"I don't really like boys that much. 'Cuz some of them smell of mud."
--Sophia Grace


Total Mahem
629 days ago

What sort of degenerate parent would expose her own kids to Ellen?
Oh yeah-the kind that sees her children as cash cows.

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631 days ago

Hi Ellen

Those two little girls are the essence of happiness and innocence. Hope they are able to continue w you in that vein. Loved, loved, loved the Sophia Grace comment about boys smelling like mud. When my own son started to go out and play when he was around five, I said to my husband that he smelled like a little boy who had been outside playing, and that was it, I could not articulate at the time that he smelled like mud...which is a good smell that Sophia Rose will one day come to learn. You are great Ellen, keep up the good work.


Donna Z

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lesley watson
634 days ago

Awesome just awesome, well worth the wait. These girls can't do no wrong and that Sophia, can she sing, my goodness I had tears of joy.

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