After the show, Ellen took a moment to answer some of her audience's questions. She also met a very special fan.


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Joyce B Stahly
440 days ago

Hi Ellen... I work full time so I DVR all your shows....well you probably don't need to know this part but I'm home today preparing for my first colonoscopy and am catching up on all your shows. Well...intermittenly lol...AND I have to be careful with when your show makes me laugh (as you and your show always does!) have helped me through some very tough times in my life (dealt with melanoma, lost my home but became a young grandma to a beautiful grandson and other hard times). Thank you for the beautiful person you are. Joyce

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Asia ford
463 days ago

Hey Ellen my name is Asia ford and I am a big fan and I jus want you to know that I love you and you are a very big inspiration for me thank you

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Fernanda Zavala
507 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I have a little question,
Do you also help people outside the US and Canada?
... Mexico por example LOL

Thx for all the energy and love you put on your work, you make this world a better place to be. I just by watching you my life has star to change in a better way little by little. So Thank you so much, my fiance thinks I'm an adict to your program and I am very proud to say I am!!! You make people dance, smile, laugh, and have hope tell how is that not addictive??
Thank you again.

( sorry for my english is not perfect )

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596 days ago

It should be simple to figure out & probably is for people knowledgeable about & using new technology, which appears to be everyone except me, but,: How do I change my public page? I no longer have a computer so use an E-reader equipped with wi-fi. I also do not have a cell phone or know how to use one. In my defense, I live in a rural area of the Rocky Mtns. where cell service came after everyone else, there is only one expensive carrier that really works up here, & I am now living on a small fixed income meant for one but supporting two, so it isn't a high priority to purchase or keep abreast of new technology . Now I'm not begging for anything here, just pointers on how to change my public page. I can't find anywhere to do that with a nook. Now my pointer finger is tired so...take care!

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619 days ago

hi Ellen,
i know this will be a weird question to ask. I want to ask if you can please tell Justin Bieber if he could come to Virginia to sing me happy birthday. This will be the best 14th birthday ever and I will never forget. Can you please do this for my I know you wouldn't let your fans down and Justin Bieber won't let his fans down. I had always dream of meeting him. Please Ellen i love your show i watch them on youtube. I wish he could come on Novemeber 20th. Please oh please.

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662 days ago

Ellen...I am certain by now you have discovered what an incredible woman Nell is and how grateful she is to have had the opportunity to meet you. Nell cherishes each special moment in her life and shares her positive energy with everyone she comes in contact with. I will forever remember sitting in her hospital room last January as she had developed pneumonia, requiring her to be put on a venilator, when she shared with me (via her computer controlled with her eyes) that everyone had been commenting on how bright her eyes are...her is because God is in my eyes! Nell has never permitted anyone to feel sorry for her and does not believe that she "suffers" from ALS. Nell LIVES with ALS and teaches all of us about strength, courage, faith, love, surrender and acceptance. My life is truly richer as a result of being in Nell's presence.

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663 days ago

I met Nell thrugh my friend Stacie and Vicki. Nell is an awesome woman, she is inspiring to me and all that know her. She never gives up on herself or what she has accomplished! She has an infectious smile and I am honored to know her! Thank you Stacie and Vicki for introducing me to such a special lady!

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Judith Smith
664 days ago

Ellen I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to speak with our beautiful friend Nell. She has been a light in my life and that of many others. She has so looked forward to being on your show and I know this will be a memory she will hold dear forever. Thank you again.

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665 days ago

The horrible disease, ALS ("Lou Gehrig's disease"), needs all the public awareness it can get. As someone who just lost a loved one to ALS, I thank you so much for responding to Nell in such a kind way.

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Patricia  Hamil
666 days ago

My Comment is regarding Ellen's show that aired September 24, 2012 Monday: I would like Ellen to know what an Inspiration she is to so many Other People.......At the end of that show, you took a moment to speak to a lady with MS..her Name is Nell, and you allowed her to have a photo taken with you as well.......Thank you for that. The Person who "speaks" for Nell, is My Daughter Stacie Giles (she is an RN)......and is Nell's caregiver......I am So Proud of her, and what she does for Nell....You gave Them an Amazing Moment, Ellen Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for that...:)
Sincerely Pat Hamil

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666 days ago

Seeing Nell so happy brought tears to my eyes, and you would not believe what an inspiration she is and always has been to so many, and has a great sense of humor. I love her so much.

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666 days ago

Thank you so much Ellen, for taking the time to acknowledge Nell. She is just an inspiration everyday. I am blessed to be a part of Nells life

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liann key
666 days ago

thank you for being so kind to Nell on your show Ellen. you are a truly compassionate person. namaste to you.

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Stacie Canfield Giles
666 days ago

My Name is Stacie. I am the Friend of Nell/Nurse who asked Ellen the last question in this video clip. I only had a minbute at the show to speak about Nell, but there is so much more you should know.
Nell waqs diagnosed with ALS going on 4 years ago this winter. She plans on beating the odds. It took an enormous amount of effort for Nell to make it from her home in Fairview, PA to the Ellen show for Tuesday's taping. Nell requires skilled nursing care 24/7 to provide even her basic needs. This does not stop Nell from being as independent as absolutely possible. Nell drivesw her chair with her head movements, and communicates through a device she type on using her eyes. She sleeps every night on a vemtilator allowing her tired body to get the rest she needs to keep moving! Nell is an amazing woman who embodies the spirit of courage. She was actually given an award by the Sister's of Saint Joseph called The Spirit of Courage 3 years ago. Nell is a champion horseback rider and has actually rescued race track horses to rebreak them into school horses. Everyday she stays positive, no matter what her day brings. Ellen, the brief interaction you have given Nell, has changed her life. She looks at the picture of you two and just beams from ear to ear. Thank you for recognizing Nell. Here is her facebook site,listing her journey to see your show!

SIncerely, Stacie!/groups/368194013201481/

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667 days ago

Ellen, I'm not sure how else to put this, but you are an inspiration to everyone. It's not because you're a celebrity or because you have your own show. In fact, it's not really because your donate to charities either (although I'll be honest in saying that is honorable as well). The reason you are such an inspiration is because you live through so much and, despite the many instances where you could so easily have a rough time or get yourself down, you instead pull yourself--along with everyone else--right back to the very height of happiness.

Now, I'm not going to say that I've had my worst low yet or even my biggest high in life, but I will say that, when some bad things started happening in my life, you brought me back up. If you can do that from thousands of miles away, none of us can even imagine how that made Nell feel. Some would shy away from the question or feel uncomfortable, but you didn't. You see so many people these days who just feel uncomfortable when they are around those who are not as fortunate as they are, but you are the polar opposite. You answered the question and made the day of someone who probably does not have many happy days to begin with. That is truly an honorable action.

I knew you as a talk show host who likes to do help people, which isn't bad at all. However, after watching this video, I can see even more of what a hero you are. You are a hero to Nell as well as everyone else you've helped over the years you've had your show and I'm absolutely certain the people you have helped outside of your show. A person that kind is so hard to find these days and it is refreshing to everyone to see just how kind you really are.

Thank you, Ellen, for showing us the true meaning of an inspirational hero.

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