Shutterfly Helps a Family in Need

Ellen's friends at Shutterfly came to the rescue of a family who needed their help. Find out all of the amazing ways you can commemorate your photos at!

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Carol Miller
142 days ago

Hi Ellen, I just wanted you to know that I watch your show every day and you make me laugh every morning,.. I have had a battle since my husband and I got married, I just want to share this because it's hard to talk to your own husband husband and I met on the WEB TV when it first came out , we have been together for 17 years, 15 years of marriage, we were married july 17, 1999.. after 1 year of marriage, my husband got bladder cancer, I really thought I was going to be a widow, I cried and cried, I didn't know when I met my husband life was going to be a battle, I raised his children (I do not have my own children due to complications of an abusive realationship prior to my marriage and he is now serving 2 life sentences in the texas penitintary).. with that being said, my husband and I have struggled, he has always tried to work but he always has complications to where he can't hold a job, medical complications,and he tries so hard, but we can never get ahead, like I said I raised his 2 boys and then the bio mother decided to come into their lives after I tried to adopt them, I feel for my husband because he is the man of the house and he feels worthless, lord, we never even had a honey moon because he had to work the next day, so our furnace went out this january and my home owners didn't grant us enough money to put a new one in, we have been living on kersone heaters since which cost us 20.00 a day to use.. very expensive..I have had to go to food banks to get food to provide because I am on social security disabilty for bi-polar and depression and anxeity, i make 1,32.00 a month not enough for anything, I can't get food stamps because when the bio mother came into the childrens lives they split 50/50 custody, so in the state of pa who ever goes and claims first gets all benefits, so this is why I have to go to food banks to ffed our children when we have them, my point here is, I am so tired of struggling, my husband cannot find work, I worry every day, the bible says don't worry I will provide, yes he does because he gives me the food banks addresses.. ellen I just wish we could live with at leasst 10.00 in our pockets and my main thing is, our 15 year anniversary is coming up and we have never had a honey moon, heck, we had to pawn our wedding rings for food.. also I am an animal lover and I can not afford to have my animals looked over if we went away for 1 night.. I have a cat that is 27 years old, 27 years he has been with me and he is still kicking.. I have 3 beautiful dogs, 1 yorkie that is fatter than a butter ball, a beautiful black german shepard and a border collie that is 17 years old and a diabetic and I have to make home made food for her because she cannot eat dog food, she has to have a high fiber diet.. so, with that being said, I am just venting that something can become of our lives to make us happy, even just for 1 day...thank you ellen for listening to me and I will be watching your show as I always do every morning at 10:00 just to giveme that laugh for the day that keeps me going.

I love your show

Thanks for the laughs

Carol Miller

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Denise Rodriguez-Strawn
145 days ago

Dear Ellen,

For the past 17 years, I have been with a man who has literally saved my life and provided me with the GREATEST gift, 'ME'! My husband is a selfless man who has continued to sacrifice for our family time after time, including giving up job offers with more pay in order to provide consistency for our children. In order for me to be able to go to college he took an early retirement to take care of the kids so that I could dedicate most of my time towards my degree at New Mexico State University. He even back to work as a teacher so that he could spend more time with our family but he gave up so much, including going through his retirement to sustain our family. The money is all gone now and our home is in need of a new roof, which he tried to repair himself but he ended up falling off the roof in December 2011. He broke his right wrist and ended up with 2 plates, 1 screws, and we incurred debt that left us financially unstable. We have recovered but we still cannot afford to replace the roof ($19,000) plus repair the ceiling in our room and the room of our 15 year old son who has never complained about the damage. I write this because this has become an issue that worries my husband so much and we still have leaks so when it rains he has to get on the roof to sweep water off of our flat NM roof.
He is now a dedicated school teacher (2nd career) and he loves teaching. He has been a role model to our 5 children and he is the reason that I survived domestic violence, went to college and lived to see my 40th birthday. He is more than a teacher, friend, dad, husband, brother, uncle, gran-dude...he is a HERO our HERO!!!

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Jari Lynn Bushnell
149 days ago

Dear Ellen, My name is Jari Lynn and first and most you are a super person and i love your show. This letter is to say the past 8 year's have been so upsetting to my great husband and myself. After all the abuse in my past relationship's and 6 children i found the perfect person and friend my husband Richard. We have been married 8 year's and we laugh everyday when we wake up and before bed no matter how bad the day is. A short 6 month's after we were married he had his first heart attack and then another,then stent's put in. Shorty after that richard had melanoma on his face 6 time's and one surgery the dr. had to remove the left side of his nose and rebuild it.He is checked every 3 month's for this.Richard had another heart attack then open heart surgery and was in hospital for 1 month. This past year he lost eye sight in left eye and had 3 surgery's due to the retna and the sight never came back. Richard also has lung problem's along with multiple mylomia cancer and is under going chemo for 15 month's and just finished radiation on his spine that he had surgery for last year also.Ellen we are so far behind in our bill's we have sold everything possibe and the last was our wedding ring's to get ahead i've called every place in our home town in Florida and not one place can help. We are so behind in our rent that we will need to find a place and our moble home won't sell we have tryed so we will loose it. Ellen do you have any resorce's that i could call or email richard is 71 year's old and i am 57 please god let what time is our's be less stressed and calm through this time of pain someone help us out love and god bless

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Brenda Tuyls
151 days ago

HI Ellen, My name is Greg Tuyls I am a volunteer Fireman in the small township of Cassian in Northern Wisconsin. First of all I would Like to say I love your show,watch you every time I have a chance. I often cry tears of joy because you are so giving. In the past year we have had 6 fatalities a few close friends. We do this volunteer business to help people, it seems we just end up cleaning up messes.
Most recent was a house fire which claimed the life of a 24 year old young man of which I did not know. But I know his girlfriend who works at the small corner store gas station 1 mile down the road. Her twin sister also works there. Their mother passed away a few years back from cancer. Penny was burned and flown to a burn center and is recovering well. Her boyfriend didn't make it trying to save the dog.Her sister Shelby was unharmed physically but they lost their home with their father. They will do a benefit at the store which won't cover part of what they need...please help. Hope you can.I love when you say "Be kind to one another". P.S. Our Fire Dept. is also in need of new equipment all of which is very expensive.Hope you can help.

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yolanda martinez
151 days ago

I am trying to figure out a way to send a heartbreaking story to Ellen. I will try and tell it here. While I have had my own issues and sometimes start to feel sorry for myself, I am sent a message. A childhood friend of my sons Stephanie Few was set to deliver her Third Daughter when she received shocking news, she has been diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer. The baby had to be delivered early and Stephanie had to undergo her first mastectomy and will have to endure two rounds of chemo and radiation. She has 4 children all 3 girls one boy and now is not working and her husband has to stay home to help and try to work. They are a very young couple still and if we can generate any help it would be appreciated. Love love your show and you have kept my spirits up through the worse of times. God Bless you Ellen

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Anne Romano
153 days ago


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judy baney
155 days ago

ellen,you helped a family on shutterfly,i do not have the money to pay.go to givefoward-judys hard life or facebook-max baney,help us

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Ross L. Charlotte, NC
158 days ago

My wife and I love you and your show and make it a daily date at 5 pm to watch every day. We love your stories of hope, help, and inspiration and mutually agreed to make you aware of a person in Charlotte who's home was destroyed by a falling tree. His name is Kenny Wilson and he works at the main YMCA of Charlotte cleaning and caring for the men's locker room. He is known as the friendliest person at the Y. In 2012, Kenny invited 3 relatives who lost their home from Hurricane Sandy to live with him in Charlotte during the recovery. On Feb 15 a tree fell and split his home in half destroying his furniture, appliances, causing major damage and more, yet Kenny arrived to work the next day. The executive director of the Y is organizing a plan to help Kenny. We do not know him, but my wife works for the Y and has heard about his work ethic and awesome personality. We felt that his story was an inspiration, and thought you and your sponsor friends would possible consider helping Kenny in some way. Here is a link to the full story along with the contact information to the Executive Director of the Y, Chris Orr. Thank you so much Ellen for any help for Kenny!
Anyone interested in making a contribution to Kenny Wilson can call Chris Orr, executive director of YMCA of Greater Charlotte/Dowd YMCA, at 704-716-6163

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Anna Honeycutt
160 days ago

Hi Ellen,
First let me say that you are such an amazing person and an inspiration to all, I love watching your show, which is why I decided to write you about my mom. However, after I read some of the other comments and post I decided that I would be selfish for me to ask for help. (and the fact that she would probably kill me, lol). Please keep doing all the kind things you do for others, God will surely repay you for them. Have a blessed day!

Bridget Bottoms

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Anita Flores
162 days ago

this is the first time I am adding a comment. anita

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Mike Schwartz
163 days ago

Ellen I write to you as a husband that is watching this horrible story in West Allis, WI. Stacie Napoli a former solider, detective, and mother of twins passed away due to complications at child birth. I do not know these people, but as a husband with a wife who is pregnant with our 2nd child I would be lost if something ever happened to her. I am not afraid to say I watch your show when I can if I get off work early and I see all the great things you and Shutterfly do for people in need. Im not sure how you can help, maybe some sweet onesies for a good laugh because im sure there are not many smiles at this time or just a mention on your show and let the EllenCrazys take over :-) not sure if this link works but im sure you can figure out it out or use Google.

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164 days ago

Dear Ellen! I write to you today to tell you about my dearest friend (Diane)that has MS. She's been living with MS for over 20 years. she is now 56. We have been friends forever (mid twenties). I usually have dinner with her every 2 weeks. But not since she development a sore on her buttocks. Now she is bedridden. cannot put any pressure on the bed sore. the bed sore is so deep, the Doctor can almost touch her bone. Did I mention, she cannot get out of bed on her own and has a bag to do her business. This lying down 24/7 is making her weaker and weaker. Before this happened, she finally started renovating the house she shares with her common law husband. They finished one room (bathroom). they had no choice because there was no other working shower in the house. The main room, has no walls or ceiling and the kitchen is a total mess. Can't see the counter with all the stuff all of the place. Let's just saw that her common husband has no organizing of cleaning skills. Everything is so dirty. I worry about her hygiene. she has a nurse that comes by every day to administer antibiotics. I think you can make out a mental picture of her situation. I tried helping with the renovations. Worriying about people and contractors taking advantage or leaving her alone and helpless with strangers in the house. I had a friend that new a master electrician. He offered to come and assess the situation and provide an estimate but when the time came to do it ...he said he was to busy. She should be in a clean and zen environment. Instead she is in a house that is literally falling apart. can you help? desperate from Quebec, Canada to give her bestfriend a beautiful everyone for the remaining time she may have on this earth. Help please! Aline xo

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Pamala Hughes
166 days ago

Dear Ellen I watch your show everyday and I saw how the cousins fixed up a house so I thought I would tell you my story. I am a mother of a 40 yr old son William who is in need of a liver transplant, he is on a list however they would like a live liver donor, which we are waiting for his sister Jennifer to see if she is a match which she will be tested for this week. However I am a paraplegic and have just went through breast cancer and I have one more surgery and then maybe I can get to Chester, va where William lives, I live in massena, ny and have not been able to see my son and his family , his wife Kristen and 3 children, Allison age 11, Natalie age 9 and Ian age 2 for a year now. However I am writing because they bought a home from an estate sale which is still dated in the 1970's if you no what I mean. William planned on remodeling , which is impossible because he can't left heavy items and he has so many hospital and doctor bills. I would love it if you could get there remodeled so I can stay with during his surgery and be able stay with them not in a hotel. I usually only visit for 4 days because of the expense and I am on ssi. William would be so excited to get his home finally finished, I just know he would. This would mean so much to me also Ellen just knowing I was able to help them in some way by submitting the letter. Thanks for letting me go on and god bless you, Ellen

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Jenessa Moore
169 days ago

Hi Ellen my name is Jenessa and I am writing you because of my best friend. Her name is Alexis 20 years old and she has a wonderful heart. She always helps people even when they don't deserve it. She always says "Deep down there is the best in everyone" but I am glad to have her apart of my life. So I would like to do a good deed for her and tell the world how much of a wonderful woman she is and always will be. Alexis Villegas is her name and she has gotten some terrible news brought to her and her lovely family. First off she is a mother of 2 wonderful children and loves them to death. She moved to Texas this past summer and had to return back to this awful place we call home Saginaw, MI. She had to have emergency surgery to get her appendix removed and she didn't have insurance. After she had surgery she returned for a check up and they found a problem with her breasts. They then told her that she had breast cancer and she couldn't afford it or handle this on her own. So she made a brave decision and came back spending her Christmas on a train back home from Texas to Michigan for 2 days. She is a strong woman and believes that God wouldn't have done this unless he knew she couldn't handle it just like her children. No matter how badly people treat her she treats them with kindness and never talks about her cancer because of the fact that she doesn't like people to she her sadness in her eyes. She was doing so well in Texas working 2 jobs taking care of her children and came back to Michigan with/to nothing, no job or no money. She is now living at her parents in a four bedroom house with her kids, parents, fiance, and 2 sisters that are expecting and is struggling financially and unhappy. I wish that I could help her but I can not. All I know is that I don't want my friend to worry about money and just be happy again. Although she does not show fear or sadness I know that she is. I love her so much and hope to God that you will see this and meet/help her, her fiance (Andre) and wonderful 2 children (Layla 3 and Maurice 2). She loves you and watches your show every day. I just want my friend to feel hope and happiness again and you too would love and see how wonderful she is.
Thank you and I hope you can read this and find the goodness in your heart to help.

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171 days ago

dear ellen,

thankyou for giving us all hope and for inspiring. my neighbor has an amazing big heart for animals the same way you do. he feeds stray cats everyday and has been cited for feeding a large amount from our block. however that does not stop him..he continues to care for them. recently he and his family have been kicked out of the home theyre renting by his sister in law. he has 3 weeks to find a home but has not found one. unable to work to due a back injury; his wife is doing all she can. this family needs hope.

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