When Janice was diagnosed with breast cancer at 50, she turned it into a teachable moment with her 3rd Grade class. They discussed "bad cells" and created a bulletin board to help students feel more comfortable asking questions.

 Find out more about Janice and her beautiful story below. 

When were you diagnosed?

Are you cancer-free? If so, for how long?
Yes, 8 years

How have your family and friends helped you
They really helped me pull through such a difficult time. They called, bought me hats and scarves, and brought lots of food.

What tips do you have to help other breast cancer survivors stay positive?
You didn't have a choice about having cancer. You do have a choice about how to deal with it. Being positive and thankful for life is a choice.

What has someone done to make you feel better?
My third grade students wrote funny stories about what really happened to my hair. We made a bulletin board out of them to help open up conversations about my treatment. I still have all those stories and the pictures they drew.

What advice would you give someone who is about to go through treatment?
Pamper yourself. Eat what makes you happy. Surround yourself with positive people.

What was the scariest moment?
I was devastated to hear that I needed chemo.

What was the funniest moment?
People would ask me if I was losing my hair yet. I would run my fingers through my hair and pull out a hunk of hair. I got a huge kick out of it. They didn't think it was so funny.

How has breast cancer made you stronger?
It has made me thankful for my life.