My 3rd annual Cat Week has come to an end. It’s time to stop showing outrageously adorable cat videos, and go back to showing just the incredibly adorable cat videos.

I also have some great guests stopping by. The lovely Emma Watson is here! She starred in the Harry Potter films from the time she was 9. When I was 9, I put on a talent show for a family of squirrels. 

Joel McHale is here to tell me what’s happening with his show, “Community.” He sent me a tweet saying he was ready to dance, so I’m having the floors waxed as we speak.

And for the first time in season 10, my friend Kym Douglas is here! Kym always has the craziest beauty tips for me. She’s gotten into a bathtub full of red wine, put guacamole in her hair, and rubbed ketchup on her face. So in case you don’t look more beautiful, at least you’ll be delicious.

I’m also talking to Nicole Richie about her gorgeous family, and Matthew Fox is here to tell me about the very scary person he’s playing in a new movie with Tyler Perry. 

And you’re gonna love the way this sounds… Ellie Goulding is performing her new single, and is here for a special performance with The Script!

Comedian and ventriloquist Nina Conti is here for the first time, and I’ve been getting ready all weekend. I’m writing this and drinking a glass of water at the same time.

 Also this week, you have a special chance to watch one of the craziest events of the season, again! If you missed Britney doing Gangnam Style with Psy the first time, don’t miss it this week!

 I should get going so I don’t miss our movie. Portia thinks the dogs were jealous about Cat Week, so we’re taking them to see “Argo.” See ya Monday!