• Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in 2009
  • Active, fun, and friendly
  • Loves other dogs

Elijah is looking for a running partner. Could that be you?

He may have been born in 2009, which means he's not technically a puppy anymore, but no one told Elijah. He still loves to romp, play, and just run like crazy. He's super-friendly with everybody – people and dogs, both.

But, just like puppies, Elijah does need some basic training. Lesson number one, an open door is not an invitation to dash. And, as a runner, once Elijah dashes, he really dashes. Once he settles in, and with a little training, however, this big, loveable Lab will soon see there's no place like home. Actually, there's no place like your home!


  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair
  • Gender: Female
  • Loves to be petted, but just not her under her chin!
  • Learning to love laps
  • Playful with other cats

Ferrari wants to be a lap cat; she really does. She's healthy, young born in 2005, playful with toys, and great with other cats. When you come meet her, she'll be the first walk right up to you. She's delighted that you came! She loves it when you pet her, too.

She was one of the cats rescued from a shelter in Pahrump, Nevada, that had completely fallen apart. And because of her past, she is a bit wary and self-protective if you touch that vulnerable place right under her chin. She may suddenly nip you for startling her like that! But move to safer places on her body, and she'll turn back into a ball of purrs.

Ferrari is naturally affectionate; she just takes a little time feel comfortable. She can even live with a cat-friendly dog. This sweet, petite girl is more than ready to go home.

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