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If you know someone who has performed an act of kindness, tell us about it! Is this a person who is struggling financially that helped someone else in need? If their actions moved you, we want to hear about it. Tell us what they did and why they could also use some help, right here.

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Cristina Johr
147 days ago

Dear Ellen and Team,

I wanted to write you about my work with the cats from my steet but I saw a video from a young man who really deserves the help. His name is Rocky Braat. He is from USA and he is taking care of HIV infected and orphan children from India. They are very poor, sleeping on the floor and things like that. He is doing something big!!! Please tell Ellen about this man and his children, they need the help soon.
You can watch the video on
Thanks and please don`t forget to tell Ellen, I thak you all for the nice show.

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Cristina Johr
147 days ago

Dear Ellen and Team,

I wanted to write you first about my work with the cats from my street but I saw a video from a young man who really deserves your help. He is taking care of HIV infected children in India. His name is Rocky Braat from USA. They live very poor, they have not much, sleeping on the floor and things like that.
I beg you please, help this young man and his chidren (about 30). They could have a little more. He`s doing something really big. Please watch the video
They need some help!!! Thanks for the nice show.

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Jay Farris
147 days ago

Hi Ellen:
Know you won't probably be able to read this but we in Hendersonville, NC, have a family who works for the Blue Ridge Humane Society (a no-kill facility). Curtis and Mary's Ben had an unknown problem with his foot and was initially misdiagnosed as arthritis. Further tests at UC Medical Center found the growth was cancer and this 6-year old boy has to go regularly to UC Med. in Charlotte (at great expense) to have cehmo! The local paper ran the story on the front page "Post office delivers joy to boy with cancer" Times-News, Sunday March 2, 2014, page 1. Here is a link to the story. Thought you might be able to send Ben a card!
Many thanks from Jay and Debby in Hendersonville, devoted fans!

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Lora Goebel
148 days ago

I love that you are such a caring, giving person and that you are very sincere in what you believe. I also love the fact that you love music and dancing and incorporate that into your show.

I am writing this note to you about my father who I did not know until I was 19 years old. He has a beautiful heart just like you do and I wanted to share what he has done over the years with you. He had his own business for 23 years but unfortunately a take over bid cost him everything in 1994. During the time he had the business he helped out many people; 1) a young man came to interview for a job and after dad drove him home to a camp ground where he and his young family were sleeping in a tent (it was September), he gave the man a job, and rent/security deposit for a place to live. The man worked for him until dad lost the business and was a wonderful employee, 2)helped others who worked for him by helping to get a used car for someone when their car was dead, bought glasses, a burial site for one man and paid for his wife's rent for 3 months so she would not get thrown out when he passed while helping her to get a job, 3) made payments on a car for pastor for a year when his was breaking down and he could not visit his members at hospitals and nursing homes, 4)A 75 year old veterans sweetheart was critically ill and in a hospital 50 miles away and he furnished a vehicle and driver to take him to see her every weekend for a year until she passed, 5)had people take food to elderly that he knew were eating cat food, 6)he made a promise to an elderly lady that he rented a room from that he would be there for her always and he took care of her when they were in the same home, taking her to her doctors appointments (etc), then she went to a nursing home and her kids lived further away and did not visit often so he drove 30 miles every other day for 8 years to visit with her even when his 2001 car had seen the best of days.

I did not even know about most of these things that my dad had done until he told me recently and I am very proud of the man he is. I always knew he had a good heart because I saw how he was with the last elderly lady. He was diagnosed almost 12 years ago with pancreatic cancer. He had major surgery and survived miraculously. However the cancer has not allowed him to work and he is totally dependent on Social Security and cannot supplement his income. In November of this year he was diagnosed with terminal Lung Cancer and is currently receiving treatment. He is doing okay with the treatment thus far. He is devastated that he is losing his hair and we are now searching for a hairpiece that is affordable. His bills are piling up already from the medical co-pays. They say you should have a plan and my dad's plan right now is to golf this spring and summer (his obsession) but he is trying to work out a deal with the local golf course that he can pay his membership in increments. He lives by himself, and while he does have a woman friend who he talks to and sees on week-ends, he is mostly by himself. I am all the family that he has and he is becoming depressed and I worry about him and how long he will want to maintain receiving therapy as everything keeps piling up.

If you could provide any assistance to my wonderful dad it would be greatly appreciated. He really needs something to life his spirits right now. Even a phone call from you would thrill him and he thinks your great and watches your show every day.

Thank you for everything that you do and keep it up because it's nice to see good things on top of all the bad that is out there. We need some inspiration daily.

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Eriberth Perez
149 days ago

Hi Ellen... I need to say that I spent months trying to think what should I write you about and every time that I sit to write you about me, my kids or my wife I always stop and move on because I feel that other people in this world deserve to be in front of us because I know they may have more difficult problems and needs than us. I came to this country 15 years ago and I being working very hard to achieve the american dream (Not easy thing to do) but we still working to pursuit our dreams. Today, I was driving home and I was thinking about what to write you again and of course I was trying to think about what my kids or my wife deserve that I can't provide and something come to my mind that I feel is more respectful and honest to write. I need to ask you for my country VENEZUELA!!! this land gave me everything: my culture, my family, my first steps, my first dreams and gave me the opportunity to be proud of who I am and where I come from. When I see the current situation of the people that is there I feel terrible because I know they deserve better and I can't do much to help. They love and dream as me and as my family here but the difference is that they don't have the true freedom that we enjoy in this country. Right now very few important people talk, care or step ahead to support them in other countries. Nobody do anything or say anything from other countries to support the right to be a human being with dignity and respect in our land. My kids here has freedom and they have opportunities but what about all those kids over there that need the same support, the same chances? Tomorrow you will be hosting the Oscars and this event maybe is not the right place to talk about my country, the one is suffering in this moment with violence and repression because people in the government do not have the capability to manage a free country and they don't allow their own people to achieve their dreams with their own effort, creativity and work. Maybe you will never see this letter but I need to believe and do something for my country and for others. We need people as you that can speak about the human rights not only for the USA community but also for the world. I don't expect a speech from you about VENEZUELA's situation; but I know that you ingenious way to be can lead you to the right approach that can show the world that we in VENEZUELA are supported by the world community that care about others and I know you and your show this is all about: ABOUT OTHERS HAPPINESS. Please help me to share this message to the world so people look to help VENEZUELA in this crucial moment. Every day in your show you change people life, inspire them, support them, etc. Tomorrow if you remember about our country you can change the life of millions of people that are suffering over there in this moment. Thanks for everything you do for others; I hope someday I can write about me and my family and our dreams but for now I prefer that you give the chance and a gift of support to my fellow people in my country. They need this, they deserve this! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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Sue Doe
150 days ago


Dear Ellen,

I have a story to share with you about my wonderful son Adam.
Adam has always been a good kid, he is 25 and a hard worker, he loves kids, animals and is very good with people, he is a people person.
He loves sports, cars, he is into drag racing, likes to fish and hunt and all of those kinds of things, he has always been a very enrgentic person. His father (Charlie) and I have always been proud of him, he is the type of person who is always willing to help someone in need whether he knows them or not, he is a good listener and is always there for his friends whenever they need him. He is great with children and the elderly, he is very close to his 91 year old grandfather, Charlie Doe.
Adam works for a local moving company (Moorse Allied Moving) here in Traverse City Michigan where we live, he was sent to Tennessee this past monday on a moving job. He travels a lot for his job and he loves it, he loves the people he meets in the different states and towns he gets to travel to. This trip to Tennessee that started on Monday 2/24/14 has turned out to be an experience he will never ever forget. On wednesday 2/26/14 when Adam and his coworker arrived in Tennessee and checked into the hotel they were staying at for the night, Adam met a young boy(corey, 7) and his mother (mary) who touched him deeply.
Adam wrote about his experience on facebook. When my husband and I came across his story and read it we were brought to tears, as were most people who read and commented on it. We could not be more proud of him and the man he has become. It is such a great feeling seeing your child has turned out to be such a wonderful caring man, We are so proud to be his parents.
At this time Adam has not heard if Corey has had his surgery yet or how it went.
We are are sending our prayers to Corey, may the good lord watch over him and his family. God bless them all
Thank you for taking the time to read this email, this is such a heart warming story i had to share it.
And since you are always doing nice things for other people I thought you would like to know when someone else does good for someone they just met.

Thank you
Sue Doe
Traverse City, Michigan

Here is Adam's facebook story

Adam Doe
February 26
I am lost for words, the last hour of my life was one of the most emotional, amazing, special moment i will never forget. This is gonna be a long one I'm sorry but its worth sharing. Memphis Tennessee is home to the Saint Judes childrens hospital as i just learned by a little Boy i will never ever forget! We had just checked into are room, i went down to the front dest and lobby to check things out. As i was standing in the lobby watching the tv and a mother and son, she was pushing in a wheelchair, he was very pale and looked weak and sick, She position him facing the tv in the lobby that i was also watching. I heard a soft voice say, "Hi I'm Corey i turn and saw the young boy. And responded, high corey I'm adam nice to meet you. He smiled. He asked me what are you at the hotel for. I said I'm here on work from Michigan bud. At this point coreys mother came over. Corey introduce me to Mary his mom. After i introduced myself. I asked corey why he was at the hotel. He responded.. i have a brain tumor and I'm tomorrow saints judes is gonna try and fix me... my heart dropped out my ass. I asked corey his age when he told me he was only 7 it tore me up inside. Holding more emotions in than words can even desribe his mother Mary asked me what i did and why it brought me here. When i responded i am a mover i move anything and everything for people anywhere. What happened next broke me down as a man, a human being, and potential father. Corey couldn't have replied any faster, mom mom you hear that he can move anything he can bring me my trains to heaven...... I'm not ashamed my eyes instantly watered i hugged him and started to cry and promised that little boy i would absolutely bring him his trains... Corey you are the strongest kid i have ever met and i will always remeber you.

Adam Doe
20 hours ago
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read these storys about my encounter with this amazing little boy who is batting for his life at 7 years old. As short as it was, it is something ill carry in my memory and heart for the reast of my life. I was lucky enough to see coreys mother Mary this morning at the breakfast area. I gave her my Phone number and. Told her it would really be appreciated if after this is he is done with treatment if she would let corey call me, that i would love to keep in touch. She started to cry. I cant even begin to fathom what this parent is going through. I wanted to give corey something special that i randomly grabbed before i left on this trip. I asked mary if she would give corey a picture of a cardinal, i carry in my wallet in memory of my grandma. I asked mary to give it to corey and tell him the bird in the picture is an angle, and she will always be there by his side. And that it had special powers. His imagination will go from there.... I will never for get the night of February 26, 2014. And ill never forget the little boy who change my outlook on everything in life in just 10 minutes. I wish i could have gave it to corey personally but unfortunately he was still asleep and we had to leave

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Sharona M
151 days ago

Dear Ellen , I'm a 20 yr old student that is living in New Zealand in a wee town called Timaru, I have an amazing mother that has been a single mum of 3 for the last 20 years , I had an older sister Jess , who was my mums first baby , they had obviously had a great bond as being her first baby , on march 3rd 2010 Jess committed suicide at the age of 18 :( just over 2 months after her friend committed the same act , she was part of a "cluster" of teens that died of suicide between 2009 and 2010 . I lost 9 friends in that " cluster" including Jess ,which has left a huge hole in my life . My mum didn't sleep for a week just waiting for Jess to come home , eventually she started taking pills to help her get through the pain . Mum lost her job because of her depression and as that was the only income we struggled but she managed to keep food on the table for me and my little brother even if that meant she didn't eat . We never thought things could get worse until someone stole her the only money she had left ($400) from her account which meant we couldn't pay rent so we lost our house . We had to move into another family members house for 4 months until mum and I found a job to pay some rent . We a finally in our own wee house but it's very expensive , we still struggle day to day to pay rent and get decent food in our bellys. We obviously aren't the only ones struggling these days but my mum to me has tried her very best with all these obstacles thrown in her way and I would love to win the lotto one day and buy her lots of nice things including a nice warm house with no mortgage to pay so she can atleast wake up every morning knowing everything will be alright ! P.s we watch you everyday and the things you do to help all those amazing people that also struggle with their own battles whatever they may be is just wonderful to watch , hope there's an angel like you out there somewhere that can help me get my mum her own house one day . Thank you for reading my story :)

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Michael Little
151 days ago

Dear Ellen:my wife has to be a gift from heaven or god has sent an angel to me.For the past 4yrs she has been a nurse, a friend,a shoulder to lean on an my support.this lady has a wonderful spirit an I don't know what I would have done without her, you see Ellen I had major back surgery in 09 an could not do a thing for myself thank god we had just started living together, because without her I would not have made it this far,You see this lady done everything for me even the unthinkable without ever saying this is to much for me,she has been my rock for that I'm very thankful.So I figured this has to be gods work, I never question why or how she managed to keep the home up an running without my help, on top of the bills,her job and the stress I put on her because of the constant pain I have so I prayed for a fast recovery, an that god keep her in my life . guess what she agreed to be my wife, that's where I need help,because of our reduced income we have never been on a honeymoon an she deserves one.So please if you can help it would be greatly appreciated.I found my soul mate, and I am better because of her caring heart.we live in Marietta PA,she has never been out of the state for any type of vacation, an you could change that for her,so if you find it in your heart to surprise her it would be so great, and I'll do what ever it takes to make it happen. Your biggest man fan.thanks Ellen you rock,lets dance together.

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Karen Parsons
151 days ago

Dear Ms. DeGeneres,

I really do not know any other way to get help anymore. My credit is not good because of many illnesses in my family. Right now my husband is in a nursing home and I want to be able to bring him home. In order to do this I needed him to be able to walk again, at least to transfer from bed to potty. I no longer have the strength to clean him myself. If he had determination to learn to walk (again as he was down this road before) then he would learn. This leads to our only argument in the last few months as he believes he is walking already.

Twice now I visited him where he had some brain episodes that I had an ambulance come get him. The caregivers and/or nurses would not have noticed until it might have been too late. The second episode made him choke on his lunch and I had to clear his airway myself. I fear everyday that something may happen to him. He does not remember to use his emergency call button. I want him home where I could watch him 24/7. I cannot do this in our apartment.

My husband never used his VA loan. He served in the Navy in the early 70s and is service connected disabled, totally disabled since 2002. Since before that time I tried so hard to keep our family afloat by working 2 jobs and being a seller on eBay when I could. I have two sons that I hardly saw grow up. We did not know my husbands disability would have been covered by the VA until 2007. Financially we kept going down hill. It was pay a bill or feed the family. Guess which won out. Interest rates kept climbing and talking to the companies and explaining our cir***stances fell on deaf ears. Ever since then every credit card has a higher interest rate and the amount owed has grown by several thousand dollars. Even buying a family car we get hit with a higher interest rate. I pay over $60...0 a month because of interest rates for a car that would have cost me probably $200 a month had my credit remained great.

My husband had his first of 4 back surgeries in September 1995 just 2 weeks before my 10 year old son had brain surgery for a cancerous tumor. We had a baby as well in 1994. Kevin, my husband, spent months at a time unable to work but always went back. Then he wound up having 5 neck surgeries and was finally told he should not work anymore. Not only couldn't he work, he couldn't fish with his sons or play ball. Forget about mowing the lawn or walking the dog. He felt useless and I tried so hard to make him feel needed.

Rather than foreclosing on our Florida home we sold it for less than the market value. We still miss our home. We moved to Texas to be near his oldest son and his family. We are now estranged from them. Long story.

We are living in a 3 bedroom apartment which they have raised the rent each year. We can no longer afford it. I stopped working when my husband came home from the nursing home the first time, in 2012. First it was on FMLA and when I went back I worked a few more months, at part time, until I realized he needed me too much. I have since been diagnosed with uncontrolled diabetes (much having to do with stress), a form of PTSD, chronic depression, caregiver burnout, osteoarthritis and fibro. It is difficult to even get out of bed sometimes much less clean my husband several times a day. I also take care of my oldest son, Andrew, who was the one that had the cancer. At the age of 25 he had many TIAs and then a couple of mild strokes and seizures. He has dementia and the arteries in his brain are of a 65 year old. He is extremely bright but quite slow and needs to be reminded about doing everything. He needs me home as well.

Well, here is the rub. My husband has the income needed for a mortgage but not the credit score because he has not had any credit for a long time and still has many medical bills in collection from before being fully covered by VA and a few after with hospitals that did not let us use the VA as a secondary insurance. I have built my credit rating and now it is dropping again with each bill we get that we have to juggle. Also, after working full time plus since the age of 17 (I am now 56), I cannot show 2 years of recent income so i cannot qualify for a mortgage. I even do mystery shopping to help feed us but cannot count on a certain dollar amount each month.

I really need help cleaning up my husbands credit so a house can be purchased so I can take him home and we could have room for a medical bed for him and maybe a Hoya, a device with a sling, to help me get him up and out of bed once in a while. We love Kevin very much. Although he is not Andrews biological father he was his hero, standing by him though all his troubles. We do not care how delusional he may be at times, we need to be with him to make his last years special.

As the parent that has had to take care of business the best I could for the last 19 years I am now in a position where I need help. I cannot pull us out of this one alone and I am humbled by asking for help to get his bills up to date.

I know how busy you are and I appreciate the time you took to read this. If you cannot help, I totally understand and will still love you anyway. Besides my husband and sons making me laugh, Kevin and I watch your show just to laugh and find our smiles again.

Very sincerely,
Karen Parsons

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Pamela Andre
151 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I not sure if you will see or get to read this, but I have to tell you about someone who is very tough. My niece, she is a loveing, caring, sweet girl and who loves animals. She got a rescue dog a few years ago, Murphy, an hound dog which was so sweet and she adored this dog. Something happen to the dog just resently with his temperment, she tried her best to find out what was happening to him and tried very hard to help him . But the other day going to work she bent down to kiss Murphy goodbye and the dog turned on her and bite her nose off, yes right off. There where able to put her nose back on which she wound up with 200 stitches. She will need plastic surgery down the road, she is a touch and strong girl. I want to do something special for her to show how much her family loves and will support her. Thank you Ellen for the laughs you send everyone as at the end of the day we need to smile.

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Amy Nguyen
152 days ago

Hi Ellen, you are so inspiring to me and sincerely moved me with your kindness and generosity. I cry every time I watch it on TV. Especially, when it comes to you helping the community weather it be with schools or families. You've inspired me to do something for my community. I am writing this email, in hope that maybe it will be picked up from one of your staff members. Please help my community in ending childrens' hunger. It is called "End 68 Hours of Hunger" is a private, not-for-profit, effort to confront the approximately 68 hours of hunger that some school children experience between the free lunch they receive in school on Friday afternoon and the free breakfast they receive in school on Monday morning. It is sad to me to know that these children have nothing to eat from the time they leave school on Friday until the Monday morning they return to school. I wish I was rich enough to feed all these hungry children, as a child I starved myself so I understand the feeling of being hungry and I shed tears as I write this letter to you as it brings back painful emotions. If you do read this, any food donation you can help with is always appreciated and will never be forgotten. Thank you so much Ellen!

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Meghan Lowry
153 days ago

As you will hosting the Oscars this coming Sunday, I ask that you make a push for a name to be added to the "In Memoriam" segment.

This Sunday as folks watch the 86th Oscar Academy Awards ceremony, honoring the best motion pictures of 2013, we'll be brought back to a moment of reflecting on the lives that made these motion pictures a reality as we watch through the scrolling names of the "In Memoriam" segment.

Lets remember Sarah Jones. Her recent tragic loss of life should be a reminder to never allow this to happen again on any film set. Please honor her beautiful young life, by adding her name to the "In Memoriam" segment.

Ellen, I know that you can't personally do this yourself because if you could... You would! I know you are capable of miracles. Please help us shed light on the beautiful life that was lost last week in Georgia.

Check out the Slates for Sarah facebook page that was created in helping to keep her memory alive...

Thank you!

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153 days ago

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maritza berrios
153 days ago

bullies i'm 50 years old and i'm being bullied at work by a 30 year old i emailed hr and nothing was done when she went to hit me with a car in the parking lot the company adv nothing they can do after months of abuse i stood up to my bully and got fired ---on top of that my unemployment was denied ---help me ellen i have no car and no cable i have to watch u on you tube big fan sincerly grandma maritza

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155 days ago

Hi Ellen! I will try and make this as short and sweet as possible but it may be hard when talking about such an amazing guy. His name is Mich Van Der Wal. (great stage name, right?)Anywho, he was my high school drama teacher at John Diefenbaker Secondary school in Ontario, Canada. Just thinking of how to describe him to you is making me tear up. I would not be the person I am today without him. You want selfless? This is the epitome right here. He gives everything for his students. Time, effort, thoughts... everything. On no budget due to the unfortunate reality of drama programs not being top priority. He teaches patience, creativeness and confidence because he cares. He does whatever he can to spread the joy of acting and creating because he believes in it. I grew as a person due to his guidance and I could never in hundred, billion years thank him enough. I have been out of school for 3 years now and what he put all his effort into still effects me to this day. It is time he was recognized for his ability to connect to students and the way he gives them the opportunity to embrace their creative side. Please, Ellen. To this day, all I want is to show him how thankful I am for what he has done. He truly is an amazing, caring, inspirational human being. Thank you for listening. -Haley Deeves.

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