See All the Winners from Day 12 of 12 Days!

All of these home viewers won all the prizes from Ellen's 12th day of 12 Days! They're going to have one fabulous vacation. Congratulations, all!
Joandra C. from California City, CA
Sara I. from Lake City, IA
Kimberly B. from Caledonia, OH
Erica P. from Atlanta, GA
Loretha M. from West Palm Beach, FL
Courtney B. from Fort Riley, KS
Shirley N. from Champlin, MN
Janet D. from Bergenfield, NJ
Jerry W. from Frankfort, IL
Aspen H. from Rio Rancho, NM

Don O. (@doneoett) from Henderson, NV

Tammy P. from Columbia Falls, MT

Teah S. (armysoliderprincess) from Eaton Rapids, MI