Adoptable Pets of the Week


Bring a grand-dog or grand-kitty home for the holidays.


  • Breed: German Shepherd mix
  • Gender: Male
  • Happy-go-lucky
  • Active and loving

Max is a happy dog who just wants to be your buddy. He loves walking, running, jumping and just being with you, but he's got two sore knees, so the running and jumping just aren't working for him anymore. Now he just needs somebody to be a buddy with. He likes having his belly rubbed, and always enjoys treats and attention.

Max was born in 1999. He is a German shepherd mix who is usually just fine with other dogs. He's afraid of thunderstorms (he'll hide and you'll just see his ears sticking out, giving him away!). He may be a little too enthusiastic for very young children.

All in all, this bundle of cheer would make a terrific best buddy. He sure hopes you're looking for one of those.


  • Breed: Domestic Long Hair
  • Gender: Male
  • Handsome
  • Very affectionate
  • Loves laps and brushing

George is a character of a cat. Soft and cuddly, you can pick him up and hold him. He loves to be brushed, and his luxuriant winter “Maine Coon-ish” coat is beautiful. He loves to sit on your lap. Every now and then, especially when he's playing or getting lots of pets, he will give a little nip from over-stimulation, but now that he lives in a building that has single “bunks” for cats who don’t care for other cats, George’s true sweet nature is shining through.

George, born in 2000, came to Best Friends from an animal shelter in 2004. Not only is he snuggly, but he's definitely got personality. George has been looking for a home without other cats for some time now and has learned how to “sit” for his treats in hopes that this might get someone interested in him. Will you give him his first “real” home?

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