Adoptable Pets of the Week


Roady loves to run and play. Happy and excited to see his friends, he'll sometimes jump up to say hello. But with strangers, he's calm and friendly. A little nervous with other dogs at first, he listens well and gets along fine once the ice is broken.

Born in 2010, he's in good health. Found as a stray, he's eager to find a home.

Could Roady come over to your house to play, and stay forever?


Annette is the cutest little chatterbox! She'll talk up a blue streak while following you around. Like all youngsters (she was just born in July 2011), she has important stuff to say! At just three months old, Annette was found under a bush. No mom was in sight, so she came to Best Friends, where she quickly became a favorite.

For a little one with no maternal influence, she has great kitty manners, getting along well with other cats. When she's not talking your ear off, she loves to run and climb. She's still learning how to properly use her claws. While they are handy for climbing, she's still figuring out they aren't good for people.

And according to cat staff, Annette is the little character in this video posted on Best Friends Animal Society – Cat World Facebook page of a brown tabby playing in water!

Annette is feline leukemia positive, but she can live a wonderful life if you will help her. All you have to do is give her a loving home. What do you say?

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