Ellen's friends at (RED)RUSH have put together this list of ways that you can get involved in the fight for an AIDS free generation. Find all the ways you can get involved at (RED)RUSH.com.

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  1. Choose (RED) products, and the participating companies will give money to the Global Fund to fight AIDS - so when you're shopping for an iPod at Apple, choose the (RED) one, Belvedere has vodka, Beats has (RED) headphones, Spike Jonze's skateboard company Girl is a (RED) partner.
  2. Give a gift to a friend - Penfold's wine, Mophie phone charger.
  3. Check in to (RED) partner Starbucks on foursquare and they'll donate $1 to fight AIDS.
  4. Join Kate Upton and play a video game in (RED) in the (RED)RUSH Gaming Tournament to drive money to the fight.
  5. Buy a concert ticket. Coldplay, The Killers, Tim McGraw, Death Cab for Cutie are all offering special (RED) tickets for sale to their shows with proceeds to the fight.
  6. ITunes is releasing the first track from The Roots & Tune-Yards from the forthcoming (RED) HOT AND FELA album.
  7. You can sponsor a bunch of women who are driving across Europe to raise money for the fight.
  8. Spread the word! Tell your friends about (RED)RUSH on Twitter & Facebook.
  9. Watch and share the new (RED) video.
  10. Friend (RED) on Facebook and stay up to date with how you can help fight AIDS.