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115 days ago

Ralph Lauren Kitty. This is Dillon. He poses when I take out the camera.
Where do you load pix?

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Joanne Cote-Patch
149 days ago

How do I send a great picture... My niece and her Big Sow smiling!!!

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melissa weller
153 days ago

Hello, yes, I love you so much. You are like a God to me. :)
I have an idea for an invention that Im supprised is not already out. Its for animal lovers. It will solve many problems and or issues with having more than one pet. It can also help animals that suffer from being over weight. I am excited and stuck at the same time. It was accepted by a design place for inventions but I cannot go on with it with this company because it cost a lot of money for a single mom living on social security and cannot work or go to collage. I am also afraid of being ripped off and I dont know where to turn. I wanted to share the invention idea with you and I think you will also like it beings youre also an animal lover.I also feel panicy because I feel Im afraid someone else will eventually come up with it. This could help me and my boys out so much. I will be able to give them a nice life beings they were cheated out of their younger childhood by their bio-father. I just want to be happy with my boys,pets and gardening.

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168 days ago

My name is Maggie, I have a cat she is so sweet, she loves to have her belly rubbed would love to show a pic of her getting her belly rubbed, but she has a big lump on her belly. I'm trying to get her in some where to get it checked out but I don't have the money. I would do anything for her but its so hard I have no job and just found out I have M.S. maybe i can set a web page for her to get some help from people I just don't know how to do that

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186 days ago

Love the show ,know you are a New Orleans Saints Drew Brees fan(who I agree happens to be a great quarterback and team and my second favorite)however very disappointed that you took sides and decided to go with the Denver Broncos w/o giving the Seahawks a chance . You should have given them (the Hawks) the opportunity to have a player from the team on the show also.
either that or stay neutral (like Switzerland ). GO HAWKS !

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Tara Ward
195 days ago

My name is Tara Ward. I am from Saint Louis Mo. I love your show and I love you Ellen since you love animals because I do too. The truth is I have 11 cats!!!! I know right? We started out with only two. Their names are Elijah And Ginger. I adopted Ginger from an animal shelter. She is a calico.Me and my mother also got Elijah from this ederly women who could no longer take care of him. He is precious!! He is a Hemmingway He has 6 toes on each paw! Then my dad moved in with us. He had two cats, Smokey and Meow. Smokey is very lazy lol she loves to sleep and is an over round very laid back spunky girl. Smokey gives my dad a high five! Meow she is so smart. She can LITERALLY...She has this green little pillow toy, and whenever me and my dad play with her we say "Bring back the green pillow", She actually brings it back.Meow is a free spirit type of cat, she is so full of life and is loving! Then my dad had to get one more because his friend was moving and could no longer take care of this cat. Her name is Mia. Unfortently we found out where she lived at she was not getting the proper nutrition. She is a compulsive eater now because she still thinks that she won"t get that meal again...But we now keep a close eye on her because she will LITERALLY eat 50 times a day NO JOKE, and we are monitoring her because she needs to lose weight but she is a good cat very loving. Then Abbey came along. She is orange and white, she was a stray on our front porch! My mom also rescued her once, she almost got hit by a car!! Bad news...We found out she was pregnant. We actually was going to give the cats away but they were just so beautiful, so we kept them. My dad calls them by different names but me and my mom named them. Abbey had this beautiful orange and white very fluffy just gorgeous cat names Theodore, he is so loving and just BEAUTIFUL!!! he should be on a cat commercial lol. Then she had these two almost identical gray and white cats. I named one Gabrielle she has a brown spot on her arm I loved that name so I gave it to her, The other gray one is less dominent she is a little shy but loving,her name is Allie. I named her after the Notebook. Then Abbey had two more little kittens. She had a black one, he also has brown going through him, he looks so unique! Then lastly anouther daughter, she is almost identical to d her mother Abbey expect she is a bit taller and super lean, she is orange and white too, Her name is Pe'nelope. after Penelope Cruz :-) I am a student well I just graduated, but Iam going back to do nursing real soon ;-). It does get extremely hard for me and my family to care for all of these cats!!!!!! What makes me so agitated is whenever we get coupons from Purina Cat Chow it says buy 24 cans save a dollar, and Iam left thinking to myself, How can they even be a respected cat food brand, Do they even care about cats?? lol? But we manage. They probably eat more than I do. I would love to send you pics of all of them for they are the most precious souls to me and I am grateful to have 11 cats :-) We also have 2 dogs. Moo-Moo and pitler they're pretty cool, they have their own rooms love to watch t.v. and enjoy the outdoors. Love u Ellen ;-)

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Joseph Glemba
196 days ago

Here is a link to a young girl that adopted a cat from a shelter and is taking care of it. She is 4 years old and is painting pictures of cats for the shelter and auctioning off her paintings to raise money for the cat shelter. Her paintings are raising hundreds and hundreds of dollars and is going viral with bids from all over the United States bidding on her work.

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Tiffany Wiggins
207 days ago

This is my cat Swayze not even sure why or how he is up there:

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Ozzie Countryman
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Angel Marie Rivera
229 days ago

How do I download a pet photo. not cat or dog. i can't find a spot on the website
Angel Rivera

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Jessica Hansen
232 days ago

Hi Ellen!!!
This is my kitten, Elsie. I live in a studio apartment, and didn't realize that she would try to wake me up all through the night, so I have to play games with her right before bed in order to get her tired out. One night, she ran over to me with her stuffed mouse. I threw it across the apartment and she ran like crazy to get it. She then, brought it back to me, and repeated the act over and over again- like a puppy! Since then, Elsie and I have been playing fetch with stuffed mice, little balls, and most recently, rubber bands. I just shoot it off into the abyss and she retrieves it. It's truly amazing! Here is a video of her in action : )


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Faleisha McFall
235 days ago

This is our dog axel when he was a puppy just a few months old he had a thing with playing in the bathtub but now you cant even get him in the tub without forcing him in..

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Sharlene Newman
236 days ago

Hi Ellen, My name is Sharlene Newman from Alberta Canada, I love your love of cats and all animals, I'm a photographer and a registered breeder of the Sphynx and the Elf cat,I thought you might appreciate a couple of my photos, but I can't figure out how to add them or send them. Love your show, love you.. no matter what kind of day your having watching your show brings a smile to my face.

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Shanna Ferro
244 days ago

This is my rescue Kitty named Spirit. I have videos on my instagram of me singing to kitty. Spirit is such a lil lover. His momma was a wild cast and was ran over. Two young girl's were parked by my jeep at Wal-Mart trying to find him a home. Hello! Meee! Spirit is now our shop cat at my candle shop. His BFF's are Sugar Baby my 4lb 9 yr old teacup yorkie with pink hair & Bandit my rescue squirrel. One BIG happy family :-) :-) :-) :-) how do you attach pics & vids...I have tons :-)

I have a precious squirrel that is gaining fans. I believe everyone would fall in love with him. His name is Bandit. My cousins cat brought him in her house thru her doggy door. She thought at first it was a mouse. His eyes were still closed. She text me at 1am, and I responded "ON WAY NOW!" I drove 15min to meet her and I raised him the next few months. I made a pouch to wear around my neck and carry him around at my candle shop while I worked. He is free in our backyard on our two acres of land. He visits me every morning and evening before dark for pecans, lovn & playtime. Tonight I got home after dark. It has been cold outside 41° so I provided a heatlight in the open cage that I have his pouch hanging inside of...I took a chance to see if he was in his pouch and yes he was. Here is a picture I took. I have tons of pics from the start of raising him.  I've also figured out a way to record sweet lil messages in a chipmunk voice (helium app) from The Ferro Forest (our backyard)where I have been doing custom messages for children and even some adults have requested a message from Bandit talking to them. LOL!!! Bandit wants to make you a message Ellen, but I'm not sure how to post it. Heee heee giggle giggle (soundcloud)
Thanks You,
Shanna Ferro-A Candlemaker who loves to sing & Adores Animals!!!
The Animal Whisperer :-)

Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone


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Rich Herrmann
259 days ago

I know that Sixx Pack is not a cat. He is a 14 1/2 year old mini dachshund that has had quite an ordeal for a dog.
He has had a small heart murmur for as long as I can remember. At the age of six his thyroid shut down and he has been on oral medication twice a day ever since. Around the age of 10 he decided to have 5 seizures within a 24 hour period. After a trip to doggie ER and two days and nights in the doggie hospital he wound up on seizure medication three times a day for a year and then finally to twice a day. In between all of this he had two dentals and lost quite a few teeth. Every thing seem to level out for a while until the past six months we noticed that he didn't seem to eating well and was losing weight so off to the vet we went.
Blood works showed his liver enzymes were off the chart in the high range. They also decided he needed another dental and at that time the rest of his teeth were removed that left him toothless. He was then on a soft diet of mini pasta and shredded chicken. This went on okay for about two weeks and then he wouldn't eat at all. After more blood work it was decided he needed to spend a night or two at the vet with an IV to help flush out the toxins in his system that his liver wasn't doing. Currently this seems to have helped as he started eating again. After we brought him back home we have to give him fluids under the skin at least every other day after at first every day for about two weeks. He has found some different favorite foods such as spaghetti, Kellogg's corn flakes, yogurt, mini yellow tomatoes as well as some crazy eating habits.
I have a couple of real cute short videos that I would like to submit but I didn't know how or when to do this. It shows his eating habits.
His treatment has been expensive over the years as we probably have over $10,000 wrapped up in this little guy and every day we get with him is like a gift from God. The Vet has told us that he could leave us and join our other pets on Rainbow Bridge at any time. We call him our miracle dog. We also have five other mini dachshund's from the ages of 3 through 10 years old. We lost one earlier in the year due to kidney disease that was 13 years old.
Again I apologize for sending this in at this time and if I have to send it in again during dog or pet week I will as I think it is a very good story.

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