Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need

Ellen's friends at Shutterfly came to the rescue of a family who needed their help. Find out all of the amazing ways you can commemorate your photos at!

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Tabitha Payne
185 days ago

The Smith/Grant family, of Point Pleasant, WV have suffered a tragic loss this week. Their home was destroyed by a house fire. While trying to escape the fire, three of their children were severely burned. Two of their children died in the hospital as a result of their burns, and their third child is still in the hospital in critical condition. It is hard to understand why bad things happen to good people. However, God could not have picked a better family to glorify his name while suffering the loss of two children. No words can describe the love the community has for this family. The community has been working very hard to collect donations for the family. However, our small community can only do so much; all of the donated items are being held for the family in a storage unit. This family is very special, and deserve to be able to come HOME. However, they have no home. My wish for this loving family is a house, where they can start to put the pieces of their life back together. God has truly shown his presence in our community through this family, and it would be AWESOME to see something good happen to them after all the bad.
Thank you so much for your time. I think you are a wonderful person and you have such a big heart for those in need. You are special and I believe one day you will be rewarded for your good deeds.
With love,
PS. There is a young child that wrote you a letter about this same family. I tagged @theellenshow after uploading a picture of the letter. He wanted to ask you to ask New England to have a moment of silence at the Super Bowl, in honor of Braxton Smith. New England was his favorite team.

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Kathie Jones
185 days ago

Thank you for your time to read my story. My daughter, her husband and 4 kids live in an atrocious house, Right now there is no heat except for a small space heater, which is dangerous. The house heats with oil and is very expensive. They also cook with propane, which is also very expensive, and have electricity. Its a very old house. they come to my house to shower. I wash all their clothes, and the dishwasher doesn't work either. I love my daughter very much, I am on disability and live in a 2 bedroom duplex. I know you help many people and I was hoping you could help my daughter. anything you could do would help. thank you very much, Kathie Jones

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Debbie Anselmo
195 days ago


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196 days ago

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203 days ago

Compliments of the season, i write to you from Lagos,*****ia. I watch your show on TV when i have the opportunity but i prefer watching it on YouTube from work. I so much love what you do for people and the way you go about putting smiles on their faces.

I know it may not really be possible for you to extend your helping hands to people like us outside the states who have one or two stories to tell and share with people.

Despite the fact that am based far from you and may not really get through to you i just feel the joy of sharing this.

I write this about my mom whom i see as the world's greatest. She after waiting for 9 years gave birth to 4 kids, raised myself and my three other siblings alone after a ghastly car accident that claimed the life of my father 19 years ago. As a typical African family we survived through thick and thin despite the neglect from relations (uncles, aunts etc)who were more concerned about all they could get from the little left by my father.

My mum runs a local restaurant where from there she gets the little she could to source for our clothing, shelter, school fees and other necessities.

At least now after going through all the struggles in life i graduated from college where i schooled and worked at the same time so as to carter for my little needs as a student and my siblings are doing well in school with the last kid of my mum in his final year in high school.

I wish i could do all to make sure that the efforts put in by my mum as regards bringing us up alone would be rewarded and i also want to use the opportunity to say a big thank you to my mum, you and all those that show kindness.


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nanette steibel
204 days ago

Im not sure how to do this but i started a group on Facebook called Just for Help and a lady joined yesterday with a big need and i would like to share her story with you and see if you can somehow help her Please .................Jenny Berry
Thank you for the add....I have been humiliated so bad.... I need help, just anything from my fellow trucker's or anybody that can help me. Please....I'm getting my phone (it just got cut off) & internet cut off, losing my house & truck, I hoped it wouldn't get this bad before I found a job....I had a serious melt down few days ago, and just had to get off computer and try to regroup....I have had people contact me with promises of financial help to get me thru this, and I relayed this to my bank, phone company, etc., only to be lied to and let down because I really trusted them....Please I am all alone and need support not cruelty.....If we as truckers can help those in need on the road, I don't understand why me, a trucker myself needs help at home and can't get it....I will repay anybody's kindness ten fold.....I know I am a stranger to most, but I am a human being that is begging for help....I am not a gold digger & I believe my page shows I have worked hard for what I have accomplished in my life....Please someone anyone reach out to me as I have done for others so many times...I have no other options but to pray & hope......My address is on my page if can just send food....The post office is couple blocks from my house...They have never delivered mail in town here to our homes is why I have PO Box....My car insurance just cancelled and could be reinstated within a day or two if I had the funds....
My name is Jenny Berry, and I have lived here in Minnesota Lake, Minnesota for 24 years.

Here is a timeline of everything that has happened that lead to where I am at now:
5-9-13 Leased to a company that promised to keep me rolling & get me to Mississippi often to see my 96 year old grandma because she is all I have left. She
raised me. Things went okay for the first couple months. I was North of Seattle last July. I unloaded, and called in for my reload info. The load was in
Seattle, and to heavy to haul, so I told dispatch I couldn't haul it. Five minutes later the owner called me threatening to leave me sit out there for as
long as she chooses, threatened to cut my fuel cards off, cancel my plates & insurance on truck. I took the load anyway because I was scared. I went
to Seattle picked up the load, and made it almost back to Spokane, WA, and decided to put fuel in. They had cancelled my fuel cards even while I was
under a load. I couldn't get the owner til next morning, and was told I was being taught a lesson, and if I didn't apologize I would be terminated on the
spot. I had done nothing wrong, & the abuse I suffered that day and the days to come was horrible. Thirty years out here driving and never been
treated like this. I taped the conversation because of what had happened before I loaded. It was a couple days with no food after that because they
wouldn't give me an advance to eat on. I couldn't afford to quit because they last company I was leased to didn't pay me, & I was struggling as it was
to get back on my feet. My lease with them also stated if I quit before six months was up I would have to pay back $750.00 plus .07 a mile for every
mile I ran loaded & empty so far. I couldn't take the chance on falling behind on my bills so I stuck it out. November 9th, 2013 was my six months.
My grandma begged me not to quit until I got a load to come see her, so here is what happened next.
11-16-13 I took a load from Minnesota at the yard to Chattanooga, TN with the promise they would get me back to MN to pick my load up to go see my
grandma for three days (26th which was my grandmas 96th birthday, 27th, 28th).
11-19-13 Unloaded Chattanooga, TN. Called in for reload and load was to heavy so turned it down. Same thing as before, owner called me back & threatened
me like before. Finally at the last minute in the day they got me a load for next morning to get me back to MN to pick up my loaded trailer to go
to Mississippi to see my grandma.
11-22-13 I called them & asked if they got me an appointment yet for the load I was bringing back & they said just bring it back to the yard because they
couldn't get appointment til following Monday. I got back to the yard at 10 AM, went inside turned my paperwork in so I would get paid on the
following Friday, & get my load info. I was there til about 4:30 PM letting them abuse the heck out of me because I didn't want to take a load
that was illegal to haul because of the weight, & making me answer questions they already knew the answers to. I kept asking if I could just get my
load info and pick up my loaded trailer and they finally told me when they where ready to go home that they had no load for me. The owner said
why don't you just take the week off. I had no choice. I came home, broke the news to my grandma that I couldn't come down. I was caught up on
my bills except my house & truck at this point. I picked up a few groceries with what I had when I got home & thought when I got my check Friday
I could make my October & November house & truck payments ($1,820.00), plus maybe have enough for more groceries, pay bills that would be
coming due December 1st.
11-29-13 Check was only $46.02. I tried calling them with no luck. I was devastated. I knew I was in trouble and had to find another place to lease my truck.
I called OOIDA and a lawyer but was told they could drag this out and it won't help me right now. They also have my escrow money of about
12-2-13 I listened to a friend that is a company driver for an outfit that I could lease to. Got things going with them, and sounded good.
12-12-13 Went to doctor for drug test. Asked the doctor if they could check me out because I take thyroid medication & had broke my pelvic February
last year and didn't feel quite right. They said they couldn't so set me up with an appointment for the next week.
12-17-13 Went to doctor and was told I had severe pelvic infection and also wanted to set me up with a thyroid ultrasound because they thought I had
thyroid cancer. The doctor called the drug store so I could get my medicines because I had no money and said if they worked I wouldn't have
to be put in hospital to get it intravenously and I should be able to get back in my truck.
12-19-13 Went to hospital for ultrasound and when I came home fed ex had delivered a package at my front door. It was the lease contract for this
company I was going to lease to. I started reading it and faxed copy to OOIDA. They called me back and said don't sign it. They wanted $4,400.00
escrow plus too much else. That is why they wouldn't send me lease to begin with. I was so hurt and angry at myself for spending all that
time trying to get going with them.
12-20-13 Doctor called and said I was cancer free but thyroid was swollen real bad they think because of infection. I started right away looking for
another place to lease to only to send in applications and make calls, to be told it will probably be after the first of the year.
1-2-13 Banker called and said nobody has called him and he needed money. That's when I realized my world was falling apart. Had another friend that was
going to help with phone & internet, but didn't. Had others promised food and financial help only to lie.

This is the best I can explain this. People keep offering companies to go to not realizing I am hurting so much more than that. I have called enough companies that I know I can get leased on soon, but now with no phone, and soon no internet it's not going to happen. People have to have a way to contact me and me them. Companies now require you to have these for work. My car insurance is lapsed, and could be reinstated within a few days, but I don't have it. I have no credit cards and live a purty simple life. I have lived here for 24 years and only have 2 years left on my house & 1 year left on my truck. I don't want to ask for help but I need help and will repay any kindness given. I have been pouring my heart and soul out only to be lied or laughed at by some. It is so cruel and I am only human. I am so alone

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Gloria Frye
208 days ago

I do not know how to start this I have a two friends a couple the husband has bone cancer this will be his third round of treatments it does not look good she has just found out she has breast cancer she has not told him or anyone other than me.
they She has no insurance they live in a at least 45 year old trailer that is falling in on them little to no heat their car need 4 tires to get them to their treatments is there any way your show could help them Very greatful for any small thing you can do Gloria Frye

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213 days ago

Please take a minute to read my story. Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!!!

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carrie stout
222 days ago

I have a mom name laura labrum she works with people with disabilities. And she donate money the America heart association and donate money to the fire fighters fundraiser and donate money to the animal cruelty and neglect and the job she does she been there 18 years and she was a nurse at the roosevelt utah hospital and she help a lady carry things to her car and a lady didn't have enough turkey vouchers so my mom gave the lady her turkey voucher my mom the job she work at she barely making enough money to pay her bills and she broke has no money she needs help

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Marilyn Wattman-Feldman
222 days ago

I'm a big believer in the power of healing and humor. Watching your show (or simply seeing your beautiful smile) not only brightens my day, but serves as a reminder to me that laughter is powerful. It can help heal an individual both mentally and physically.

Ellen, I need to keep laughing. I am only 61 years old but already have many major health issues. I am dealing with met breast cancer, diabetes, asthma, osteoarthritis, pulmonary hypertension, high cholesterol, HBP, etc. My medications are numerous. I am alive because of maintenance treatment I receive at MD Anderson Cancer Center Orlando. (Soon to be a different name.) Over the course of approximately 12 years I have had a lumpectomy, Sentinel Node surgery, a lungectomy (where I lost the upper lobe of my left lung), a broken right femur, a broken left femur ... fortunately, I never stopped laughing even in the midst of all that happened. Yes! I did go through a time of major depression -- I was at the bottom of a deep, dark place -- in chains, and unable to reach the surface. Getting there took time and it was scary. There were plenty of "pity parties." I continued to "smile" and I did my best to remain positive.

I was always thin -- but I gained so much weight that at one point I reached 186 pounds. In one year, I lost 50 of those pounds. Today, I weigh in at 114. (Give or take a few pounds.) Being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes scared me to death -- at least, it scared off all those pounds. I exercised reguarly at the Y and I ate in moderation. Today, I do not take any medication for diabetes. It is the one major health problem over which I have some control at this time. And I intend to do so for as long as possible.

I lost my ability to write during those dark days of depression. That, however, is in the past. Writing is my passion and it was my career. I hold a degree in journalism from Temple University and I was proud to work in public relations and as a writer / editor for many years. My last job was with the Disney Reservation Center in Orlando where I worked in Guest Services. Cancer --- destroyed not only my body but my ability to remain employed. I am now on disability. Trying to live on what I earn each month is, at best, difficult.

I have written a book titled: High Maintenance ..Surviving Cancer at All Costs. It took me three years to write and now I have been seeking a publisher for almost a year. I had no idea how difficut this process would be; however, I refuse to give up. My book chronicles 12 years (from Dec. 2000 to early 2013. It offers a glimpse into my cancer journey which obviously continues for the rest of my life. (Or as I prefer to say -- until the cure is found.) I've been told readers will "enjoy" the humor I share in addition to the "roller coaster - merry go round" I lived on 24/7.
I have experienced pain that not only reached 10 (on the standard pain scale of 1-10) I have dealt with pain that reached 100. I have had to live with both mental and physical pain .. and I still do. (Although it is much better now. Thank goodness)

Ellen, I would welcome your "intervention" so to speak. Would you be willing to read my manuscript? And, if possible, help me find a publisher? I don't want to continue living month to month, with 2014 starting with a net worth of about $8.00 in my checking account. I am talented enought that I truly believe my book could be a best seller. This project could help me and my family.

Imagine this: I could finally afford to buy a car of my own. (I do not have a car at all right now.) I could get my own place to live. (I currently live with my brothers, both of whom are disabled. I help with expenses here, but would prefer my own home.) My marriage of over 36 years ended in October 2012. This is still a big issue for me in many personal ways. It ended for some strange reasons, too. (i.e.: financial) My life, I believe could change if I finally had a different income source other than just SSD. I never imagined being in this situation at this point in my life. I often cry at night, thinking I'm a failure.

If you are interested in reading my book, I would be happy to forward the copy to you. Of course, I would need an email address that was secure since I obviously want to protect my work. It would be a real honor to have you read "High Maintenance" and perhaps, even write an introduction to the book.

I live by this mantra: Everyday in every way I am getting better and stronger. Nothing is going to stop me from laughing and from enjoying life to the fullest even if I have to remain "unhappy" with many of the cir***stances of my life. I am so happy to be alive -- getting up each morning is a gift.

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Hanna Rodriguez
223 days ago

Hi Ellen I love you so much , thanks for this wonderful person that you are , please never change and keep going help people in need , like me , we believe in you , and you give us hope for keep going in live ... Thanks
I'm Hanna , I know that you are a busy and special person but if you have the to read my history I will really appreciate , I went to usa to getting marriage , with this nice guy that a meet before , after all that everything change , went we start to live together everything change , he start to hit me ,sexually abuse from me , don't let me go to see my family , And since I didn't speak English at that time , I didn't know what to do , went I decide to leave wast to late , I was pregnant , and everything was worse he hit me went I was pregnant , I leave him went my son was born , was a beautiful baby boy ... So went my son was 3 weeks old , I kick him out , off my house , but he send somebody to kill me , and my son too, I don't have no other choice that left the country and go to Canada and ask for refugee , for domestic violence ... Every start to be okey , but after I start so see something wrong with my son , he was late in everything , he was two years and he can't say mammy , or I love you , my heart just broke in a thousand piece ... My wasn't talk at all, I take him to the Montreal children hospital , and they tell me that my baby have autism , my heart just stop , and since then this little boy become my world , my air , the reason of my life , I can remember the last time that I go out alone ,or have a prive moments with someone , I being dedicate the last ten years of my live to my son , Mickey ... So I'm a single mom , livening in small studio , witch a pay with my walferd check every 1of the month , I buy grocery with a $100 a month , and sometimes is no enough , most of the time , I have to ask food basket twince a month , walking like 10 block with my son , with temperature of -19 or -20 ... Very cold , and my son make cry most of the time because he tell me , mammy don't worry went I grow up , I will buy a car , like this you feet don't gone hurt you no more , and he give a hug and say I love you mommy and tthanks ,and words 3 words just broke my heart , but all this dont matters because I just want to make him happy , and keep going to his special school , for receive his speech therapies , and keep talk , and being available to read , and do things like the rest of the kids , now I feel really proud of him , he is being transfer to regular school with special class , so he was in 1grade class but after 1month , the teacher tell me that he will available to transfer him to grade 2,,,, so my conclusion is that autism is bad , y just a special little persone that need more attencion , that rest of the regular stuff , y dedicate to my baby mickey and feel proud what he become now ,they just need extra love ,and pacience , a lot , but in reward you will receive a inconditional love from them ... so that is my life Ellen , thanks you for being the special persone that you are , my son love you , he sit together and we watch you show on my phone , because we no have tv , and he love went to try this little cars , with this kids .... He don't stop to laugh that you , and all that funny thinks that you do ... And the way you dance .... He say that you are very silly...
Thanks for all the good things that you do for the people , good bless you always , never grow up ,,,, love Hanna and Mickey .

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Stacy Whitmore
224 days ago

Dear Ellen,

I love you show and watch it whenever I can.

I am writing to you to request just a little of your help. My husband and I are both disabled veterans. My husband has PTSD and Traumatic brain injury and I have PTSD and a back injury. My husband stays home with our 5 year old son and granddaughters and I work part time as the county Veterans Service Officer helping veterans get benefits. I love my job so much and can't think of anything I would rather do. I love being able to help veterans get the benefits they really deserve. I am also going to college full time to become a paralegal to help my veterans even more.

We are adopting our granddaughters from Hawaii after a four year battle with CPS and will probably be paying our lawyer until the girls graduate from high school. Anyways, the reason I am writing is to request a little money to pay for the gas to visit my parents and 2 of our sons across the state of Idaho for Christmas. I don't have any money to buy gifts to give this Christmas to our son or our granddaughters and I don't even care. I am so depressed because we can't afford to drive to my parents for Christmas. To me, there is nothing more important than family. If you are not able to help I understand and as I know that there are so many out there that probably need your help more than we do. Anyways, thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter.

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224 days ago

Reading all the posts, and hearing their comments, pleas, celebrations, kind of puts doubts if anyone from the Ellen show looks through these comments, but here goes. I have a favor to ask and do not know if Ellen will answer. Long story short, My sister Malinda has overcame alot: near death accident on Thanksgiving day in 1999, dealing with her injuries and overcame what the doctors didn't expect from walking to also having another child. Along with dealing with her injuries a marriage that ended last year with abuse and fidelity problems. Found out on Valentines 2012 her husband(still married) was having a child. So learning that your husband is having a child on top of leaving you with his legal problems behind, mortgage, and 3 kids to take care of; having injuries that can only allow you to do very little to find a job would drive anyone crazy. She never showed how she felt, always pushed along with my parents help, who stays with her, both retired. After that phone call she received, she tried to take her life with pills, her daughter found her and called 911. She is today GOOD! She is my Hero! To overcome all this, still having to deal with her husband legal issues, and her injuries that from time to time causes her pain, she is still able to smile, laugh, and find ways to make ends meet. I love her to death and wish I could give her and her children the world. My parents stay with her and help with what they can on their retirement, but that's not much. If there is anyway to help or reward her for overcoming and enduring for her kids this Christmas it would be great. I had sent her some money for groceries , but couldn't give what I know they need. Our church helps with some, but really could use some positive her life more of it. She is not one to ask, but always willing to give. My son is serving a mission, and with what she has to give is making cookies for him and for 4 other missionaries. This is the person she is. Taught well by my parents. I know there are many who at this time are of need. I guess I am just want to honor her for her re-commitment on life, with her kids, and herself! Sincerely, a loving sister

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Tracey Johnson
224 days ago

I Ellen,
My name is Tracey Johnson I know you have heard this several times befpre but I really am your number one fan. I am a depressed 45 year old woman and my major depression comes from not being able to work. I have worked since I was 14 years old and because of a seizure disorder I am unable work or drive and and that gets me down.I take about 14 pills per day some twice a day and my husband works 45 hours a week and try's to make ends meet. I would so much love to be on your show it would mean the world to me. Each day I turn to CBS in Rockford and I laugh so hard I cry and I would love to do that in your studio audience. I have constant head aches and for 1 hour my mind is taken of the pain. You are so kind and loving. I also have a daughter who is in her third year of college and it is hard to provide her will money for her books and classes. Ellen please help me. I would appreciate it so much. I send you my love
Tracey Johnson

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Katrina Swan
225 days ago

Hi Ellen,
So I have to say I love your show! When I come home for work and I have had a bad day I look forward to watching your show so it can make me smile and happy. This past year has been fun exciting and very sad all in the same
I Got a job that I love. I work at North Central Health Care in the Rehab Unit. Although as much as I love my job it is hard to stay positive when everyone around you is in bad spirit's because they don't look at the good side that at least they have a job there are so many people out there today that don't and they don't know where there next meal is coming from. I am just happy to have a job I may have to work 35 hours of over time a week and try to come home and spend some time with my son before he goes to bed but that is what any parent should be doing to provide for there family.
Next thing that happened in the last year my family lost an amazing lady. She was my grandma and we kind of looked at her as to the godmother of the family. she knew what was going on with everyone before you told her. But if you needed some help and you didn't know where else to go or what else to do then you went to her.
Lastly my son was born on November 23rd 2012 of last year he is an amazing little boy (and all the ladies love him). He has changed my live so much but I would not change it for the world I used to want my weekend to come so I could go out and drink with the friends and now all I want is that weekend every other week to spend time with him and find out all the things I have missed during work.
So all I wanted to say is Ellen I love your show and I love to just come home and get that hour to watch you to get from work stress to a great mood and the rest of the night is spent playing with my son so thanks again ellen

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