Ellen showed a clip of the fateful meeting on the show -- now watch their whole conversation right here!


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Sharon Freeman
392 days ago

I love Sophia Grace and Rosie!!! They are the cutest, sweetest little girls and they have the most awesome outgoing personalities!!! Their parents are so lucky to have such talented babies!!!

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Sheri Dann
456 days ago

Always enjoy your show my dearest Ellen, brings me joy & laughter, wish could attend your shows been trying for years never could get a tickets, tried to get tickets for my daughter who is in London we tried like 2-3months before she came , not available, anyway my sister is arriving soon from Singapore & love to catch your show is there any chance to get 2tickets for us, as she's off to Daytona on 14th of May for her convention course on Hypnotherapy, & be back in LA by 26thMay tried to check all dates are booked up, been try'g since Mar anyway just to wish you & Portia well & your mum too....thank you so much for bringing us all smile,laughter & joy to our home, love & bless you always. by the way ...hoooraah for Collins..tumbs up,he did the right thing, so brave & well deserved..he should be proud of what he did....Thank you again....love sheri xxoxoxo..

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Brenda  McCarthy
604 days ago

I like watching Sophia Grace and Rosie on your show. Not sure if I am blogging on the right subject. I am not good at this. Brenda.

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615 days ago

Cute little girls, every little girl loves a tutu

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Robyn Pone
634 days ago

Ellen, thank you for having such a wonderful and upbeat show! My friends and I were
In the audience once during your first season! It was really fun!! Just submitted a request for 2 tickets for your November 9th show. Would love to give my 15 year old daughter the chance to see one of your amazing shows and see her favorite band, One Direction too. She would be so thrilled!!
Thanks for the opportunity , and great job on your 10th season!

Robyn Pone

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Samantha moreno
642 days ago

My two little girls absolutely love those two Little girls.

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Amy Hammonds
667 days ago

PLEASE WATCH!!!!!!!! :)


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667 days ago

I certainly hope Sophia and Rosie are in school. They are cute, but don't come across as very educated. Jus' sayin...

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668 days ago

They are just TOO CUTE!!! Thanks for making me smile!

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marcia bicalho barroso feres
669 days ago

oi ellen.
eu sou do brasil e adoro o seu programa. assisto todos os dias. Beijos

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670 days ago

"We like pink tutus.." Ah! I love them! So adorable! : )

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671 days ago

I love those kids and all the kids on TEDS... Where do u get them Ellen?

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Cassidy Johnson
671 days ago

So adorable! "We're really interested in the presidents." "We like pink tutus..."

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672 days ago

Those 2 girls(?) make me sick to my stomach.
The mother should be shot & stabbed......slowly.
And Bieber....I hope he dies a slow, painful death.
That would be really cool.

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Samantha buckles
673 days ago

I love Sophie and grace they are adorablee

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