomastia last month on top of autism. He will be 12 years old next month on the 17 th and we don't have a car or any money besides his disability. I really need a car so we can get around. My car broke down in april and since then I have went from a 20 to a 10 from doing so much walking. I don't have my own pc i use the one at the library so i never know if any of my emails evr go through. If you all read this one please help a poor family in alabama out we need some good news and some help. My son was also discriminated against last month at a restaraunt in alababster alabama. We really need some help for the holidays please help us in alabama!!

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tracey slike
281 days ago

I am writing about an amazing man who just lost his son, whom he lived with him, in a tragic accident in July. Since then everything huge thing that can go wrong... has. Furnace, Hot water tank, all old sewage pipes under house, oven, old truck... ect. He is and has been such a hard worker all his life and everything is pouring on him... I would love to put or at least try to put a smile on his face over the holidays, by being in the audience over the 12 days of giveaway... U can ask anyone he never complains and does sooo much for everyone...
Please respond to a woman and her daughter that appreciate him sooo much.

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Jennifer Unv
281 days ago

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Katherine Hook
282 days ago

Ellen, I don't know where to begin. The past ll months has been a journey to say the least. It has been a tough one. I would love to do something special for my husband Daniel, he is a wonderful man. He is always doing for others without ever complaining. He just keeps on, keeping on. He has dedicated his life to the military. He has been a fireman for 33 years. He is an outstanding father to three wonderful young adult children, two of which he adopted. They see him as their father. I have always known I married a very special man.
My mother was injured back in 2009, she had a brain hemorrhage. Once again Daniel was my rock. He was right there. He supported me when her care required me to be home every two weeks going back and fourth to New York over and over in an eight month period. When my mom had to come and live with us, he did not blink an eye. I however thought about it, but not him. He just remained the rock of this family. He walks miles and miles for others, but never once in the 25 years of being together has he ever asked for anything.
My mothers head injury left her with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) except, it took eight grueling months to get that DX. When she came to live with us, she was declining right in front of me. Everyday I would think, is this the day I am going to loss her. I would pray night, after night God show me what I need to do to help her. I would take her to Doctors visit after doctors visit searching for the answer. I finally met a surgeon at Wexner Medical Center at OSU and he gave us the DX of NPH. I started to have some hope. Daniel spent countless hours researching NPH as I continued to take care of her. Dr.McGregor saw her on a Friday and did surgery a week later. I was very nervous for her, but at that point I knew it was her only chance. Surgery was performed on August 26, 2013. With my husband by my side we waited. I prayed and I prayed she would come out of the surgery to be once again herself, but also my mom. The first thing she said when she woke-up was no more and where is Dan. I was so moved to know that he had such a positive in pact on her. During the three weeks of rehab and hospitalization I was right by her side. It is because of my husband that I was able to do this. My husband insisted that her care come from me. He knew I had to walk through this journey with her. That it was our journey together. My mother now attends outpatient rehab and she is doing great. Ellen, that surgery saved my mothers life. The care I am able to give her, is why she is doing so well. I could not have done any of this with out Daniel. I need to find a very special way of saying thank you. It is very hard for me to ask for help, but what I am think of has to be big. He deserves a big thank you. Can you help me Ellen. I want to give my husband Daniel a public acknowledgement for all he has done. I hope you can help us out. My mother and myself would be very grateful. Please contact me at, 740-392-9081 or my cell 740-507-6387. I would give you my Email address, but he might see the response. I would love to keep this as a surprise. Thank you for your time.
Katherine Hook

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283 days ago

Ellen..first off I totally love you and your show gives me so much inspiration about life..I am not writing about myself although My husband and I have financial problems of our own. I am writing for my best friend of 45 years and her husband.

My best friend her name is also Sandy was injured at work 6 years and can no longer work. It has been an uphill battle with L&I and her husband has been disable for many years.

My husband i went to visit them today. They have a set of drums that Dave got when he was a child that he took to the pawn shop and were notified that if they didn't pay the interest by Saturday the 19 that the drums would be put up for sale...I couldn't let that happen and even though I wish i had the $350.00 to get it out..I paid the $93.00 interest fee. I also took her to the gas station to fill up her 91 or 92 minivan...she said "when do you want me to stop the pump" and I told her "no worries bestie"...she had never seen $58 + added to her tank...and she said "thank you, but how am i going to pay you back?"...told her that she is my best friend and she has done more than pay me back with her kindness and special friendship.

My wish is that someone can get them what they deserve. They do alot for their Church. I wish for them to get a new car. The car they have now kept saying "check brake fluid" and she has to keep a bottle in the car..they can't afford to fix their only car. She takes her grandkids places and i worry that something will happen. In all my years of knowing them they have had used beat up cars..Hope that you can help my best friend out...:)

Thank you

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Jontae Carter
284 days ago

To whom this may concern, or Hey Ellen!

My name is Jontae. I never look for a hand out from others and I know the odds are shacked against me being that a lot of people are in need nowadays. But I'm going to write this anyways and pray for the best. I'm living in a horrible (somewhat) relationship situation in the rural country. Living in the country, you should know how expensive gas can become to go anywhere. I'm living with someone,(homeless) unemployed and have been looking for a job for almost two years. The person I'm staying with is very non-supportive and perhaps jealous or angry that I'm set on bettering myself. In the last year, I have gotten my GED in March and from my high score, I was rewarded a two scholarship to IVY Tech. I've stared my fall classes but I am needing help with gas to just get back and forth to classes and my car is a hoopie 1992 caprice classic. I haven't always made the right choices in life, but I'm trying to correct the wrong! As a woman, I'm trying to be self-sufficient and set a future for myself by going to school so I wouldn't have to rely on a man or anyone else to carry me. I've had it with others being in control of my life. It's time that I take it back and claim my victory!
Thanks for reading and congrats to your success Ellen!

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estefania navarro
284 days ago

Hi Ellen

My name is Stephanie Navarro I'm 21 years old

I have to say I REALLY LOVE YOUR SHOW its the best

but I'm writing to you because I see many things in your show its makes

me laugh and cry sometimes because how the way you help other people

who are in need, and you are the BEST woman ever I really have to say that to you, but

I would like to tell you a story about someone that I would like you to know. I have brother name

Mario Rosales he is my big brother ,and my role model I admire him for serving our country he is been through

a lot in his life .Mario join the Army right after high school he served for about 7years in the military and been in Afghanistan

about 3 times but I am really glad he came home completely safe and sound because I know mostly people don't come home or

come home injured. The thing is now he is actually a veteran and going to UCSD he wants to go further with his education that he didn't have in the military

because he went to war after 9/11 he was a infantry ,but the thing is Mario doesn't have the enough help to go more with his education the military stop giving him the help he needed I would love to help him but I cant or my mother either we all struggle but we do what we can to move on happy and never sad just always smile. I don't know if this is going to go through or not but IF it does I'm glad

that I send an email or tried to send you a email.

thank you

PS thank you for reading the email LOVE your show its the best

Stephanie Navarro

39084 Howard RD

ANZA CA 9239

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Danielle Totzke
284 days ago

Dear Ellen
My family and I are desperately in need of your help. My husband got hurt really bad at work and has been out for 2 months now. We are struggling week to week just trying to support our 3 kids and pay our bills.Your kindness would be much appreciated

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Michelle Anusewicz
285 days ago

Dear Ellen, I am in desperate need of your help. My good friend, Linda McMichael, owns a wonderful jewelry store in Estes Park, Colorado. The store is called Deja Blu and she makes almost every piece of jewelry in it. Due to the historic Colorado flood Linda is unabe to run her business. With severe water damage and lack of business because of major road closures into the city, she has lost her main source of income. This will make it very difficult to meet even her basic costs of living. She also has a medical conditon that needs following up every six months. Being in the same situation, I know the importance of these visits. Without help she may miss these visits. I promised to hold a fundraing event for her. As of today, I am unable to put this funraiser together due to a major lack of emotional, physical and financial support. As I type this letter I am becoming overwhelmed with tears. I have completely let Linda down... I have no idea how she and her husband are going to survive. She is an amazing woman who, in danger of losing everything, she has remained positive and is more than willing to help others affected by this disaster. In return, I am unable to help her and I feel completely at fault for getting her hopes up and then horribly letting her down. I am begging for your help Ellen. I don't want to let her down so severely. Is there anything you can do to help her? This store has always been her dream. I can't stand by and watch her lose her dream. Please help!

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