Harrison McGovern is only 8 years old, but he sure knows a lot about dinosaurs! He told Ellen about his favorite creatures and delivered some shocking information about pterodactyls!


663 days ago

My son is just like that! and he has asperguer. He is an animal expert! He can manage any conversation about animal,same or better than Jack Hanna. lol. Is amazing how much he knows and the way he can manage this topic.

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dani porter
665 days ago

I have a 4year old and we too have been obssessed with dinosaurs since he was 2. I see my son's future in this kid. Maybe you could get Harrison the dinosaur expert tickets to the dionsaur park in New Jersey; it had its first year this year.
I bet he would get a kick out of it. The park has life size anomatronic dinosaurs! I plan on taking my son this spring. The park is only open for a few months a year.

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