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If you know someone who has performed an act of kindness, tell us about it! Is this a person who is struggling financially that helped someone else in need? If their actions moved you, we want to hear about it. Tell us what they did and why they could also use some help, right here.

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Lori Liles
223 days ago

I have a nine yr old who is bullied eceryday that at first she didnt want to even go to school but instead she wrote a play about it and how it makes you feel but they still have not let her do her play she gets bullied at church also she has a big heart and would do anything for anyone when i was pregnet with her they said there was no baby and a week later there was a heart beat then they said she would die a few hours fter birth but she is stll going strong i know she ishere for something special we say she is alot like taylor swift cause when he gets hurt she writes songs lol but god has put her here to make a difference im sure of that she is going to change peoples lives for the good

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Marsha Crowder
223 days ago

Dear Ellen, I am writing this on behalf of a young lady who has given of herself to help mentor young people who need help. I call her my adopted daughter. She has come to mean so much to me. Unfortunately, she lost her job due to no fault of her own. This has not been easy with her not having a lot of income. She allows others to stay at her home who have no where else to go. Debra also helps buy school supplies for a young man she mentored. Her goal in life is to help children who are in need both financially and also those who have behavior problems. Debra is one of the kindest sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure to know. She gives of herself and her funds even when she doesn't have the extra to spend.
Her home is always open to help those who need it. She is helping her nephew and his friend who were thrown out of his friends home by the friends mother's boyfriend. Se would give her last dime to help anyone. Debra also talks to many young people she had in a youth group she once taught at church. If they have a problem, they know Debra will be there to talk to and give guidance to as well as wisdom. She is so sweet and I'd love to see her be helped, as she has helped others. She may have to sell her home if she doesn't get a job soon. Debra has sent out over 100 resumes and is studying for her Masters degree. I would hate to see someone so wonderful as Debra is, lose her home. I would love to see her have supplies for those who can't afford them. Also, for her to have the money to help buy clothes and some to live on so she doesn't worry all the time. Debra is the most selfless person I know. I would appreciate it very much if you would consider her for being a hero! She always will be in my eyes.
Thank you,
Marsha Crowder

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224 days ago

I have a neighbor across the street from me who is relly going thru a hard time right now. He has 6 children, is disabled from accident that damaged both legs, and now his oldest child who is 13 has been diagnosed with leukemia and is going thru chemo treatments. Their church is helping them some but the needs are still big. Please add them to your prayer list and remember them and their needs. The family is Patrick and Sandra Fowler in Spartanburg, S.C.

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Linda  Thorstenson
224 days ago

Hello Ellen. We just love you so much. I want to thank you for what you do For Milton. He Just help's everyone in the town we live in. He was burn't over 70% of his body in 1998 , He also had Hodkin's in 2005 and then in 2010 he had a stroke and lost his speech. But he is the first one to help anyone. He is not suppose to out in the cold for more then 45 minutes but he will stay out all day helping a neighbor with thier well cause he was a well driller. If a Neighbor need's money which he does not have he will give him what he has. He does not ask for anything back. If they stop for a tool he will give it to them. He is very depressed the only time I see him smile or laugh it's when he is watching you. I want to Thank you form the bottom of my heart for the smile and laughter you give him oncen a day for 4 to 5. I love you so much Linda Thorstenson

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Crystal  Vicklund
224 days ago

I would like to have Ellen meet a wonderful family in my neighborhood. No matter the hardships that they endure ( Which it is a lot) they are able to open thier doors to thier hearts and home to help others. Jeff and Kelly Frye of Clearfield County Pa, are the most inspirational people I have met. Jeff is in the later stages of Cancer, they travel to New Jersey all the time for him to see his doctors, and at time they have to stay many days or weeks for his treatments and proceedures. This family is in charge of and helps out at the local church, and run the food bank. ( Some days Kelly forgets to even put her shoes on because she is in a hurry to get there. ) The most rewarding thing that this family does is open up thier home for trouble teens. Not only after they help them they stay connected to these children and follow these children throughout thiers lives for support. Jeff and Kelly have three of thier own children that are grown up. about a year ago, the one daughter was to be delievring a baby, but instead they laid her to rest. She is currenlty pregnant now with twins. I could go on and on about this family, I am saying you need to meet them. They are just so wonderful!

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224 days ago

Hello I am writing to tell you about my cousin she is a single parent to two beatiful six year old twins. She has had a very hard time these past few years she was divorced and then was unemployed for a year or more and as soon as she could get back on her feet and find a new job one of the twins was diagnosed with luekemia.She has two travel every week four hours one way to get the baby chemo treatments. Our church has taken donations the baby's school has sold bracelets to help in any way giving her the money to help her with trips back and forth. She has just been though so much and she never loses faith which is very inspiring. I pray that this baby beats this any help for her would be very kind at least some extra prayers sent up would be great. She is only 27 years old, single mom and is truly a inspiration to me.

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Marion Dopak
224 days ago

This story is about a VERY KIND person who happens to be my daughter. She moved out to L.A. recently to work at Whole Foods and she always is so very kind and helpful to everyone but today she told me about an incident which I think goes above and beyond a helpful situation. A young woman came into Whole Foods and asked how to get to the airport because she is from Australia and my daughter said "I can take you there". Actually they started to talk and the girl said I have to hang out at the airport because my flight doesn't leave for awhile. Well, my daughter said she can take her for a tour of the city so she can have a nice visit while in L.A. because she knows how it is to be in a new city and alone. Anyway, I just looked on my daughters facebook account and the girl responded with much thanks for such hospitable kindness from Michelle. Also, my daughter Michelle just adopted a little dog from a shelter and wanted to save all the dogs but of course that's sort of impossible but I think she's going back there today to adopt another one so her little "Nugget" can have a friend to be with while she is at work. Actually the two cats I have now are ones she saved many years ago. I just wanted to tell you about this act of kindness and yet I really could tell you many more things about her wonderful kindness to so many people. Maybe you can give her a call and just say how nice it is that people follow your good advice about "be kind to one another", because she sure does!
Marion from Chicago

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Rachel Jablonsky
224 days ago

Hi Ellen! I was watching the Today show this morning and saw this clip of a woman from Ohio who lost her parents when she was 18 and turned her life into helping children through her non profit charity organization Angels for Kids. She is absolutely amazing and I love her whole story. I would also Love to see her on your show! I think you would adore her and all that she has done to help children in need. Here is a link to her website . I'd love to see her on your show!

Thanks for all you do Ellen! Your show just came on so I'm going to watch it now and start my day off right! Love you!!

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Audrey Klein
225 days ago

Dear Ellen,
December 4 on the Facebook page "My Town Walla Walla" I received the following post....

"Last night, as my Son and I were leaving Taco Bell, we saw a man standing against the side of the building who looked kinda disheveled and very, very cold. He was wearing baggy, dirty, worn, old clothing, and was quite unkept in appearance. As we got into our car we saw another man walk out of Taco Bell who we'd seen eating inside when we were in there. He stopped and exchanged a few words with the man leaning against the building, then opened his car door, shut it, and walked back into Taco Bell. This made my Son and I curious, so we sat in our car and watched from across the parking lot. We waited and waited... my Son thought maybe the guy forgot something and had to go back in to get it, or had to go in to use the restroom or something. Finally he came back out carrying a bag of Taco Bell food. We watched him as he handed the food to the man outside, and without making any show of it - smiled, got in his car and left. And the man walked away with his warm dinner.

It didn't matter that the man who bought the food couldn't fix all the problems in the life of the man outside. He found out the man was hungry, and gave him something warm to eat. Sure, many of us would like to do grand-scale things to totally change the lives of such people, and that sometimes stops us from being IN THE MOMENT and doing what we can. But you know, that warm meal likely brought more than physical nourishment. The gift of knowing someone cares, even for a few moments in time, can spark a little more hope. And that CAN totally change a life. Every small act of Love carries great weight and multiplies. It just does.

Bob Finch, you really inspired us last night - when you didn't even know we were watching you. (And you didn't call to tell me about it or send me a message about it afterwards either.) My Son and I talked about what you did on the way home, and we drove in silence for a while - just thinking about what we'd witnessed. Thank you. We love you and respect you very much. I hope it's OK with you that I'm sharing this story. What you did when you thought nobody saw is a perfect example of a truly loving heart that gives without expectation. I think we saw a glimpse of "Christmas" last night that we won't soon forget.

Written by Lonna Chase Leno who saw Bob Finch do this random act of kindness. Thank you Lonna for sharing a truly heart warming true meaning of Christmas story and thank you Bob for being that person that we should all aspire to be."

And now to tell you "the rest of the story"....
Bob is currently going through some challenges of his own, recently divorced, he is Dad to 6 children, 5 of whom are adopted foster children, 2 with special needs. Although he no longer lives with them, he still maintains a close relationship with all of his children, even the ones grown and no longer living at home. Just last weekend he made a 5+ hour drive to support one daughter whose high school dance team was preforming in a state championship.
Bob is facing some challenges of his own, right now Bob is currently on Workman's Compensation due to a work injury, and his future work plans are pretty nebulous. So you see, it would have been very easy (even reasonable) for him to do nothing to help a cold hungry man, but that is not his character. He chose to help, when no one was looking, no one to recognize his generous spirit, just by doing "the right thing" because that was the “right” thing to do. At this time of year when there are so many in need, it is wonderful to know there are still men of character and compassion.....even when sharing a small monetary amount but a huge generous spirit.
Character is how we act and what we do when no one is watching!
Just thought you might enjoy the story.
A Very Proud Auntie,
Audrey Klein

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Ruth Machain
225 days ago

Dear Ellen, I would like to tell you about my daughter Lauren, who is a huge fan of yours. She is 26 and beautiful. She donated one of her kidneys five years ago and has health problems since then. She finished her last three years of college and received her BA. She was accepted into the masters program of the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. Ellen she has always put others ahead of herself, she took care of me when I overdosed on anxiety medicine in August, she put off starting school in September and October. She couldn't go home so she slept in her car with her two dogs and three cats. She has since saved another from being euthanized. While I was in the hospital my husband took all the money out of the bank accounts. I filed for divorce in mid August and it has just drug on and on. She has been helping me sort things out, encouraged me to take online courses so that I can get a good job. I have been a stay-at-home mom for 18 years. In the midst of all of this she was diagnosed with a seizure disorder in February of 2013. She has had so many setbacks but yet she keeps going. Her one wish is to relocate to California and pursue her MFA. One of the first things she wants to do is see your show, she has so much respect and admiration for all the wonderful things you do.
She is such a wonderful person, she always sees the good in everyone, but has never been on the receiving end. Just last week she put her last dollar in the salvation army bucket. I told her to save it, she said that "there are people out there that need it more."
She is a wonderful friend, daughter and caregiver. She's the kind of person that gets a phone call in the middle of the night and rushes to help a friend in need.
Words cannot express how grateful I am that you bring so much joy to people and encourage us all to get involved in helping others.
May hope is that we can relocate and start our life over with a fresh start and my daughter will be able to start school and have the life that she so richly deserves.
Our most wonderful wishes for you and your family during this holiday season.
Ruth & Lauren

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Rubit Guzman
225 days ago

An act of kindness that I have ever experienced is when my parents decided to take in my 2 cousins as there own children to raise after they lost both parents. There dad abandoned them when they were still babies. Leaving their mom to care for them along with my grandparents, my grandpa passed away on August 17, 2010 at the age of 102 he was there father not just grandfather. For them his death was hard and they still are saddened by it. Then they got word in 2012 that there dad might had been murdered in Mexico and we were never able to conform this and he has been missing there whole life. Then the unimaginable happened when there mom passed away in her sleep on May 16, 2013. Her oldest son who was at the time 13 years old, was sleeping next to her when she passed and was the one who found her dead when he woke up to go to school that morning. She had battled with Colon Cancer since the age of 17; she was a rare case since colon cancer is not common at all at that age. She went into recovery but was constantly in and out of the hospital since then. A month before she passed she had broken both of her legs when she fell down the stairs of their trailer home in Wellton, Arizona. Her two kids Antonio and Moises were left orphaned with neither of their parents. My grandma and my parents fought for legal guardianship this August and were granted Permanent Guardianship. My dad makes $2,000 a month and I work part-time and make $800 a month and attend school at CSULB full-time. WE knew that it would be a huge responsibility to take on two more kids into our daily lives. We are a family of 5 and now with my two cousins and my grandmother living with us we are a family of 8. We rent a 2 bedroom home with our rent being 1,300 a month. We barely are able to pay and barely manage to pay our utilities and we go weeks with no groceries. We try our best to be strong for these two kids who have lost both their parents in a year. I just want them to have a wonderful Christmas this year since it will be the first one without their mom. My aunt was my best friend she was only 31 when she passed she would have been 32 this October, she was more than an aunt she was a sister to me. I am 21 years old and I want to try and ease the expenses for my parents as much as I can and still try and do well in school in order to graduate. I tutor my cousins since they are both on their way to seek professional attention to cope with this devastating loss in their life at such young ages the oldest is 14 and the youngest 11. My parents took on a huge responsibility but I have to say I am proud that they were not selfish at all and thought about this kids who don't have anything.

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yetunde Emmanuel
225 days ago

Even though my wallet was stolen yesterday im still managing to not give up hope. I God will help me get thru this holiday and my son birthday 12-19. As I read these stories it touches my heart. I will not let me not being able to afford my son or my other 3 children.i will take it as lesson as what the holiday is really about, love and family. I will keep faith. I will watch the ellen show today and smile at all the love. Any one that has any in couraging words of wisdom fill free to text the to me or leave a voice mail I really need. I almost thought ending my life would make it better. Thank you anyone in advance.7735567455

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226 days ago

I would like to tell you about one of your biggest fans, my son Patrick. Patrick is 18 years old and has the biggest heart of gold you would ever meet, he has been volunteering for relay for life for years after my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago (he went to all her doctors appointments with her and help take care of her after her double mastectomy), he is now forming his own team. He is getting ready to go off to college next year then medical school to specialize in pediatric oncology, he wrote to you about your Mother's day show trying to get his two pregnant sisters prizes you were giving away (which they would have desperately needed), ever since he was 6 years old he has helped to volunteer at nursing homes and anywhere he could possibly be needed. He was just selected (from the entire state of NC) to attend a Future Health Care Professionals conference in Washington D.C and he told me that because it was so expensive for him to go that he did not want anything for Christmas (can you believe a 18 year old would say that!),even though he has been selling alot of his stuff to try and raise money to help pay for the trip, Patrick is a high honors student and has always been, even with all the Volunteering he does! He participates in a project our local Coast Guard Chief's club (his dad is active duty) we do every year called Dear Santa where foster children write letters to Santa and we purchase everything on their list wrap the gifts and deliver them, he has even been known to use his own money to make sure every single wish is delivered.
Patrick records your show every day and sometimes even watches them twice because he thinks you are the funniest and most caring person on T.V. his dream is to meet you sometime and I would absolutely love for that to come true for him, he is always telling people about what he saw on your show and how amazing you are. I would like to think that seeing your daily acts of kindness keeps him in the spirit of helping others!
Please Keep up your generosity and caring because whether you know it or not you make a huge impression on people and I thank you for that, the world needs more people like you and my son in it!!
P.S I bought Patrick a pair of Ellen Underwear for his stocking this year and I know this will be his most favorite Christmas gift this year! LOL
Susan Martin Hertford, NC Patrick's email is

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Kimberly Bourland
228 days ago

Hi Ellen!

Here is a little background information you will need. There are 4 of us kids in my family. I call us kids, but we are all adults with kids of our own. :) I have two older brothers, Cory, and Brian. After my parents gave birth to them, my mom could not have any more biological children. She decided to adopt! First, she adopted my sister in 1980. My mother then served on the adoption agency board in Lubbock, TX. In 1985, she received a call that another little girl needed a home. My mom and dad selflessly took me in as well. We were a family full of laughter and love!

Now the story:
In 2008, my mother was diagnosed with NASH, which is a liver disease. We almost lost her then. After getting out of the hospital, my sister took her in. She helped take care of my mother (since my parents had divorced years before). We had discussed liver transplant options after my mom got sick. Over the next few years, my mom's illness didn't really seem to progress. We just thought we were the luckiest people alive. It was an incredible feeling.

On January 7th of 2013 (which happened to be my sister's birthday!) my nephew (my sister's son who is 14) found my mother non responsive in her room. We did not expect this at all! When we arrived at the hospital to be with her, we found out that she had gone into a coma. It was a symptom of the liver disease progressing.

Between January and May, my mother slipped in and out of comas. I probably drove my mother to Dallas close to 10 times. I would pick her up, and she would be groggy. By the time we got to Baylor, she would be completely out. It was horrifying, but I guess I got used to it.

In May, we discovered the Living Liver Transplant program. We couldn't imagine that we would find a perfect match in time. First, she needed a matching blood type. My brothers , sister and I were immediately tested. Crazy enough, 3/4 of her kids matched my mother’s blood type. I was the only one that didn't match. My two brothers (my mother's two biological children) were disqualified due to blood disorders that we were unaware of. This process ended up being a blessing for them!

We were down to one last candidate. My sister. She bravely began the painful process to see if she would be a qualified match. To everyone's amazement, she was!! My sister was going to have the chance to save my mother's life. She didn't even flinch when asked if she wanted to put her life in danger. The process was going to be extreme for her. As a single mother, she struggles financially. She had to take off work and receive a reduced pay during this entire time as well.

On August 14th, I drove my mother and sister to the hospital in Dallas. At this point, you would have never known my mother was very sick. She was laughing and smiling as she walked into the hospital.
They took my sister back for surgery first. I sat with her, and we tried to laugh at the situation. It was very very cold in the pre opp room. I told her how cold I was, and she told me that I needed to ask for a blanket ASAP. She was very concerned about me.

The transplant went perfectly. My sister donated almost 70% of her liver to my mother. Her incision went down her entire abdomen. Again, these were all just minor details to my sister. She did not care what the cost was. None of us kids cared. We had all sacrificed so much over the past 5 years. We had given everything we had financially, emotionally, and physically. We took care of each other's kids while the others would tend to my mother's needs. We did everything, because my mom was the best mom!!!

My sister came out of surgery first. We started the transplant at 7:30 that morning, and my sister wasn't released to ICU until 4:30. When she began to wake up, the first thing she asked, was “Did Kimmie get her blanket?” My sister had just gone through the most traumatic surgery that I had ever known ANYONE to go through, and yet she was worried about me?! It is unbelievable.

On September 4th, my sister had recovered enough that she had decided to go be with my mom that morning. My mom had been moved to ICU hours before. We just thought it was another bump in the road. My mother’s recovery had gone well, but there were some minor complications. She went through 5 additional surgeries. My brothers and I were really tested during those 3 weeks. We had to work together, love each other, have patients, and trust like never before. We were by my mother’s side at all cost.

I met my sister up at the hospital that morning, as things had seem to of taken a very unexpected turn for the worse. By 7:00 that night, the doctors had told us that my mother had a bleed, and that she would not make it through this. It was unbelievable. We had all sacrificed so much, especially my sister who risked her life. We were all with my mother, holding her hands, kissing her head, as she passed away that night.

I am so proud of my sister for what she did! She is my hero. She is the most selfless person that I know.

If anything, I would love for Ellen to know that I am so appreciative of her. Both my mother and I laughed because of Ellen during our darkest days. I will keep on laughing for the both of us. :)

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Pat Jaspers
229 days ago

Ellen--I want to share with you something my daughter is doing. They have 4 children and have been struggling for years. They do alot of 2nd hand shopping and have never had a new or near new vehicle. The kids get reduced meals in school and so on. When they were here for Thanksgiving I was asking what everyone wanted for x-mas and told her I can't afford much but I would help with what I could. She told me not to worry about it that her husbands check had been a few extra hundred dollars more than they expected (keep in mind he is the only one working and is a truck driver and only makes a few hundred dollars a week)and she knows I have always tried give them a great Christmas even when I couldn't afford much. Then she told me with that extra few hundred dollars they are taking the kids to the mall to have them each pick a name off the sharing tree for needy kids and buy them gifts because even though they are struggling there are kids that may not have a christmas at all and she wants her children to see that even though they dont have much there is always a child that has less and they want them to know the meaning of giving. I am so truelly proud of her and love her so much and i think she deserves recognition for a selfless act. She loves you and everything you stand for so if you could just send her an e-mail and tell her you think it is awesome it would so make her day. It would actually make her year!!!!! Her name is Krystle Roth and her e-mail is
Thanks for listening ellen, Pat Jaspers

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