Ellen's writer, Amy, doesn't do well with haunted houses. See how she fared in Ellen’s haunted hallway!


Jane Ritz
657 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I needed 2 hours of Ellen today. I'm depressed. You help with that. So I do need to tell you Thanks. The Ole Mimi mobile is acting strange. I can't have that now. I think the holidays coming up is bothering me. It is awful to be in my position and not be able to get my grandchildren and children something for Christmas. Things have been tough before but not this bad. I'm trying my best to make some things. I hope they will like them. I'm gonna run out of fabric before I run out of people. I'm watching Dr. Oz who is talking to someone who is addicted to food. She could trade places with me and it would be cured. Cereal and milk doesn't put on the pounds. See Ellen I needed that other hour of Ellen. I need HAPPY today!I think I'll watch some of the clips I can see on line..One more thing. Thank you for supporting breast cancer. My Mom died with it at 59. I'm 57 now so it makes you think-Anyway Ellen-Thank you!

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