I’m so excited to be in Washington D.C. for the weekend. So far, I’ve seen the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Starship.

This week is full of big events! One event was so big, it won’t even fit in my studio -- Taylor Swift is putting on an outdoor concert right here on the lot! She’ll be performing some of her biggest hits that I inspired. I’m also gonna do two of her favorite things; ask her who she’s dating, and scare the pants off her.

What could be bigger than that? How about the fact that my favorite guest of all time is here this week?! She’s gorgeous, talented, and she’s my wife! Portia de Rossi is here! She’s starring in the NBC Halloween special “Mockingbird Lane.” It’s a reboot of the classic TV show “The Munsters,” and I can tell you right now it’s gonna be an instant Halloween classic. It airs Friday, October 26th. We’ll be watching. I hope you will, too.

And she’s bringing her co-star, Jerry O’Connell, who may have to get out of his clothes and into my splash tank. You heard me.

The fun doesn’t stop there. I’m talking to Oscar winner, supermodel, and the person I always get mistaken for at parties -- Halle Berry!

And speaking of Oscar winners, Hollywood legend Jessica Lange is here to tell me about her scarrrry show, “American Horror Story.” Plus, Helen Hunt is telling me about her incredibly brave performance in “The Sessions” that the critics are raving about.

I told you this week was full of big events. I haven’t even gotten to LL Cool J, country music star Hunter Hayes, and a performance of one of my favorite songs from No Doubt!

Also, a viewer wrote to me asking if I could help her best friend. Don’t miss the touching story of their friendship and the huge surprises I had for them. I won’t give it all away, but they have a brand new way to get home.

This week is so big, I don’t know how we’re gonna fit it into only 9 days.  

It all starts Monday!