• Breed: Shepherd
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in 1999
  • Loves belly rubs
  • A great friend to all he meets

Max is a happy senior dog who just wants to be your friend. Still full of energy, he is always on the go, but he's got two sore knees, so he needs a little break from all of the running and jumping. He promises to be a dedicated companion, and perhaps you can show him some other fun things to do. He likes having his belly rubbed, and always enjoys treats and attention.

Max is a German Shepherd mix who's usually just fine with other dogs. He's afraid of thunderstorms (he'll hide and you'll just see his ears sticking out, giving him away!). We think he may also be a little too enthusiastic for very young children.

All in all, this bundle of cheer would make a terrific best buddy. He sure hopes you're looking for one of those.

Brock Samson

  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in 2005
  • Good with dogs and people, gets along okay with his cat friends
  • Athletic, agile, and in perfect health
  • Loves a good nap

Brock looks like a little cat (actually, he's 11 pounds, but looks smaller). He's curious about everything, and really has a mind of his own. If he's in the mood, he's a complete love bug -- so sociable and charming! When he's not in the mood, he'll just suavely make a jump in the other direction from you. "Not now," he seems to say, "I'm thinking about something important."

Brock Samson was simply abandoned in a cat carrier outdoors by someone -- how humiliating! That's no way to treat such an interesting, intelligent cat.

He's very soft and he would just love to have a home he could explore, and people he could adore -- may he come home with you?

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