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If you know someone who has performed an act of kindness, tell us about it! Is this a person who is struggling financially that helped someone else in need? If their actions moved you, we want to hear about it. Tell us what they did and why they could also use some help, right here.

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Rachel Bachmann
152 days ago

Dear Ellen,
my name is Rachel Bachmann, I am 12 years old,and I have the most understanding, loving, and caring mother in the entire universe. She does everything in her power to make me happy, so I was hoping you could help me make her happy. she works 24/7 around the house, cooking, cleaning, and simply loving me. She doesn't have a job, and were living on her savings, which are running out. It brings a tear to my eye when I think about how much she cares and loves me, and does everything for me, but no one does that for her. She sat me down once and told me all her dreams. Having a car, a nice house, and well... money. An act of kindness? More like a lifetime of kindness. Please Ellen, help me see that beautiful smile again.

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153 days ago

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Shelly Holmes
154 days ago

Dear Ellen,

I am sure by now you have heard of the dangerous fad called "neknominations"? This is where a person (mostly kids) are nominated to make a video of themselves drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in different scenarios. Several people have died from this already.
My son was "neknommed" this week. His name is Lucas and he is 15 years old. Lucas made a video of himself, declining the drinking aspect of it and instead explained that he was going to be donating money to the Make A Wish Foundation, specifically to Tysen's Mission to a Million.
Tysen's mission is to raise a million dollars to help fulfill the wishes of 100 kids thru Make A Wish. Tysen had his wish granted and now he wants to pay it forward.
Lucas heard about Tysen and decided that instead of doing something stupid, he would do something positive and try to make a difference. Lucas made a video, posted it on his Facebook. The feedback has been very positive, mostly from his peers. Lucas also posted the link to Tysen's website so others would learn about Tysen's mission.
Lucas is hoping that other kids who are neknommed will make the right choice, cause as he states in the video, not all kids have the opportunity to make choices in life, many are made for them.
I have include the link to the YouTube video of Lucas which is posted on Tysen's website.
I hope that this will find a way to you or be posted on your site. It just a little something that could help save someone's life and make another's wish come true.

Thank you

Shelly Holmes

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linda stoddard
154 days ago

Love your show Helen,
I've been wondering if you have any pull with the United States Air Force. My BIG BROTHER (HERO)SRG. Randy Dale Stoddard is stationed in Oklahoma and in the last 40 years since 1974 I could count on both hands with a few fingers left over how many times I've seen my 6ft. 6in. Big Bro. My sons only know their Uncle Randy by name and my 6 adoring grand-children have never meet him and/or vice-versia. He has been treated for colon-cancer and I want just a day with my brother at Disnyland. My calender is open. I've ordered tickets to your show for April 8th, my daughter-in-law, grand-daughter, and myself are planing a trip to Disney at that time.
Thank you Helen for making my laugh, Lonesome for Big Brother Linda Stoddard. 2-20-14

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Brooke Gallo
154 days ago

Dear, Ellen you are an inspiration to me and all my friends you encourage everyone to be just like you. I am writing to you about my friend Gina Marconi she is also an inspiration. At our school there is a special needs boy that she saw sitting by himself, so she invited him to come play with us and everyday me and Gina would teach the boy different things.Like one day we taught him how to jump rope,another day we taught him how to count and Gina kept on encouraging the boy to do more things so he can find friends on his own. The boy became more social than ever before. Now we are in middle school and we see him sometimes and he remembers Gina and I.

sincerely, Brooke Gallo

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Sean Blake
156 days ago

Hello Ellen,

I would like to share a photography project I working on, it's titled "The Untitled Chair Project". It's for a great cause, raising awareness for the need of registered bone marrow donors on an international level. It's a unique photography series about people within varying environments with the common element of one ordinary chair. The project is being shot entirely with a Diana F+ (plastic camera) with an instant (Polaroid) back.

As participants are photographed for the project, I'm asking them to add their signature to the chair. Signing the chair represents a commitment to sharing the project and informing others of the need for registered bone marrow donors.

In 1996, a close and dear friend, Doug Dietze, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Doug began chemotherapy and radiation to battle the disease, but he also needed a bone marrow transplant if he had any hope of survival. Fortunately, the donor search didn’t take long as Doug’s
two younger sisters were potential candidates. During the test procedures, one sister found out she was with child and unable to donate –but the other was a match. Several weeks later, the transplant was successfully completed.

Sadly, and despite everyone’s best efforts, a few short months later we lost Doug. I silently promised Doug that his fight would not have been in vain. I still believe the bone marrow transplant was his best chance at survival; a chance everyone should be able to have. Now, here I am seventeen years later
as a father, photographer and artist in beautiful Dubai, working to make that silent promise audible through The Untitled Chair Project.

Please watch the intro video on the blog.

If I may answer any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

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156 days ago

hi Ellen! hello everyone I'm reaching out to everyone. my beloved uncle Oscar just past away on valentines day. my famLily is crying out for help to give I'm a proper burial. he was loved by many his heart was gold. thank you for taking the time to read my post.

sincerely:the espinoza family

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Howard Mayrant
156 days ago

Hi Ellen! I want to tell you about one of the most dedicated moms in the world! Dolores Hawkes has been caregiver to our cerebral palsy daughter, Paige, for over 40 years. I’m Paige’s daddy, Howard. Dolores and I have been divorced for 35 years and she remarried, but her husband has died of cancer. Dolores and I married in ’62 and Paige was born in ’72 at only 2 pounds. Her life was saved using pure oxygen but it left her with severe brain damage (cerebral palsy) and blindness! Our lives were never the same! Paige will never walk or be able to use her limbs (she can’t even sit up)! However, she does have excellent hearing! As a musician, I taught her to understand the world around her through sound. Paige is a ‘music savant’ and can hum every note of any song after hearing it only once! Dolores and I divorced in ’82 but have stayed friends because of the mutual love we have for Paige! Dolores has dedicated her life to Paige! Even though we divorced, I’ve never missed a child support payment and keep Paige every other weekend! Paige is as big as Dolores now but Dolores still lifts her into her wheelchair every morning to go to her special-needs school. Dolores has fought off heart problems but her dedication will always be for the care and protection of Paige. Dolores is Paige’s entire world! What could really help Dolores the most in her lifelong devotion to Paige … is a new lift-gate van. She never asks for anything… so I’m asking for her! She’s a true inspiration to all mothers of handicapped children! She’s totally AMAZING! Howard Mayrant

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Justin Heitman
159 days ago

Breast cancer awareness national hero!! This man is an absolute legend!! Much of Australia has followed Samuel Johnson on his pursuit to raise awareness for breast cancer as he has pedalled his way around Australia on a Unicycle!!!!! His sister is fighting terminal cancer and wasnt expected to last until he made it home, but she has and she was there at the finish line to great him. Its one of the most emotional moments I have ever experienced. I guess I dont need to write too much as his story is available online. I dont know Sam but I do know his journey has been inspirational and so heart felt. I hope you get to take the time to see read up on his amazing story and his love of his sister. Oh and his campain was called 'Love your Sister' heres teh facebook link

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Wendy Newcombe
160 days ago

A friend of mine's daughter is trying to raise $10000 to donate to an orphanage in the Phillipines...if she accomplishes her goal (which i believe she will with the donations she is receiving in our community), she is going to wear a BURLAP DRESS to her graduation!

I think she's amazing and I think Ellen will think so too!

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Debra Osborne
161 days ago

My 12 year old granddaughter Brookelyn has begged her mother for the past year to join St. Baldricks. You raise money for Childrens Cancer and when you reach your goal they shave your head. Well, my daughter realized that she was serious and said yes. Brookely set her goal at $200.00 because she didn't think anyone would donate. She has $360....00 so far and is going to have all her beautiful black hair shaved off on March 15th at 10:00 am. She has such a big heart and I am so proud. I worry that kids will make fun of her after her hair is shaved but this is what she wants.

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Jenessa Moore
162 days ago

Hi Ellen,
My name is Jenessa and I am writing you because of my best friend. Her name is Alexis 20 years old and she has a wonderful heart. She always helps people even when they don't deserve it. She always says "Deep down there is the best in everyone" but I am glad to have her apart of my life. So I would like to do a good deed for her and tell the world how much of a wonderful woman she is and always will be. Alexis Villegas is her name and she has gotten some terrible news brought to her and her lovely family. First off she is a mother of 2 wonderful children and loves them to death. She moved to Texas this past summer and had to return back to this awful place we call home Saginaw, MI. She had to have emergency surgery to get her appendix removed, it was simply life or death only because her appendix were so inflamed and the Doctors told her they were very surprised that it didn't burst and if they did she wouldn't be here today. She didn't have any insurance and is so stressed about the bills. After she had surgery she returned for a check up and they found lumps in her breast. They then told her that she had breast cancer and the cost of treatment. She couldn't afford it or handle this with her pay. She made a brave decision and came back spending her Christmas on a train back home from Texas to Michigan for 2 days. I remember her calling me and telling me that she ad to come back and the reason why and I was crushed. She is a strong woman and believes that God wouldn't have done this unless he knew she couldn't handle it just like her children. No matter how badly people treat her she treats them with kindness and never talks about her cancer because of the fact that she doesn't like people to she her sadness in her eyes. She was doing so well in Texas working 2 jobs taking care of her children and came back to Michigan with/to nothing, no job or no money. She is now living at her parents in a four bedroom house with her kids, parents, fiance, and 2 sisters that are expecting. Its so crowded and they need their own place. I wish that I could help her but I can not. All I know is that I don't want my friend to worry about money and just be happy again. Although she does not show fear or sadness I know that she is and her and her fiance are trying so hard to find jobs. I love her so much and hope to God that you will see this and meet/help her, her fiance (Andre) and wonderful 2 children (Layla 3 and Maurice 2). She loves you and watches your show every day. I just want my friend to feel hope and happiness again and you too would love and see how wonderful she is. I am just scared for her children and fiance if they lost the best mother that I know/fiance.
Thank you and I hope you can read this and find the goodness in your heart to help.

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Christina Binius
164 days ago

I love doing RAK!! I try to do something once a week. Like when I'm standing in line at a store and the person in front of me comes up short or if they are looking for change. I will pay what they can't. Or one time I was going threw the drive thru at our local fast food restaurant and noticed while I was paying for my order a police officer was ordering behind me. So I paid for his order too :) but the best part of this one...he then in turn paid for the lady behind him! It felt sooo amazing that he kept it going!! Then there was a moment when i was sitting waiting on our vet. and couldn't help but over hear the secratary who was on the phone with a person who couldn't afford their medication for their pet. I asked her how much was she needing for her medicine. She only needed a couple of dollars, so I told the secratary to just put it on my bill. The lady on the phone started crying and the secratary couldn't believe I did that. But that's what I enjoy doing, things for those that would never expect it. It makes the heart feel good!!!

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Frank Walter
164 days ago

Dear Ellen,

My name is Francis Ouellette and I would just like to mention first and foremost how much I love your show. You are an inspiring person in so many ways. Whenever I watch your show, I am happy, even if everything around me isnt as much. I am a 22 year old, in 3rd year student of International Development enrolled at the University of Ottawa. Ever since my 1st year at the university, I have gone through many financial and familial difficulties, which all had negative impacts on my academic performances. This text will explain my situation as well as give insight on my future goals.

When I was 2 years old, my parents filed for a divorce. These cir***stances also involved my father losing his full-time job as a Director for Radio-Canada and eventually filling for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy. My father lost everything and ended up living with his parents, even to this day. My parents had never really put money aside for my sister and I to eventually obtain post-secondary education and in 2010, the year I finished CEGEP, something happened in our family that changed everything. My mother had gone through a severe depression when she found out that my Grand-mother (her mother), had given away all of her life savings (worth 200,000$) to a priest who was abusing her financially as well as psychologically. A police investigation on the matter led to nothing since my grand-mother had consented to willingly give this money to the priest. This money was supposed to help my mother make renovations on the house as well as funding for me and my sister’s post-secondary education. With my mother having to leave work in order for her to cope with the situation, she had to sell the house and move in a smaller apartment with my sister. There were only 2 rooms in the apartment and I now needed to find myself a new home. This was a very confusing time for me, since I had not planned to move out at such a young age, and especially not before having completed a university degree. I eventually had no other choice but to move in a new apartment with my friend Kevin. I was now living by myself, had no money, no job, as well as wanting to go to school so badly. I ended up finding small odd jobs here and there and enrolled myself as a full-time student at the University of Ottawa in International Development. During that year I worked 3 jobs as well as going to school and paying all my bills which included rent, food, transport etc. I was so stressed out that it made me sick from time to time. My grades reflected exactly on this situation I was in and even if I did pass all of my courses, it was with a minimum average of 65%.

I lived like this for 3 years, sometimes even losing jobs due to seasonal cutbacks and as of 2012, I was in debt of 20,000$ for educational and living expenses and it was at that point that I lost my job working at National Bank as a teller. I had to quit University and try to find a job. In February of 2012, I got a job at the Videotron Call Center in Gatineau, and really liked it. My main objective was to work there, pay off my debts and save enough money to go back to the University. After 1 year of working there, I started being sick. The stress of everything had taken its toll on me and I got a doctors approval to take a medical leave of absence to help cope with this severe anxiety. Shortly after, the bills had once again caught back to me and I saw myself once again needing desperate help. In 2013, after talking over the situation with my Trustee I filed a Consumer Proposal, which is a form of personal bankruptcy. This proposal would ultimately reduce my overall debt from 25,000$ to 6,000$.

So here I am today, a part-time student at the University of Ottawa in International Development and with 5,60...0$ left to pay on my consumer proposal. I also have a Quebec Student Loan through the Caisse Populaire Desjardins of 5,500$. I am living in an apartment in the Aylmer sector of Gatineau and am working at Videotron. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a part of something greater, something exciting. I want to travel, explore the world and try to enrich the lives of others who are much less fortunate than I ever was. I want to promote human rights and diplomatic practices to make this world a better place for all. I have gone through much hardship so far in my life but I’m still here and ready to fight; fight for my education, my rights and to prove to my parents what I was capable of achieving all this time. With all of this said, I still have 1 more year left in order to obtain my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Ottawa. Even though it is hard for me to admit, I need major help. I will not be able to pay off my current debt as well as returning to school to complete my last year of education without any help. Time is a pressing factor for me, the more time I have, the more difficult it is for me save money and get out of this mess. Some of my friends always tell me I’m crazy for what I’m doing, but I always remind them that I am fighting, fighting for my education and my personal pursuit of success. It wasn’t easy getting to this point (my last year of University), but I’m still here standing.

I am no longer eligible for any loans (even government-issued) because I filed for bankruptcy; my parents will not help me. The only way for me to finally move on to a full-time career working internationally is for me to obtain some type of bursary. If ever I were to obtain a bursary of 20,000$, I would pay off my consumer proposal (4,500), pay off my government student loan (5,500) and use the extra 10,000$ to pay for my last year of university (5,000$) as a full-time student and help me pay for extra living expenses (5,000$). I would finally have the time, energy and motivation to successfully complete my last year of study. If I were to get 20,000$ to help me get out of this vicious cycle, I would surely not disappoint the people who have put their trust in me.

If only once, miracles really did happen…
Thank you for your time,

Francis Ouellette

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Askaniel "Edyn" Toussainte
164 days ago

Dear Ellen,

You bring so much light and love and laughter in my life daily, even when it's a bad day.You are truly inspiring.And like you, a friend of mine,from facebook-never met- also shares so much light and Love and positivity even when she's going through major dilemmas of her own.My friend Andrea aka Bunny Howe is one of the strongest most beautiful souls I've ever met.She, despite having lost a ton of weight from MS, she still raises her two teenage sons and is a great mom to them.As well as Being crafty around her house to save money and still finding time to send light and love to people, just like you do.At a time when I needed a pick me up, she made with her own hands a beautiful wooden box and sent me a beautiful necklace, even though her finances are not well.And being from Minnetonka Minnesota, the cold winter is hard.Yet she still does wonderful things for her children and seemingly total strangers who are friends in spirit via Facebook. I know you sometimes help people in hard times.Bunny is so strong and independent, but loving the light she shares, I thought i would share My love of this Angel who I know u will love - Love your show and your inspiration.
Edyn Toussainte

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