Did You Know This About Jesse Tyler Ferguson?

The star of "Modern Family" is always fun as a guest on the show. We learned some fun facts about him that we thought we'd share with you!

  • Jesse Tyler began acting at age 8 when he joined the Albuquerque Children's Theatre.
  • Jesse Tyler didn't realize how much of an influence his role on "Modern Family" would have. He's said, "I'm always being stopped on the street... someone recently thanked me for changing his uncle's mind about gay people. 'He loves your show so much, I felt okay to tell him I'm gay.' It's astonishing."
  • He's often mistaken for the actor Simon Pegg.
  • He can't stop watching "Downton Abbey," "The Voice" and "So You Think You Can Dance." He was even a guest judge on "SYTYCD"!