It’s Halloween week! I finally finished putting the pieces of my Halloween costume together. You’ll see it Wednesday! I can’t tell you who I’m gonna be, but I can tell you I’ve never worn this much padding!

Have I got big news! I’ve been waiting to say this for 10 years: Madonna is on my show! We’re talking for the whole hour. It’s a side of her I promise you’ve never seen. And if you’ve been to her show, you know that’s saying something.

Also this week, I’m celebrating an anniversary. A year ago I met two very special girls from the UK. Since then, Sophia Grace & Rosie have taken over the world. They’ve done show-stopping performances and got a bajillion views on YouTube (I counted). They’re here for a celebration like you won’t believe.

Then, I get to meet two musicians who did something incredible. It’s not every day that a hardcore Hip-Hop group releases a song that supports marriage equality, but that’s exactly what Macklemore & Ryan did. I can’t wait to talk to them about it.

I’m also getting to catch up with my 3-year-old friend, Dustin Mangaroni. If you didn’t see his first visit to the show, you don’t want to miss this one. He might be one of the most adorable guests I’ve ever talked to.

Plus, one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, Denzel Washington is here! His new movie, “Flight,” sent me on a roller coaster of emotions, and that was just from the trailer.

See you Monday!