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If you know someone who has performed an act of kindness, tell us about it! Is this a person who is struggling financially that helped someone else in need? If their actions moved you, we want to hear about it. Tell us what they did and why they could also use some help, right here.

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Howard Mayrant
38 days ago

Hi Ellen! I want to tell you about one of the most dedicated moms in the world! Dolores Hawkes has been caregiver to our cerebral palsy daughter, Paige, for over 40 years. I’m Paige’s daddy, Howard. Dolores and I have been divorced for 35 years and she remarried, but her husband has died of cancer. Dolores and I married in ’62 and Paige was born in ’72 at only 2 pounds. Her life was saved using pure oxygen but it left her with severe brain damage (cerebral palsy) and blindness! Our lives were never the same! Paige will never walk or be able to use her limbs (she can’t even sit up)! However, she does have excellent hearing! As a musician, I taught her to understand the world around her through sound. Paige is a ‘music savant’ and can hum every note of any song after hearing it only once! Dolores and I divorced in ’82 but have stayed friends because of the mutual love we have for Paige! Dolores has dedicated her life to Paige! Even though we divorced, I’ve never missed a child support payment and keep Paige every other weekend! She’s as big as Dolores now but Dolores still lifts her into her wheelchair every morning to go to her special-needs school. Dolores has fought off heart problems but her dedication will always be for the care and protection of Paige. Dolores is Paige’s entire world! What could really help Dolores the most in her lifelong devotion to Paige … is a new lift-gate van. She never asks for anything… so I’m asking for her! She’s a true inspiration to all mothers of handicapped children! She’s totally AMAZING! Howard Mayrant

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99 days ago

As a proud rescue of PRM I nominate Anna Cannan for an act of kindness on the Ellen DeGeneres show. After my soldier mommy rescued me from a life of fighting at only a few weeks old, PRM helped bring me home to the USA where I happily live with my soldier mommy and daddy. I have a great life now that I could never have dreamed of if it weren't for Anna Cannan and PRM. You can get a glimpse of my wonderful life as an American pup on my FB page.
I owe my life to Anna Cannan and PRM.

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125 days ago

Last week was the 20th anniversary of my father's death, I decided to make something positive of a day I typically hate on my calendar every year. I planned a Day of Good Deeds and spreading kindness. I surprised my kids by picking them up from school first thing and we made our rounds, together. It was the first time in 20 years I can say March 20th was a great day.

Here is our story:

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Jack McMahan
137 days ago

I would like to bring to your attention of a strong family which would benefit from being part of your program.

The Ruchotzke family have a son who is a quadruple amputee who is student manager of a college baseball team. His two siblings Emily and Jacob have cystic fibrosis.

USA Today had a story about them and another family on 2/19/19. Hope this links to the story:

Would be great if your team could help.

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Valerie Thomas
138 days ago

Just had to let you know how you've brightened our lives. My 88 year old mom grew up on a farm. She was the oldest of 6 children and her day consisted of work and more work. She has never watched TV during the day, said it was a waste of precious time. She was recently released from the hospital to home hospice. We got a flat screen TV for her bedroom wall as possible entertainment. Last week, I asked her if she wanted me to turn on her TV. She responded, "Only if it's Ellen". (Her caregiver had introduced her to your show!) It warms my heart to see her laugh again. Thank you Ellen! You're an Angel.

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phyllis Tebo
138 days ago

We need "Lad" and two Arrow Fund escorts to be flown from Louisville, Kentucky to Sacramento , Californi...a . This is where UC Davis is located and they want him there this Monday, March 17th. We had a very gracious pilot with his own plane offer to take us, but the plane will not be ready in time, so we are back to square one. We WILL NOT put "Lad" in the cargo area. We have asked some commercial airlines - "If we buy him a ticket , can he ride with us in the cabin ?" We were denied. We looked into Pilots N Paws , a great organization, but the distance is too great and there would be too many legs to the trip. So, if you do have a contact that would be interested in flying us there, please email us at . Our last resort is driving , this is 1800 miles ! This would take us 3 to 4 days , stopping every 4 hours for his feedings. If we do drive we will need a rental SUV or Van . Hopefully donated . Please- only serious offers respond. We must confirm our plans very soon. We are very excited about this opportunity for "Lad" ; an announcement will be made about any medical procedures after UC Davis surgeons have made their onsite evaluations . Thanks everyone ! The Arrow Fund

LAD'S STORY: Lad is a Collie that was shot in the mouth; due to his injuries, for his survival, most of his lower jaw needed to be surgically removed. He will be visiting UC Davis for further evaluation to look into the possibilities of reconstructive surgery. He will remain in the care of The Arrow Fund, and will return to Louisville, KY after treatment is completed.

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Howard Mayrant
139 days ago

Hi Ellen! Dolores Hawkes is a dedicated mother living in Glendale with our cerebral palsy daughter Paige. We met in ‘62 dated and were married. Dolores wanted a baby and I didn’t. Arguments forced me out in 71! Later she called for a date and Paige was born at only 2 pounds with cerebral palsy. Our lives were never the same! Paige’s life was saved with pure oxygen but caused brain damage & blindness! She will never walk, talk, feed herself and be blind, but she did have hearing! We could teach her to understand the world around her through sound. She was a ‘music savant’ and could hum every note of a song after hearing it only once in perfect pitch and not miss a note! We divorced in ’82 and stayed friends because of Paige! Dolores has dedicated her life to Paige! I’m 75 now and have never missed a child support payment. Paige’s is as big as mommy now but Dolores still lifts her into her wheelchair every morning for school. Dolores has fought off heart problems but her dedication will always be for the care and protection of Paige. What could really help Dolores is a new lift-gate van. She never asks for anything, so I’m doing it for her! She is a role-model and inspiration to all mothers of handicapped children! She is AMAZING!! Thanks, Howard

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Gigi Holmes
140 days ago

My daughter is amazing and very independent, she's been working since she was fourteen to help with paying for college. She has always known what she wanted to do, help other people. At 28 she's still working her way through school. She spends all of her spare time helping others
Kori is a angel sent from heaven. She is always raising money for the walk strong foundation, while she also takes care of elderly sick grandparents. She has worked as a nurse since she turned 19 and spends her vacation time helping underprivileged people walk again. Please read her blog and see what a special person she is.

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Jessica Gutierrez
140 days ago

Good Day Ellen!

I would like to share some words of kindness about my Mother. In the past four years she has been through a ton of hardships. She went through a divorce, loss of a self employed job, loss of another job afterwards, having myself move in because I'm unable to work because of being Diabetic, her fiance had a heart attack at the end of July of 2013, now she is facing Foreclosure on the home she was awarded in the divorce. She is going to be dealing with the power being shut off soon and the telephone.
I need to mention that she had to have surgery on her ankle in 2012 and is unable to find work. Not only because myself and her fiance need care. She can barely stand on her feet and has to wear a "boot" on her right side for the rest of her life and can not stand/walk without it.
I don't know how she seems to manage to put a smile on her face with all the terrible happenings that are going on right now. But she does. Somehow.
I would like to say also, she has land that is available for purchase. If she could find somebody to purchase said land, she may just be able to keep the house.

****So if by some great reason this crosses your blessed eyes, I want you to know about a great woman by the name of: Diana Burrows who has the heart of an elephant and is thee most greatest inspiration EVER!!

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Heather Walker
141 days ago

Hi Ellen. I am writing to you about my friend Michelle and her son Tristen. Her son is 2 years old and he has terrible seizures and they can't figure out why. My friend has quit her job to care for him because he needs 24 hour attention. She has found a cannibis oil in Colorado that can help but she would need to move there because Wisconsin does not allow this oil. She has tried to reach out to news stations and no one will help her. Her and her son could really use your help. I can't even imagine how she feels. If you could please do anything to help them it would be so greatly appreciated. I put his facebook page link on here. Thank you so much for your time. Heather

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Patricia Goodrich
143 days ago

I wanted to send an act of kindness note about my friend Sheila and Mike Horn. This couple is one of the most loving and sweetest people I know.
Mike is retired Navy and Sheila is a stay-at-home mom. This couple is in no means rich financially but still find ways to go out of their way to help others. In the past Sheila has paid for folks's grocery bills when standing in line seeing they didn't have much. They have been at resturants and have paid anonymously patron's tabs. Today she posted a note on her facebook and I felt compelled to share just how wonderful these two are. Below is the copy of what Sheila posted:

So Mike went back to work today and stopped at the docs on the way home. I am so thankful that we are able to go to the doctors and to also be able to get our meds. He was at right aide picking up his prescription and he heard a young lady on the phone crying because she can't afford the meds that she needs to get, she is trying to reason out which ones she should get. Sorry but he can't help but overhear when someone is in tears and trying to decide whether or not to get their inhaler. Of course Mike being the wonderful man that he is, paid the bill for the meds. I hate that so many can't afford simple meds that they need every day He texted me about it and I just know he was double checking with me without actually asking. I said just pay it and say God bless and pay it forward one day when you can. We are thankful that we were able to do this today because we had a little extra, we had it because we were supposed to be able to help someone. Have a blessed day all, be safe and always let your loved ones know they are loved. xoxo

Mike has been very ill and today while out getting his meds he decided to help someone else. I only wish there were more of Sheila and Mike's out there!

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144 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I am not affiliated with this group in any way, but I just wanted to give them a little attention. What they are doing is amazing, but they could use a little help to give back some more. Just watching one of their videos brings tears to my eyes, and giving is what they are all about, making us realize that it is important to give back and to help others out. Ellen, PLEASE HELP THEM!

Thank You!

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Patty Marteli
145 days ago

I don't know who this is but what an amazing thing this guy did for a homeless person. You'll need a tissue while watching this.

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Rhonda McLaughlin
146 days ago

ShareShare on your timeline. Man plows snow to help clear friend's mounting medical

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Christi Schuda
146 days ago

Hi Ellen
First and foremost you are just such an amazing person and I just love you. I wish more people had your generosity and gentle heart. Which actually is why I'm writing you.
I wanted to let you know about my amazing Grandmother, Ida Womacks, known to us as Grandma Slim. March 7th will be the 2 year anniversary of her passing at the ripe old age of 94. This woman was truly one of God's angels on Earth. I can't even begin to tell you the life she had. She was so hardworking, giving, compassionate, creative and humble.
This woman never had (pardon the expression) a "pot to piss in" yet she managed to raise 5 children, one of which had severe cerebral palsy and was wheelchair bound. Her husband, my grandfather, preferred to spend his time, and paycheck, on his horses and booze, so she had to work full time to make ends meet.
She actually cared for my uncle in her home for more than 50 years until he went into a group home facility. But up until then she did everything for him, lifting him in and out of his wheelchair, feeding, grooming, the hole nine yards basically all by herself. Back then there were none of the conveniences we have now to aid in the care of people with disabilities. Even his wheelchair was homemade.
Besides caring for her family, she was very active in her church and community. She was a member of the Legion Auxiliary, Dakota Steam Threshers Auxiliary, NR Cemetery Association, Superior Homemakers and creator of The Handicap Club. (yes I know not very PC now, but back then it was a group of individuals with disabilities that got together to socialize, do crafting etc., just something for them to help feel like they belonged and not outcasts).
Later in life (in her 60's - late 80's) she took on caregiving roles for elders in the community. I laugh when I say that as she was older than some of them that needed her help. She had several people that she made the rounds everyday to see, make or bring them their meals, run their errands (groceries, pharmacy, post office, etc.), bathing grooming, eye drops from cataracts surgeries - you name it. She was ALWAYS taking care of others.
Her work did not go unnoticed and she did receive a few key honors in her life.
She was nominated for North Dakota Merit Mother of the Year in 1988, Maxwell House 100 Heroes in 1992, and featured in the book, “Beautiful Women of North Dakota” recognized as The Beauty of Happiness. But if you would have asked her about any of them she would probably have smiled a little, covered her nose and mouth with her gentle hand and said "well I don't know why they would have picked me I'm not so special".
So back to the reason I'm sending you this. I put a posting on my Facebook page for my family and friends to celebrate Grandma's life by honoring her on March 7th (the day of her passing) and I'm calling it "Honor Ida Day".
I asked everyone to do me a favor and to do something nice for someone that day. It could be anything - buy coffee for the office, shovel the neighbors sidewalk, check in on a distant relative that lives all alone, hold the door open at the grocery store, whatever - just do something nice for someone else in Grandma's honor. And I also had to mention the animals, as Grandma had very soft spot for animals, so I said - if there's a stray outside - feed it; if there's a dog running out in the street in traffic - stop your car and go get it. Because that's what Grandma would do.
I was wondering if you could help spread the word for me. It would be great to know how many people's day could be made a little brighter by someone just doing something nice for them in Grandma's honor.
Thanks Ellen

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