Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need

Ellen's friends at Shutterfly came to the rescue of a family who needed their help. Find out all of the amazing ways you can commemorate your photos at!

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Sherry Mingl
218 days ago

On December 12th a family lost everything in a horrific fire, including a mother, grandfather, and 2 small boys, one of them who had celebrated his 2nd birthday that night. I know you can do some amazing things for families in need & I believe this family is one of them. The dad & his 2 daughters survived the fire. I couldn’t imagine losing either of my children. I know this family is in great need. Here is a link to the story. I hope you can help them!

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218 days ago

I know you and everyone are probably tired of people always asking for help,but here I go. My son will be getting married in May of 2014' I was hoping to help with mopre than I will be able too help with. Due to recent health issues and all the expense it incurred and being off work for a few weeks, decreased budget even more. Remember your wedding and how nice it was. How happy you looked in your photos. No one deserves fake flowers at their wedding. Or the need to exclude first cousins who are children and important part of their life. They have cut back on food and drinks. Some things unable to cut due to contracts signed already. Is their ANYONE you know that might be willing to help with flowers. They might be able to invite cousins that are kids. Total of about 20 extra plates. THANK YOU so much for at least allowing me to write this.

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leeann howell
218 days ago

I am writing to you about a story that was aired on kdka news in pittsburgh pa today, it was about a young boy who is going to loose his home nursing coverage on december 18th because highmark insurance stated that his care can be given by non licensed personel. I only asking for you to bring this family to your show to allow them to tell their story to the nation. In this act, i am hoping that the politicians will hear her story and do something about it. autumn timko is a wonderful, loving mom with a beautiful little boy who doesn't have long for this world. her story will make you cry while infuriating the masses. her son desperately needs nursing care. his chances of surviving till god decides to take him home will lessen severely without the nurses. this story is so right up your alley. please go to the kdka website to view her story. then, as you are wiping your tears, call her and invite her family to your show.
thank you so much for being such a beautiful person inside and out.
Leeann Howell
a mother of 2 special needs kids'
ps i apologize for my poor grammar.

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Laura Maguire
219 days ago

Hey Ellen (so casual like I know you)

What I love most about your show is not only the overwhelming amount of joy (&dancing) that comes with watching every day, yet you allow the world to get a glimpse of the countless amount of truly amazing people there are out there. In my life alone I have been blessed to be surrounded by an extended number of good-hearted people, some in which I would love to share with you.

With myself included I am one out of three children in my immediate family, yet when people ask me how many siblings I have it definitely doesn't stop there. For my entire life my parents have always been the kind of people who open up the door to anyone in need. Within the past year alone we have had four people stay in our home, two in which were due to being without a place to stay when Hurricane Sandy hit. Some stayed months, some even stayed even more than a year. The basement is pretty much the only 'room' available for all of them- just try to picture a 1970's basement that is falling apart (literally-it's horrible). Nevertheless, my parents have selflessly opened up their home&heart and established an "our home, is your home" motto, even through some tight financial issues. They're truly two of the best, most hardworking and caring people I know.

Which brings me to the other amazing person I would love to tell you about, who just so happens to be our fourth 'tenant' of sorts. My friend Meaghan and I have known each other for almost 10 years now, and I can honestly refer to her as nothing short of a sister at this point. In our junior year of high school she lost her father to mesothelioma which he acquired during his time as an iron worker on site at the World Trade Center. Following such a tragic loss, five years later right after her college graduation (two months ago) she lost her mother to a battle with Leukemia. (We're both 22 years old)
Through such an intense and emotional time, the amount of people and response Meaghan got from the support and love of everyone in her life was astounding to witness. &from there she has stayed true to the person she has grown and continued to be: a strong-willed, loving, reflective, generous, hilarious, and hardworking woman.
As an avid Lena Dunham fan herself, I can sincerely say that her style of writing is nothing short of impressive. Since her mothers passing she has attained a full time job with our local Brooklyn paper and established a steady blog that has been gaining some attention.

I wish that I myself was an amazing journalist so I could try to give justice with just how incredible these people are. (I'm a science major, writing is NOT my thing)
I watch your show every single day and I cannot thank you enough for all the happiness you bring into my life. Since Meag has started living with us I can honestly say that I have set a "must-watch-Ellen" bug with her (not that she hasn't always loved you).
Watching you help people every day brings such a joy to all of your viewers so I couldn't help but try to put my ten cents in about the ones that surround me with the same loving atmosphere that your show provides.

Hopefully one day in my life I'll be able to dance with all of you (aside from in my living room)

You're the best,
To the writers/producers: you're all amazing
Love you all,
Thank you for everything.

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219 days ago

Hello Ellen this is my testimony and I not ashamed to speak about it. In 2008 I was at work and my cousin told me that my dad was in the hospital. So I quickly stopped what I was doing and left. As I got to the hospital I saw my mom by his bedside praying with her Bible open. As I begin to look at him I didn't know what to do, but pray and talk to God. I start walking back and forth praying for my dad to make it, but a couple of hours later they said he had passed away. I was in shock and I didn't know what to do. My dad was ‘my everything’ in my life. He taught me how to be a woman and not to trust a man.

I started smoking marijuana a lot to try and stop my pain, because that was the only thing that could ease it. I was having panic attacks frequently as a result of worrying and missing my dad. Because I was going through so much in my life, I just didn't know what to do. Once I had a panic attack so bad I had to call the paramedics to help me because I couldn't breathe and I felt like I was dying. So I prayed and talked to God asking Him to remove this smoking from me, promising never to do it again. Even though I stopped for a while, I start hanging around a lot of people who were doing it. Guess what I did? Your right, I went right back to smoking again.

Afterwards, I begin to have another panic attack. This time it was very uncontrollable and I couldn't stop it at all. I called my mom and told her I needed prayers. I drove over to her house where she had called her praying friends to come pray over me. As they were praying for me it felt like nothing at all was happening. God said ‘no, get out my of my way and let me have my way with her. My child, you ask me to remove this smoking from you, but you lied and went right back to doing it again.’

A third time I had another panic attack; this time for three hours straight and nothing could stopped it. It felt like I was going to die once again. After they finish praying for me, I went home and told God to forgive me from my sins and for not listening to Him. God forgave me that day and I have been clean for four years! Praise God, thank you Jesus.

The point that I am saying to you is this: you can't ask God to remove things out of your life and then go right back to them. So be careful what you pray for and ask God to remove from you. If God delivered me from this sickness, I know he can do it for you all as well. Following, I prayed and talked to God telling him to give me strength for the days ahead. Guess what?! He did just that. Yes, I still miss my dad, but I know that he is watching over me and my family. May God bless you all. I am still going through a lot with my son still living pay check to another! I have a part time job and one son that I am trying to keep on the right track in school. Thank you have a bless day.

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Ashley Gingery
222 days ago

Hello. I'm not sure what to really put. I seen other people post and see everyone is struggling in some way in many different ways. I'm a fulltime mommy of 4, a wife, employed, fulltime student. I have story's I could tell you about the passing of people that were very close to me, tell about as of right no we have no home, a lawyer lied to us and just sit here forever and tell you everything. But the worst thing is my children not having a place to call their own, a home. I got put out bc landlord didn't pay his mortgage, and then lied to by the lawyer for the house. So we are at my grandma's house, homeless according to the schools and public aid for the first time. I know there are others out the worst than me and my family... Thanks for just looking and reading... You make me laugh when my days are bad. ..... Love you Ellen
True fan
Ashley and family

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Debra West
223 days ago

Dear ELLEN,Im in desperate need!!! My husband is a disabled vet,we live on a very fixed income! His brother is dieing of cancer. I need some teeth pulled and a bottem plate.Do you know w ho could help me with this expence?? We have no money for this.I will be very greatful!!This would be the greatest Christmas gift ever.PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME?????

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223 days ago

My boyfriend, Justin, of over 7 years lost his father, Joe, earlier this year in March. The last 13 years of Joe’s life, he was in a wheelchair due to a tractor trailer accident which left him with crushed bones, low lung function, and constant pain. After the accident, Joe’s wife, Sharon, who is a huge fan of Ellen's and watched the show every day, quit her job to become a stay at home nurse for Joe. Justin was a little boy when the accident happened, but still helped his mother with Joe’s care throughout those years. Justin didn’t get the chance to go to college in order to get a good job and pursue his goals and dreams. Now that Joe has passed, Sharon is too weak to work and Justin is only bringing in little money. They have been struggling with bills, food, legal matters, and moving on from Joe’s passing. This has been an extremely hard year for Justin and Sharon.
Over the past 7 years, I have seen Joe go in and out of the hospital multiple times but he always managed to stay strong and fight for his family. Family meant everything to Joe and he would do anything for them. Joe also served two tours in Vietnam and always had a passion for his country. Joe wasn’t only Justin’s father, but his best friend. It would mean the world if Justin and Sharon could get a little help this Holiday season. It would relieve some stress, renew their faith in people, and show them there is still joy in the world. Joe and his family have been through a lot the past 13 years and could use all the help they can get.

This is only a slight glimpse of their life. Every day is a constant struggle to keep going and every day get worse and worse. Please help them in this time of need. THANK YOU!

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223 days ago

I'm not sure if I had given you enough info on the man that had been ran over by an 18 wheeler. It happened 8-10-2012 on I 90 east of Bozeman Montana. When the story was aired briefly on the news later that night I believe they had said the man was from Butte Montana. Hope that you can brighten their holiday this year.

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Colleen Wallace
224 days ago

Please help my sister and her family. I am including a letter from her that she recently had to write to our family and friends.

It is with deepest grief that I write to you today. On Wednesday, at our midwife appointment, we were 37 weeks and could not find a heartbeat for our child. We went to the hospital to confirm that in fact our precious baby had died. The hospital staff was as kind and gentle as can be and were just the best we could have asked for. Our midwife stayed with us the whole time. She is absolutely the best. They induced me after we confirmed our baby's passing.

On Thursday morning at 5:06 am, our precious Jubilee Belle was placed into my arms to hold. She weighed 6 lbs 14 oz and was 20 in long. She came out holding her hand by her mouth and had a very similar expression to the one Zoe uses when she's sleeping. Zoe got to meet her sister and kept pointing to her and wanted to hold her. It was preciously heartbreaking.

We aren't exactly sure when she had passed but we rest in the fact that she is with Jesus right now and is no longer suffering. We are terribly grieved with her passing and giving up the hopes and dreams that we had of her interactions with her big sister.

We pray similarly to David in 2 Samuel 12 that someday we will go to Jubilee.

Please help them get through this.

Sincerely, Colleen Wallace

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224 days ago

I nominate my daughter. This is a woman who works three jobs to make ends meet. She takes the best care of our three year old grandson, remaining calm when reprimanding, allowing him to play outside on rainy days, and making him have his own opinions and choices one can give to a three year old. She has meet with financial difficulties and through all of it, still keeps a positive attitude when helping her families at her work place. She is very proud, and hates to ask for our help. We are all doing the best we can to help. It breaks my heart; she is being so responsible and I am so proud of her. Everyone always goes through things in their life, but bad luck always seems to find her and I pray everyday that some good things will come her way. thank you.

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Colleen Wallace
224 days ago

Well, I recently nominated myself, but I need to nominate my sister and her family. She has suffered a horrific tragedy. My sister Amanda was expecting her second child. We were all excited and joy filled our hearts as we learned her due date was on Christmas Day 2013. She went to midwife appointment on December 4 and learned that they couldn't find my nieces heartbeat. They immediately sent her to the local hospital where they discovered what we had feared. My niece Jubilee Belle wasn't alive. This has never happened in our family and I am just heartbroken. Not just for Jubilee but also for my sister and her family. My sister is a very religious person and I am having problems gripping as to why god would let something like this happen. Especially since she only had about 3 weeks to go. They have been struggling financially for along time. They really could use something good and positive especially since her due date is just a few weeks away. I honestly do not know how they are going to get through this holiday.

The sad thing is I feel so horrible because she and I were both pregnant around the same time. I had my son on May 15th 2013. We both were so excited to have the kids together for their first Christmas.

This Christmas just will not be the same and our family could really use something good out of it.
Ellen please help give them something to be happy about this Christmas. They really deserve it.

Please contact me.


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Irene Salas Perez
224 days ago

Hi Ellen, I wish I could meet you in person. I would love to help some families out who can really need help. I have my step father who raised me. This time last year he went to the hospital with a brain tumor. He's had over 7 operations. Thank god he's home now. I am sad to say he doesn't really remember me, my children, or my wife. He is recovering though and for that I'm thankful. However my step mom has struggled alone with caring for him and 4 sisters. Never getting to have holidays or birthdays. It breaks my heart that I can't really help. I know you and shutter fly help. So that's 1 family. 2nd I have a brother who is about to be 20. He had to drop out of school to take care for his sibilings. And my fathers condition, also he has no car. He really wanted to finish school to make my dad proud and to go in business partners when he recovered. 3rd I have my mother who will give her last money to help someone out. She has never had her a decent home for herself or a car. I would love to send my kids to visit grandma comfortable somewhere. 4th I do home health and there is 3 families who need help. It is hard seeing this cause I want to do something but cant. They need help with roofs, updated funiture, appliances. Food, cars, ramps bathrooms where they can have room and handicap space. And so deserve. I would love to start a charity organization for people around the area to help people out with items, clothes, food, house cleaning, etc. 5th would be my soon to be in laws for always being there for us for anything we need help with. 6th my 2 brother in laws and their wives. One has been struggling to fix their home. And the other just recently got married and need help getting furniture and a honeymoon. And last but not least would be my lovely soon to be wife and our kids. She has put pursuing her career on holdto help me raise the kids and try giving them a good life. She has gotten some many loans for court, etc. And my kids just deserve so much and they said all they want is to see their 2 moms to be married, a new home, a car to travel. And fir Ellen to be our bff. They love you as much as me. You are a blessing in so many ways to do many people. God bless you. If we don't get help, I completely understand there is other people who need help too, im just glad yall do help people. I can keep on but maybe if it's meant to be we can meet you in person my kids say. Love you Ellen!

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Adriana Renteria
224 days ago

Hello I am writing about this family that is in desperate need of human kindness. Unfortunely I am struggling to get a job and have four kids to take care of but still trying to help this single mom who lost her husband a few years back.She was traveling in a van that had a horrible accident one person was kill and now this mom will never walk again.She was the head of household and has two children which are devestated. My heart breaks as I write this because going crazy trying to find different ways to make it at least easier since I know how scare she must feel not for her but for her kids. Please give me some guidance I would go anywhere to request help she represents all mothers in need.

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Judy Robinson
225 days ago

Hi Ellen!!!!
I'm writing this on behalf of my parents. On April fools day of this year (this is no joke) my father fell from two stories while roofing. The percentage rate of survival was approximately 40%, and recovery even less. He landed on his feet. He's a huge batman fan & many say his bat wings saved him. He suffered with both heels being ****tered along with his left wrist. We are still working through numerous surgeries and many hours of therapy. He just started walking no too long ago & doctors are amazed at his progress. His foot surgeons have made it known be May need to have his right ankle fused. Thu would mean the end of his roofing career. His been doing this for almost 30 years & doesn't have many other skills. He was an independent contractor... this means no health insurance, no workmans compensation, & nothing to fall back on. We've been able to get some help for some of the medical bills (which are close to half a million). We still struggle daily for everything else needed to survive. I moved back home the week of the accident. I do my best to support them by working 3 jobs. He will not see any sense of income for well over a year. This causes his ego & pride to be immensely damaged. Sometimes he shuts down & cries. There's no way to comfort him. I can honestly say you put a smile on his face. He now has a routine of his daily shows. He watches you twice a day sometimes (he recordes the show cor my mom to watch in the evenings). If I can ask for anything, it would be to continue to make him laugh!!!! I've often wondered how I could get him to the show. We live in a rural part of Pennsylvania. A good distance from your studio. So we continue to pretend that were in the audience & share the quality time together. Thank you so much for being a reason to make him laugh & continue to fight for his life & strength to accept the outcome of what is.

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