Did You Know This About Taylor Swift?

She's a music icon, and the spitting image of Ellen, but here are a few more facts about Taylor Swift that you may not know.

  • Taylor has a cat named Meredith, a Scottish Fold. The cat is named after Ellen Pomeo's character in "Grey's Anatomy," Meredith Grey!
  • Katy Perry once tweeted that she was going to "kidnap" little Meredith because she's too cute.
  • She grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Wyomissing, PA.
  • Taylor was a straight-A student in high school.
  • Taylor Swift is known to be incredibly honest in her songwriting. Forever and Always was inspired by her ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas.
  • Taylor won Entertainer of the Year at the 2009 CMA Awards -- the youngest artist to ever win the award.
  • In 2010, Taylor made her big screen acting debut in "Valentine's Day."