I hope y’all are having a good weekend. Yesterday was the first day of fall, or as fancy people say, “Autumn hath arrived!”

This week my show is gonna be music to your ears. No Doubt is here! They haven’t released a new CD in 11 years, and I’m pretty sure Gwen Stefani hasn’t aged a day.

Also, Green Day and The Killers are gonna be here, which is huge. They’re making their daytime television debut, so I hope they remember to set their alarms.

My good friend Bethenny Frankel is back! It’s amazing how she can get people to open up to her. My audience will tell her anything, and I mean anything.

And Selena Gomez is here! She’s in an exciting new movie called “Hotel Transylvania.” She’s also been dating a guy named Justin Bieber… perhaps you’ve heard of him.

Then on Thursday, JENNIFER GARNER IS HERE! Sorry I wrote in all caps. I’m not yelling, I’m just really excited.

I’m also talking to the incredible Viola Davis, the charming Zooey Deschanel, and the incredibly charming Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Plus, two L.A. Lakers -- Kobe Bryant and newcomer Dwight Howard will be here! I better get my giant foam finger ready.


See you there!