Damian Lewis is the star of one of Ellen's favorite shows, "Homeland." It might be hard to get information out of his character, Sergeant Brody, but check out this info we found out about Damian!
  • Though Damian plays American Marine Nicholas Brody on Showtime's hit "Homeland," he was born in London, England
  • "Skyfall" actress Helen McCroy is his wife. Helen also acted in "Hugo" and "Harry Potter"
  • He has a daughter, Manon, and a son, Gulliver
  • Damian first became a household name starring as another American military hero in HBO's "Band of Brothers."
  • He went to school with Ewan McGregor
  • President Obama is a big fan of "Homeland." When asked how he had time to watch TV, Obama joked, "Well, Michelle takes the girls out to play tennis on a Saturday afternoon. I pretend I’m going to work in the Oval Office and I turn on the TV in my office and watch 'Homeland.'"