Adoptable Pets of the Week

This holiday season, when you adopt a kitty from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, your new cat gets a free ride to your hometown. But hurry, space is limited! Crate and air travel are free for the first 30 cats who get adopted. Application must be received by December 21st. Adoption fees still apply, except for “experienced” dogs and cats age 8 or older -- adoption fees are waived for senior sweeties through the end of the year!! 



The first things you'll notice about Elf are his beautiful, light blue eyes. And they're easy to spot, since he likes to look right at you.

In fact, this dashing youngster (born 2005) is one cool cucumber. He's in a new environment, making new kitty friends and meeting new people... and he seems to be taking it in stride. It's a good thing Elf is so well-adjusted, because the poor guy's been bounced around a lot. He was rescued from a hoarding situation in Pahrump, Nevada. Who knows where he was before that? But since then, he's traveled among a couple different rescues.

Even though he's grateful for their help, Elf would love to be done with temporary homes. A forever home is what he longs for. He'd be fine with other cats. And he's perfectly healthy. He does seem to prefer hanging with the fellas to cuddling with the ladies. But he's nice to everyone.

Elf would love to make one final move. Can he move into your place?



This mellow, pretty girl was only skin and bones when she was picked up as a stray and brought to Best Friends. She must've had a home once because she's wonderful on sleepovers, knows the command for “sit” (and is learning “down”) and likes to play with toys. But somehow, she ended up all by herself with nobody to take care of her for far too long. 

Jingles loves to eat! She's known around Dogtown as a “chow hound” and has gained back some of her weight. Born in 2007, Jingles is friendly and easy to greet. But after all the poking and prodding she's endured, she does not like going to the vet! 

Generally good with other dogs, Jingles sometimes gets too excited playing with them. If you already have a dog, Jingles will need to meet her new canine family members prior to adoption. Please contact our adoption team for details.  

Jingles is great with indoor cats. She knows who they are and doesn't want anything to do with them. If you have room in your heart and home for this sweet young belle, please give Jingles a ring!

Best Friends adopts to all of the United States and Canada. Please contact Best Friends Animal Society right here. See all the animals that need homes at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.