Would you do anything to meet Rihanna? Are you a huge Katy Perry fan? Do you love Beyoncé? If you're pop music's biggest fan and can't wait for the American Music Awards, we want to hear from you! Tell us about yourself, the pop icon you adore and why, right here!

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julia alexander
98 days ago

i am a huge Beyonce fan and i have loved her music since i was really young and she has inspired me whenever people have hurt me to never let it bother me because i am me for a reason. if i got to meet her and go to her concert, it will blow me away to heaven because i never have. i am julia alexander and this is my BIGGEST DREAM!

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Mercedes King
201 days ago

Hello Ellen, my name is Mercedes King I'm 14 years old and I live in Illinois. I really like your show...I try to watch it everyday if I can. My favorite shows that you have put on is the ones that Rihanna have came on. I have looked up to her since I was 6 years old. I am always singing her songs and there is not one day that goes by that I don't listen to her music. She taught me a lot of things like to be yourself, brush off what people think of you because its just their opinion and its not true. She also taught me to do what I love and to work hard at it. When in a bad condition to not lie to yourself and do what is right. She has taught me all that plus more, getting an opportunity to meet someone as great as her would be a dream come true! I'm always on YouTube watching videos of her and almost making myself cry just thinking what if I was talking to her or shaking her hand! If I heard her just say my name I would probably break into tears! I told my parents that if they got me tickets to her concert and back stage passes or a V.I.P pass I wouldn't need anything else for Christmas, my birthday, Easter, valentines Day, anything for a very very long time! Robyn Rihanna Fenty has been my idol since I was 6 and she always will be! I would do literally anything in the whole world just to meet her!!! I love you Rihanna, and I love you too Ellen!!:) Thank you so much for reading this if you do.

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Boss Snyder
241 days ago

I'm truly a big fan of The Queen, Beyoncé and I wud love to meet her more then anything in this world I've entered contest for years now and never winning any to meet Beyoncé. If I cud meet her to be honest I don't know what I wud do.. Thanks Ellen <3 your the Best..

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Hunter Csoppu
425 days ago

Dear Ellen, My name is Hunter and I am the big Katy Perry fan. Katy Perry is so amazing. I have loved Katy every since I saw her in concert at the Z100 Zootopia in 2008. I have always been wanting to go to your show and meet you and Katy. Katy has been my person to look up to ever since my daddy passed away in 2011 when I was 13. I have looked up everything I could find about Katy, have this binder full of Katy Perry things, as in pictures of her and her bio. I have her movie and went to see her movie 3 times. I AM ONE OF HER FIRWORKS. I know all of her songs and even the one that really no one knows called The Box. I would appreciate you reading this and thinking about me meeting Katy and you. Love you Ellen,
xoxo, Hunter.

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Anthony Lopez
441 days ago

Hi ELLEN, I LOVE YOUR SHOW i am 11 years old and i want to say that i love bruno mars he is my favorite singer i wish i was like that kid that meet bruno mars on the air plane i love singing so i would love to come down to the show and sing a song for the awsome audience my favorite song is the(Lazy Song).just remember i LOVE singing

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Sarah Wall
486 days ago

HI ELLEN! Oh my LAWDY this is the PERFECT submission area for me, I AM KATY PERRY'S BIGGEST FAN!
ALRIGHTY, so I am going to tell my story of how I became a fan of Katy's, this is a shorter version, but here it goes: Back in July of 2012 I had this random dream one night that Katy asked me to go on tour with her and hangout the whole time, I accepted and we had a grand time! Well I woke up thinking that's weird I'm not even like a huge fan of her or anything. A couple days later my best friend and I went to go see her movie because we heard some good things about it. I LITERALLY CAME OUT OF THAT THEATER A CHANGED WOMAN. I started listening to all her music, reading up on her, watching so many youtubes, and just like that I was FOREVER hooked. Some of my friends look down on my obsession, but Katy encourages and inspires me to stand out and above all else BE A FIREWORK! Any mood I am in, Katy is my go to no matter what, she is my everything and I am so very thankful for her. I have been listening to her since the 8th grade when I Kissed A Girl went big, but I am now her biggest fan and I am not ashamed in any way to show it. I know my story probably isn't much compared to many other fans of hers, but PLEASE take the time to consider my submission. She makes everyday a lot better in my world. I sadly acknowledge that the odds are against me, but I have hope that THIS IS MY CHANCE TO MEET KATY PERRY! I have never won anything, and to win this would be my BIGGEST dream


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Kelsey Herold
606 days ago

Hi Ellen! First, thank YOU for being an inspiration to me everyday. Secondly, I absolutely love Taylor Swift! It's cheesy and you've heard it before but she's so relatable. I have been a true fan from the beginning. I still remember the day I bought her first self-titled album at target with my mom. I listened to it the whole way home and the entire night that I practically knew all of the words to her songs already.

The most important reason I am her biggest fan is because she saved my life in many ways. I went through a rough time in high school trying to find my real friends and figuring out where I was supposed to fit in. I didn't necessarily fit into a category and so I let myself "conform". Well that led me down the wrong path. But when I found Taylor Swift I truly fell in love with music. That fall saved my life. That fall inspired me to do something I have always wanted to do: learn to play guitar! I taught myself and picked it up so quickly. I wouldn't say I have the voice of an angel, but I do alright to be able to sing in front of friends and family's and most importantly have fun with it!

Taylor inspired me to play guitar and that led me down the right path. That helped me find what made me happy. I didn't have to be an athlete or a smarty pants. I could be my own guitar-quilt-crochet-music-loving person. I'd rather go to the fabric store with my mom than go to a crazy party on the weekend. She inspired me to stand up for what I believe in and stand up for myself. I could go on and on about why I love Taylor Swift but these are the most important to me. Hope you can make my dreams come true. Thank you Ellen! -Kelsey

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Shawndria Williams
612 days ago

Hello Ellen, my name is Shawndria Williams I am 37yrs old and I am a huge Huge fan of Usher. I LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!!!! I have every CD he has came out with. I always been a fan ever since he was 14. I would do anything to meet him. I have tried to win tickets to see him on many occassions but never succeeded. My family thinks i'm crazy and so do my facebook friends because I believe that Usher is really my friend on facebook but they say that its a fake page, I don't think so. Every picture or status that comes up I like it and they hates it. I even got deleted from some friends because they say that they are tired of seeing everything Usher. I was so excited when I delivered my baby because she came oct 14,and thats Ushers birthday. I even gave a big shout out to him on facebook for his birthday. I would really appreciate if you would give me the opportunity to please meet him. I love his style, the way he dress, and the way he sings. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Ellen can you make this happen and I promise you I will never bother you again. I really Love Him!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You In Advance.

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Jesper Bild
615 days ago

This post isn't about me. It's about the good kids at Poway High School, especially the ones who are in the Special Education Program.
They've made a video for their love of Justin Beiber, and their great wish to see him at this years Special Olympics. If anyone can make their dreams come true, it's Ellen.
Their video already has 120.000 views, so I hope that you can make their dreams come true. Make Justin come to the Special Olympics this december.

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Gracie Wilson
623 days ago

HEY ELLEN, hi im writing you again to tell you how much i love YOU!!!!and your show and... JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!! i love Justin to death. I am a huge fan and i love everything he does. he truly is my hero!!! you see ALL of my friends at my school either hate him or they are die hard directoners. even though i think one directon is a good band i LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!! when people ask me who my idol is i always say justin they give me a wierd look and walk away but i know that he is such an awesome person!!! i dont know what i would do if i met him but i think... no i KNOW it would be the best day of my life. even if i didnt meet justin it would be the biggest honor just to meet you!!! i am a very happy person and so are you i think your great!!!!!! But yeah Justin is the coolest only 2nd to you!! but anyways i hope you read this love you and your show BYE

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Jasmine Turner
624 days ago

Hi I am Jasmine Turner and I am using my mom's email to enter this contest. I am 11 years old and the pop star I adore is Justin Bieber. I always wanted to see him in person up close. It would be my dream to meet him up close. And the funny thing about it is that I have never seen a real celebrity up close.I wanna meet JB because I have a really really bad case of Bieber fever and it won't go away until I meet him up close and in person. And I love your show. My mom entered many contests on this sight and has sent you a video of me and my crazy accent. The accent all started when I was watching chopped one night and there was this austrailian guy on there and he had kind of an accent. He was talk about one of the other competitors and said " This guy is running around like a maniac." So I started saying it too. I hope you choose me to be on the show. Thanks. Bye! P.S. I love your voice in the movie finding nemo and I love your show.

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Snegugu Ngobese
626 days ago

Good day

I would like to know if South Africans comply with any of the competitions or award opportunities.
It would be sooooooooooooooooo awesome to get a chance to enter! Thank You

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626 days ago

Hi Ellen i have now written you every week for the past three weeks. i LOVE LOVE LOVE justin bieber! he is my idol and i love everything he does! I would do ANYTHING ANYTHING ANYTHING tomeet him. that would make me the happiestest person EVER do you think you could help me meet him????

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selena graham
626 days ago

My name is Selena Graham and I'm in my senior year of college. My major is Communication and media studies. I basically love anything that allows me to be artistic and creative from drawing to creating my own advertising ads. Enough about me though, My favorite pop icon is Rihanna. Rihanna inspires me to be daring, different, and to never forget about serving my community.

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627 days ago

Hello! I'm David Pinheiro. I was born and raised in Brazil,Fortaleza CE. I'm a 19 year old student, My most favorite thing to do is dance. I love dancing to and along to every song I hear,especially my favorite ones. I'm live in Germany with my big sister. I never been in States before, and I just can't wait to see it what's looks like being there. I love love and love Beyoncé. She was the one that made me learn English, her songs are just amazing I can feel the love that she have on her fans. And is my dream to see her, one time I told my dad that before I died I want to go see it Beyonce. He thought I was joking, but It's truth. I also like Rihanna and Katy Perry but the real love is Beyonce. Her song "I was here" is the song that's gonna play when I died. I'm not gonna die right now, I'm just saying. I just do love Beyonce and her family. Thank you for this opportunity to express some of what I feel about Beyonce.

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