Did You Know This About One Direction?
It was the concert event of the season on Ellen's outdoor stage! One Direction wowed fans with their music, but we found out some interesting additional facts about the guys. Enjoy!
  • One Direction has over 800 million views on VEVO!
  • Their debut album, "Up All Night," reached #1 in 17 countries!
  • One Direction is the first UK group to debut at No. 1 in USA with a debut album. Not even the Beatles or the Spice Girls had that kind of instant success.
  • They came in 3rd on "The X Factor" UK. But Simon Cowell saw potential and decided to sign them to his own label. 
  • Among their first big purchases after being signed were cars for their parents.
  • Whenever 1D wants something, they just ask, and the Internet grants their wishes. Once, Louis joked that he likes girls who eat carrots, and fans started FedExing bags full of his ''favorite'' vegetable.
  • Zayn says when they're on tour it's like a big sleepover on the bus, and they like to play video games and do "normal stuff."
  • Harry has 24 tattoos.
  • Niall was attacked by a squirrel once and had to have surgery to fix the torn ligaments in his knee.
  • If Liam wasn't a singer, he'd want to be a drama teacher. 
  • Louis, 20, is the oldest in the group.