Ellen has a new weekly tradition called "Classic Joke Wednesday," and her fans are really into it! We've been getting submissions from EllenTV.com, Twitter, and Facebook! Check out the best of Classic Joke Wednesday!

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338 days ago

What did the baby bird say to the other baby bird when they an orange in the nest?

Look at the orange mama laid (get it: Orange Marmalade)

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Jordan Gibbs
345 days ago

What do you call a superhero storm?

A Thornado!

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366 days ago

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All State Soccer Award,Top Ten Graduating Senior Award,National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) certificate. Stayed with my friend ronni till I graduated high school. After graduating I stayed there with them for like two months and then I had to leave so they help me find an apartment at the Ansonia YMCA ( for only single men). So I got the apartment then they helped me move in and help me with some things to start with. After a month later I applied to UCONN, Syracuse and Michigan State but I only got accepted to Michigan states and UCONN for a double major Electrical Engineering and Criminal Justice ( law enforcement) but I couldn't go because I had no money and my Financial aid couldn't go through because my parents where not here to fill out the parental income parts. Right now I'm still living at the YMCA and I just got let go at my only job that helps me pay for my rent. I been trying to find job, I filled out like 20 job application still no one is hiring. My land lord is going to kick me out if I don't pay for my rent and when I get kicked out I have nowhere to go but only the street.Please Ellen I'm on my knees and begging you in Gods name please help me. I'm suffering and I have no help from anywhere. Everyday I'm thinking about taking my life because I'm going through hardship. No food, no money for rents and I'm thinking about going to college but no money and job is hiring in Ansonia. I only get $24 a money as food stamp money. Please help me Ellen I dearly need help. I want to tell you more about my life but the story is too long to write so incase by any chance I get to meet you I would tell you the rest of the story of my life. The above story is just 20 percent of the full story of my life. Thank you so much for taking the time read this. God bless you. Please I need your help. I hope you find a place in your beautiful heart to help me please

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Jim Deevers
379 days ago

How do u know when a banana is sick, (it don't peel good). Why can't u tell a secret in a corn field? (Cause of all them ears). How do u top a car? ( u tep on da brake tupid)

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ken grandy
395 days ago

another classic:

two cannibals eating a clown,
one say's to the other
"does this taste funny?"

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Dan burton
406 days ago

Hey Tony, how do you catch a unique animal? Unique up on it. Hey Tony, How do you catch a tame animal? Tame way, unique up on it!!!!!

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Saskia Kostic
417 days ago


What is blue and smells like red paint?
Blue paint.

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Saskia Kostic
417 days ago


What is worse than finding a hole in your apple?
A Holocaust.

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418 days ago

Heres a joke for classic joke Tuesday : What did the battery say to the potato chip?
I'm Eveready are you Fritos-lay.

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Tiana Parker
429 days ago

Classic joke from my husband...

A mushroom walks into a bar and asks for a drink. The bartender says "no way, we don't serve your kind here!"
The mushroom says "why not? I'm a fun guy!"

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Georgie Bright Kunkel
429 days ago

The so-called bad photo of the prom picture showing the woman much taller than the man is size discrimination, right?

And as to age discrimination, you have a four year old talent on your show but I havene't seen an almost 93 year old like me on your show. I write a weekly column and go on the comedy stage in Seattle and do humor talks all over my area.
I rock.

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Pam DiGiacomo
430 days ago

Joke for classic joke Tuesday.

Why did the telephone get it released from jail?

It was off the hook...

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Pier Angela Parker
430 days ago

What's big, bright, and silly? A fool moon. =)

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Laura G. McCrimmond
435 days ago

What did 0 say to 8? -- "I like your belt!"

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