Jennifer told Ellen her story on the show. Now watch the Jennifer's full message to her bully right here.

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44 days ago

Hi Ellen

I am commenting because I believe you could help myself and many others by discussing and raising awareness about various issues that I have suffered with to this day.

Topics such as bullying, mental illness, suicide, society, stereotypes,ignorance and numerous other such sensitive subjects.

However I would like to think I am a positive person regardless of my experiences. I admire people like yourself who have not allowed bad things to ruin their life.

Optimism has helped me to a certain extent and I have incorporated passions such as music and humor into my life however there is much to improve.

Despite an attitude of gratitude I am still very much trapped and many of the issues are still ongoing and I wish to be free and happy.

I want to turn my curses into blessings.

It would be such a blessing to meet with you but being realistic I'm not quite sure how likely that is just yet as I have many limitations including things like money, education, common sense, transport, contacts, information, knowledge and time.

I hope this comment can create a change.

I want to discover my true talent/s.

I wish to prove my potential.

I believe each life is valuable.

Honestly writing this has been a challenge itself but I tried to keep it as quick and as brief as I could at this time. Initially I thought this was an email but then realized it was a comment so had to go through and try and change many personal details but have still left a lot of text and thought.

No matter what I believe in better.

If you have took the time to read this then seriously thanks in advance.

Lots of love, from Rachel X

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carmen van driel
163 days ago

Wow!!! this is so inspiring! I just watched her show, where she talks about this letter which was sent to her and I am glad I spent those minutes of the day watching that video!! Jennifer is so strong and beautiful! It breaks my heart to know that people are bullied all over the world. I've been bullied and I know that it hurts, and it doesn't matter how old, popular or how hard you fight back, bullying always hurts. Those words will haunt you and I think people need to think before they speak.

Because bringing someone else down won't make you a better person.

And to all the people who are being bullied: You are all beautiful, inside and out. Remember that if a person tries to bring you down that it means you stand above them!

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Randy Scott
211 days ago

I am so happy that you are letting people know that people being bullied is wrong. I am soon to be 48 years old and being bullied is done to all ages. I know all to well for I was struck by lightning while on duty in 2006, and I have been made fun of had jokes made about me. I always tried to shake it off there was times that it got the best of me. I wore a compression sleeve and glove on my hand and arm for a couple of years 24/7 and at times still have to due to swelling. I also have severe photophobia and have to wear dark glasses and people are constantly making comments for I wear them day and nightpeople can be very cruel. People just don't realize that more people are permantly injured by others words and treatment than being injured or hurt for if one is not killed they can recover some what but people hurt by words and people's actions sometimes people never recover. I want to personally thank you for your taking a stand against people being bullied. Thanks Ellen.

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Siv Hanmer
333 days ago

Hello my name is Siv Hanmer, I am 15yo. I live in Østervrå located in Denmark. I live with my dad Colin Hanmer, my Mother Mia B.Hanmer and my lovely siblings Luna, Alexander and Freja. My father is English and my mother is Danish. I have been bullied for many years, but two years ago I moved school. This has meant that I now finally been happy and want to live life to the fullest. Now that I have finally gotten over the many years as a bully victim, I have decided that I will fight bullying. I have tried several times over facebook, tried to get my friends to see videos about bullying. I dare not go to other schools and give talks about bullying, because I'm afraid of being persecuted again.

Not only in America are children and young people bullied in schools. Children all over the world are being bullied and it is terrible. In some countries it is culture that makes the bullying. Many refugees and foreigners being bullied by their appearance. But the real reason they are being bullied is fear. Just because you are afraid of people who look different, it is not okay to bully. Many refugees may not look different. But it may be that they have a different religion and must not be the same as me. But they are still human beings just like me and you. There are many who do not understand it and maybe will not understand it. but I hope that by talking about bullying and its consequences, that people will get a new understanding of bullying and fighting against bullying. Everyone has the right to be told they are perfect as they are, it is true. However, many children and young people themselves adults, destroys others with stupid comments. who were just meant for fun. You can be bullied with everything from what clothes one wears to who you choose to be with. And it's not okay, because that destroys people.

I write to you Ellen, because I know that no one in Denmark will take me seriously, because I'm not famous. I would never be heard in Denmark, they would just think why should I listen to her she's just a crazy oddball, a small child she does not own anything that is especially .. But I want to spread the word about bullying out into the world. But I can not there is no one who will count me get something, because I'm just plain. I did not think that it's okay that you are being bullied at school. I thought that it is uakseltabel that one can go so far that it is being bullied take his own life. It is terrible for those who must live with the consequences of bullying. I want to help those who are being bullied to feel good about themselves. But I also want to help those who bully. Those who bully often makes it to lift themselves up, because they feel bad. Tit's drinking and abuse in the families bullies come from. They just want attention and well-being. Everyone should feel good. I know that I can not help everyone, but I know I can do my best to get others to understand that we must treat each other as we want to be treated. Everyone should get to know that no one is normal, because we are all quite specialized.

I think that bullying is horrible and must be stopped now.

I have it a little difficult by having to write my story down. So I chose to slice it as a story where I break in after each section.

Eight years ago in a big schoolyard full of children was a little girl, along with her three best friends. She was so happy and smiling. The girl had long been looking forward to this day, her first day of school. She knew whom she was to go to class. But she was so excited anyway. The day was not very long, but she felt like several hours. She sang and played with the other children. How did her first day of school.

(My first school day was the funniest day of the year. I walked in the door with my friends. Their names Natasha, Millard and Jack.)

days passed and turned into weeks and months. For the little girl, the school was a breeze, but at the end of the year everything changed. The boys in her class had become wilder and the girls began to tease her. It was the first sign of anything that would come.

(I was teased most of the girls I knew so well. When I drew something, I was always told that it was ugly. They also destroyed my drawings, by drawing on top.)

next year she was there again, in the school yard filled with children. Her class formed a group, no one could hurt them if they were just in the group. This year, the new teachers. The girl got great respect for these teachers. Everyone quickly found out if you showed respect for the teachers, they showed respect for them. The days flew by and suddenly it was in July The girl's teacher did a lot of fun out to make a Christmas story about the girl's class. For the teacher got to keep as much of the students. Before the girl came to look around, she could read almost anything. Soon the year was helpful and a new could begin.

(I was not teased so much this year, the teacher was very tough. Two of my best friends had moved just when the year began. So I had only one friend, Natasha.)

so she was suddenly back in the middle of the schoolyard. It was great, the girl loved this day. The class formed the group, so the parents could well go, they knew just what to do. This year there was nothing to be changed, or should be.

(I have allergies and in second grade, I suddenly got a very bad outbreak. I got medication for allergies, but it did not work.)

days passed, everything was as it should. But in the middle of the year, the girl began to sneeze. She sneezed almost every day, but she was not cold. She plastered always nose, she was mobbed with it. the others called her elephant trumpet, brat, idiot, geek and oddball. It was obvious that she was out of the group. There were several who were already out of the group and the first that she knew that this was no game, it was real.

(It was terrible, I was teased that I could not smell anything because I was snotty. There was not really anyone who would play with me. Except my best friend. It was hard, it was very tough.)

One day they did the girl's class to know that their math teacher was pregnant and had sygemældes. While she was on sick leave frown she replaced, by a new and advanced teacher. The whole class started immediately, find the numbers. But it turned out that the teacher did not respond to the numbers. The girl gave up fast to be hard and cold, it just was not working. The other students said hat the girl was too saccharine. The girl still had her best friend who got behind her.

(I could really like my new learning. But if I would not bullied, I had to find new numbers the others could do. My learning was often frustrated and angry about the boys' behavior. So much that she was having to chase them, to get them outside the door.)

then came the next year. They were larger and had moved up to the big school. They were more subjects, more hours and more teachers. It was a class full of mischief and harassment. But there were no teachers who would work with bullying in the girl's class. The girl had fewer friends, bullying was worse, but she still had her best friend endnu.Pigens allergies got worse and worse. The teacher was really good and made sure that everyone was challenged. Within a few months, the girl was just as adept at reading, like those in the sixth grade. Mathematics was easy as nothing. But there was one subject the girl was not happy, it was English. The other kids bullied her, that she could not speak English, because her father was an Englishman.

(The other kids in my class often came up to me and said "something in English" and when I finally said something in English, they laughed just scornfully. Bestæmte So I decided that I would never speak English to someone who understands Danish .)

it was next school year, all the girl's friends were gone. They were ashamed to be friends with a bully victim. But she had become friends with two other bully victims. The girl's class had new teachers again and it meant that there was bullied a lot worse. One day the girl was angry that the others bullied, happened to come she will never forget. The other children formed a ring around her and began a hitting and kicking her. But she did not cry as it meant that they had won. They stopped happily as a lesson came in and asked what was going on. All we answered just playing and the girl sat down on his seat. It was not the last time this happened and often got the girl blamed for starting it.

(It disappears just never all the thoughts I have about bullying it is so clear. Often I see it as if it is happening right now. But the physical was not the worst. It was much worse when they said ugly tig on me and got me feel me wrong.)

the girl became more and more introverted. She would not listen to what others said. She wanted to be alone and not be disturbed. The only thing she wanted was to hand and draw in her own little world. Solo she would not be alone, she just would not bullied by other children. The girls in her class started saying nasty things about the girl's family. They harassed the girl as she walked in her big brother's old clothes and when she came to school with dress mobbed the her too. But because of all the bullying she discovered another girl C. C was never happy and the girl would do anything about, although the girl was always sad, sour or frustrated.

(I always sat and drew and while I subscribed to the others say just what they wanted. I blocked everything and everyone when I drew. It was only if you touched me or my drawing that I reacted. During the hours I would not follow because it was boring. I could only enjoy mathematics for which they worked in groups or alone like me. But when my teacher found out that I had made the whole book at the beginning of the year, it was no longer fun. Sometimes when you would find a group I went over and asked C, for she was the only one I knew would not let me do it all.)
girl and C began to be friends. C was mobbed by moorland father could not hand down. C went on to explain that it was because her father had fallen down the stairs and broke his spine. The other children in the class were just happy and kept. The girl and C were always together in everything at school. When the girl was beaten helped C always fight back and when C had been in fights helped the girl her always to be calm again. C and the girl had some good times with plenty of laughs when they were not in school. But it was not enough for the girl, she was still bullied at school and would not attend school.

(I remember one time C and I had got into a fight with a boy who had pushed me into C. he had bullied me a lot that day. I remember that I took hold of him and lifted him from the ground and afterwards throwing him into the wall. It was as if I had super powers, but it was only anger. After he had hit the wall took C is a skrallespand standing nearby and threw it in his face. It was the only fight where I did some other mischief.)

the girl and her father decided that she had to move school, bullying could stop. It was the best thing that had happened to the girl the last year. The new school was a Christian school, with very few students and that she was not bullied. The girl was friends with everyone at school especially the teachers. At the new school girl was challenged in all subjects and teachers soon found out that she was very smart. But the consequences of bullying continued to follow the girl for several years.

(My new school is good and I have many friends, but they live just far away. I have learned something very important that everyone should know that you would have others do unto you that you should do unto them.

bullying was not just the only thing I fight against. in third grade I started getting eating disturbance. I was so upset at school that I just could not eat my food so I threw it always in the trash. it was not so bad because I still ate twice a day.

in the final turn of the third grade, I stopped also by eating breakfast food. but since it was vacation, I was forced to eat with my family. I was fine to eat with my family, because I was happy when I was not in school. and when I was happy I had the desire for food.

but then started school again and I stopped to eat breakfast and lunch. and after some time I only ate dinner when I felt hungry.

it kept that way for sixth grade. (which I had moved school) one of my friends came to me and asked if I did not like to eat my lunch. I just replied with that I was not hungry. it went on for a week. and then came one of my teacher to me and told me to eat my lunch. I just replied with okay. (I did not eat my lunch)

a few days later, I was home by my teacher after church. we should have dinner and I was not hungry. but I ate a little anyway. after we had eaten, my teacher wanted to talk to me. she told me to eat otherwise I would end up in the hospital. I did not understand what she meant.

a few days after I asked a girl who was living with my teacher about what it meant.
her face went from happy to completely serious. she said bluntly to me that if I did not eat I would die. but they would not want me to die. so if I did not eat they would send me to the hospital where I would be fed through a tube that went down in my stomach.

the next time my teacher would keep an eye on I ate my food. and I got much better so now I always like to eat.

my greatest wish in the whole wide world is to become a fashion designer and to get on the Ellen DeGeneres show. and talk about bullyng and its consequences (my mom says det impossible, but I believe det possible) PLEAS get Ellen to read my story, so I'm a bit closer, to a dream come true.

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tracie marcil
368 days ago

ellen here in kalama,wash. there is so much bullying and the teachers and principles act like they dont see it. my kids used to love going to school now they hate it . WHAT CAN I DO .

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Jennifer Young
451 days ago

My niece committed suicide in 2012. She was bullied, one of her tormenters said "You are a nobody, you should hang yourself". The next day, that is exactly what she did. The school she was at had to have grief counselors to talk to all the kids. At her service we opened the microphone up to all of her friends who wanted to come up and share a memory or say something. After two hours there was still a line wrapped around the hall of the church. My niece had no idea how many people's lives she touched, she would have loved the fact that the church service was so packed on both levels people were standing. Our family feels lost without her. Schools need to realize how serious bullying is and how huge the cost of ignoring it is.

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478 days ago

Remember to be who you are, and also to accept others as they are. Encourage one another to do positive things for one another. The world is made to be different. If we weren't different, think about all the accomplishments that would not have occured because no one would have the courage to think outside the box and be different. Before you think to say something bad about someone or treat them badly, consider their struggle and story-- as we all have one! :)

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478 days ago

Remember to be who you are, and also to accept others as they are. Encourage one another to do positive things for one another. The world is made to be different. If we weren't different, think about all the accomplishments that would not have occured because no one would have the courage to think outside the box and be different. Before you think to say something bad about someone or treat them badly, consider their struggle and story-- as we all have one! :)

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Shelly Cook
540 days ago

Its crazy how inconsiderate people can b these days. Growing up these days or trying to keep ur confidence is so hard WAY harder than it was years back. Ive never watched ur news cast before but i can see u r a beautiful lady inside and out. Much love from a Southwestern Ontario Canada Stay at home Mom <3

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martha parker
551 days ago

what an incredible message, and yes we have to stand behind those that are victims of bullying and put a stop to this infectious and deadly disease. I applaude you and even though I am one, I have the opportunity as an Er nurse to be around many people, and so I will do my part to try and educate those that are victims of bullying.

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Linda Byrnes
562 days ago

I sorta know how she feels because I myself was bullied everyday I worked for this particular teacher. That year was her first but my 5th and had I had done a good job the previous years but 2010-2011 was my worst.Everyday she would give me a new schedule to follow and I was also switched around between students which the school has never recommended in the past but I was treated unfairly.I was very ill (with a liver disease) which the school knew about and I did my best to be there daily but it was very hard for me. Finally my doctor said due to the Stress I had to leave my position. This teacher later caused another employee to retire early. Adult bullying is Real!

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Dellany Peace
567 days ago

Dear Ellen,

I am working with an established filmmaker in Los Angeles to help stop bullying. Over the holiday, I went to my hometown in North Carolina and talked to some kids about bullying. I spoke to a small group of children (under the age of 10) and some of them have experienced bullying already! They wanted to make a small video for you to see if you could help with the film. Please take 30 seconds to check this out : They are all big fans of yours and LOVE how kind you are to everyone! Thank you for inspiring so many people!

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Liz Barrabas
597 days ago

Dear Ellen,
We think of bullying from children mostly but it happens every where. I am very trusting and honest. I worked for the Kent School District after volunteering there for 20 plus years prior. I truly enjoyed working there. My last 4 years their I worked for Building Operations for the Kent School District and was bullied and set up by my own boss and her best friend. She had even told me the year before that I was the best assistant she ever had and that I was meant for this position. She bullied me my first year but then with my determination I prevailed and was the best plus I had a ton of respect from those custodians that I supported. Many of them during my set up wrote letters for me that brought me to tears but their letters did nothing for me during my termination. The evil prevailed and was very hurtful I had never had any negativity on my record. If you saw my folder you would be shocked at how she got away with what she did to me. I became very depressed and down to 105 lbs. slowly dying when I was hospitalized and my daughter begged me to want to live. I am now back to living and gaining weight. I can't believe that I let such miserable people do that to me. I have so much to offer and am back to volunteering until I can find another job which is challenging. I am glad when people stand up to their bulliers because when you are bullied you find it hard to believe that there are people like this in the world we live in today and why would someone want to hurt us when we would never think of doing this to them. Cheers to all whom have the guts to stand up for all of us. You all rock.

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Lacie Sorenson
601 days ago

Dear Ellen,

Hello :) My name is Lacie. I first just want to say how much you make me smile. I love to watch your shows and have been watching them for some time. I especially loved seeing you on american Idol you were so freaken hilarious! Watching your shows have been such a huge inspiration in my life because like you I love helping people and making them feel good. I am 27 years old and I am currently going to school for Nursing. I have been a CNA for almost 9 years now helping the sick in my community and sharing my compassion and love. However, I currently had to drop this fall semester of 2012 due to a horrific trajedy that has occured in my family and around my hometown in Idaho. On August 25th,2012 I lost my baby brother who was 13 years old to suicide due to bullys. This was the most devasstating day of our lives. My brothers name is Spencer Jade Nilsson. He was tormented for over a year being called horrible names that were very sexual and derogetory. The school principal and teachers were informed multiple times that this was going on and they didnt seem to take it seriously. It progressively got worse my brother was getting threatened every day that he was gonna get beat up and kids were actually betting 100 dollars on the fight that the bully would win. They called him a ***, a girl, and while standing in the concession line 3 boys made the sexual harrassing comments "how would you like it up your butte while another replied he would like it cause he cant feel it. When my brother who was humiliated went to the principal to tell her what they said she simply shrugged her shoulders and walked the other way. Bullys are a huge problem all across the states and more victims are committing suicide beause of it. This is a crime and should be taken into effect seriously nationwide. I am my brothers voice now and I have prayed every night for the last 3 months that I will someday soon have the oppurtunity to share my story on your show. I more than anything want a good outcome so we can help save other victims by having stricter laws on bullys for no tolerence in the public school systems. Thank you so much for being a supporter of a bully free country. God Bless

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Robbin Miller
613 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I am grateful you and your guest brought bullying to the forefront. I have a 13 year old son who is bullied daily. We reported the fist bully to the Dean Of Students at the middle school and that bully was repremanded(no spell check?)He stopped rubbing his hands through Andy's hair in the hallways and making inappropriate comments.
Now comes a different bully. He steals Andy's mechanical pencils and scribbles on Andy's binder while Andy eats lunch. This bully and Andy share an elective together but eat at separate times. This allows the bully access to Andy's binder. He shoves Andy in the hallways, pushes Andy's binder out of his arms and makes rude comments in the other class they share together. Unfortunately, Andy must have 'victimize' written on his forehead because his fraternal twin is not bullied at all.
Thank you Ellen

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