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53 days ago

hor a few months now i have been trying to contact the crew at ellen to secure tickets as we are travelling over from australia and are massive fans. i am honestly very dissapointed in regards to not once haveing a reply email sent to me. i understand your crew must be busy sifting through emails but litterly have send about 30 emails with no reply, all we wanted was to try and get tickets or maybe even for our dance girls traveling over to do a dance for ellen. very disapointed viewer

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166 days ago

No comment. Just HELP. I want to know if you can get an answer to a question. i am trying to get a home loan so I can stay in a house that I have rented for five years. I do not have very good credit and I am disabled. Is there a reason why the government as come down so had on people with fixed income like me that are trying to keep there life together. When I call places for help they just tell me to call somebody else. Thanks for letting me vent.

Just Frustrated

Love Barb

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191 days ago

Hey Ellen. I love your show and I follow it as much as I can. I just wanted to share a story that I saw on the web that really inspired me and thought that maybe they would be people you would like to talk to on your show. This is the story of Sports Illustrated Kids of the Year 2012: Cayden and Connor Long.

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Siobhan A (shavon)
230 days ago

Dear Ellen, i think i know who is your 2013 12 days mascot, slothy the snowman. Kristen Bell! she loves sloths! or maybe its Dax? they are married now & hes a funny guy. I just wanted you to know i called who was behind the mask before you revealed it. Now if i see u & say "i knew who it was all along". u cant say "your just saying that. you only know because i announced it"! Excited? Think I'm coming to LA? Sadly no. i only travel to cities were friends & family live so i don't need to pay for a hotel. Maybe someday you will be in Rhode Island & I'll see you then. I know your thinking " why would i go to RI, i can go anywhere". Well firstly i live here and obviously I'm awesome! Also it's beautiful here, (in the summer). Still don't believe me ask Taylor Swift she own a house in RI! Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year
Sincerely Siobhan
ps todays date is 12/11/13

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234 days ago

We love your show but disagree with the 'Sexy man'-Who makes that choice? Clearly there are folks who believe -there are 5 other actors who fit that category better than an ego head! Thanks

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Janet Wilderman
251 days ago

On today's show, 11/20/13, you had the audience choose 1, 2, or 3 to win a prize. The lady that had gotten to choose from Sweet Pea (off of the tray), chose number three (3) for her three year old son. You gave her the gift that was under number one. I am surprised that no one caught your mistake. You need to give the lady the correct gift to make it right. Thanks for listening. I love your show!!!! Jan.

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Phyllis A Breininger
263 days ago

While watching the show today, saw "Do I know someone that could use a car" -
Thoughts of my grandson came to mind. He is 17 years old - a senior in high school.
Years ago he was diagnosed with a rare bone disease called McCune- Albright Snydrome. (Genetic disease that affects the bones and color (pigmentation) of the skin.) Has had numerous surgeries due to the disease. Has been on crutches many times. Home schooled for one year.
He has been driving a hand me down truck which is our of service - needs a new transmission. Works at Burger King so he has money for gas. He is a real trooper.
Parents divorced - father had accident and can't work at present.
At his last doctor visit, found out rod twisted in leg which meant yet another surgery. Doctor said this never happened before. Note - surgery was scheduled for today, but he ran fever yesterday, so surgery has to be rescheduled.
This boy does not complain even though he has pain. Friends and relatives marvel at his upbeat spirit.

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273 days ago

Dear Ellen, my father died 3 months ago, I would like to know how it would be possible to get you to write my mom a letter. He was a veteran 82 airborn, jumped in Normandy he was 86 yrs old. My mom loves your show watches it all the time. I'm a gay female and my parents have always excepted me for who I am. Please give me an idea how to get just a letter to let my mom know her and my dad's sacrifices through the yrs were appreciated. Thank you June

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Diane Wildman
290 days ago

I don't have a comment, I was writing to see if Ellen got my letter last year when I wrote and ask if she would pay for my funeral and buy me a headstone. I am on a fixed income and cannot get life insurance because of all the health problems I have. My 2 daughters cannot pay for a funeral for me. I plan on having a simple funeral with no calling hours and no service so it should not cost more than $15,000 for the funeral and the headstone. Please help me so I do not have to worry about how a funeral for me is going to get paid.

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teresa thiel
295 days ago

My Godchild Amanda Caillouet does a funny hurricane update on her facebook page, she calls herself Rhonda Faye you should really check her out. My sister has sent you a video every year since she started in 2008, because she thought you would love her and want to have her on you show. She recently went viral getting over 500000 hits on her site. But now is so upset, because she originally say a man doing the same thing on u tube and thought it was so funny that she would like to be the female version of him. The Mississippi online paper saw her video and did an online story of her, then another person saw her and did another online interview with her, then her local paper is going to do a story on her. But now the man whom she saw doing it is saying all kinds of stuff about how he has not dune an update on storms, because there is an imposter out there doing the same thing. On her earlier video she even says at the end thanks to him for the idea. She in now sooooooooooooooooo upset and is even sick over it and does not even want to do it anymore. Please look her up and if you see fit e-mail me and I will hook you up with her. She did nothing wrong, she is a school teacher and is the best person you could ever meet. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LOOK HER UP AND MAKE HER FEEL BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MY PHONE NUMBER 9857746373

PLEASE CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Deinna Haynes
333 days ago

Dear Ellen,
My name is Deinna Haynes I am a nobody but you are a somebody and there are some children i'm hoping you could have on your show their mother has been missing for five years from here in Alabama they have never recovered a body so these precious children have never stopped looking for her,when I saw it on the news at channel 19 C.B.S.out of Huntsville Alabama it just broke my heart.I thought getting on your show could help them get it national and if anyone ever heard anything about her they would see it on your show and help these children have some peace just knowing. then knowing that they got to put this info on national t.v. because of your beautiful heart would bless the socks off of these children and that in return would bless the socks off of me. You see I raised three children who lost their mother to a heart attack and have seen first hand how devastating it can be to children. I know your a "wonderful" person and the missing woman's name is "Jenifer Powers" I could not rest good until I wrote this letter to you thank you for all your wonderful things you do for others I pray you and yours are blessed with great health and blessings because of it all! hug's hug's hug's!

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346 days ago

Hi Ellen and staff: I wanted to comment on the rap/singer duo that you had on your show on Friday, August 16th.
I like rap and hip-hop and this looked to be an interesting couple and song, and so I was excited and getting into the beat.
I understand it was about bringing more acceptance about the gay/lesbian community into the forefront of some arenas where this hasn't been accepted before, for example, hip-hop music. Understandable.
Then the rapper started rapping about the shortcomings of the "Church" and "God" - and the presupposed hatred towards Gays and Lesbians.
I just sighed when he started rapping about this.
See, I am a Christian.
Like the evangelical, born-again type Christian.
Which just basically means I reached out to God and asked him to prove himself to me. Which he did. (That's another story). It doesn't mean I am better than anyone else or "hatred" is one of my family values. Of course it isn't.

What concerned me about this rapper's performance is not his style (love rap and hip-hop) but his lyrics about the "Church" (i.e. as a whole) hating gay and lesbian people. In advancing the acceptance of Gays and Lesbians, it would appear in some of his lyrics, he created an environment of hate, toward those of certain faith communities, based on his experience.

This was hard for me to watch, then, at that point. I liked the song, but I am also a part of the aforementioned "hate-mongering" Church. This is difficult. I identify with the God of the Bible, (new and old testament) but did you know there are about 4 passages in the new testament regarding homosexuality and approximately over 2,000 verses in the new testament regarding the love of money, and the injustices related to poverty? What do we as a Church focus on, what is "de rigeur" right now? Do we turn and look at ourselves, our waistlines, how we REALLY treat OUR NEIGHBORS? I don't deny what I read. I believe in Jesus,who was the Truth-teller and the ultimate Love-Giver, unconditionally.

See, I am in a conundrum. Love Jesus. Do my best to follow him. When I don't follow him - I hopefully - ask for - and receive his forgiveness. Realize I am STUPID IMPERFECT. Get that.

And He loves me. Period. and cares for me. Period. Loves me, you know, "Period!!" this makes me happy.
I try to keep that love and then give it away.
I believe this is what we are called to do as a Church (as a whole). It would appear this isn't the case with everybody, or every Church.

This grieves me, because then a rapper gets to be on "Ellen" and "preach" about his experience of the "Church" not loving on him or homosexuals. He gets to rap about how awful God is and how terrible the Church as treated Homosexuals.

His experience is just that - his experience. I would like to point out that not every person or church that believes in the Bible, has hatred toward the Gay community. I thought I could count on Ellen to be as inclusive as possible, but it would appear having a rapper sing about how horrible the Church is, - doesn't seem to help anything. Yes, tell your story. Please just realize that many of us realize this is a complex issue and I personally, don't hate any gay or lesbian person. Do I understand everything about it? Absolutely not. But please don't group me in the same group of people, as there is hate and there is love.

I try to follow the Love-Giver.

Please don't bash the faith community in your pursuit of opening our eyes, or anyone's eyes. You can't lift someone up while your foot is holding someone else down. (even mine). Thanks for reading.

Elise Weinberg

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348 days ago

Hi Ellen, I'm sure you get millions of letters. I personally have never written to a celebrity, I know amazing huh? Seriously though, I know how much you love animals, and I am writing to you about a friend of mine who lives in Louisiana and her name is Terri Neal Richards, we have a group we call "Angel United 4 Paws" Terri is amazing, they were selling a van at her work and we all chipped in so that she could by it to transport animals from shelters or fosters to their furever home, needless to say the van did need some work, tires, etc. Well in joining all together Terri got the van and we also helped with the lettering on the van. Well we thought we were ready to roll, that was until Terri lost her job. She continues to take in strays and have them vetted, well her vet bill is climbing because of all the stray dogs in the south :( We all struggle in one way or another so her donations have basically come to a stop and she is in debt to the vet. I would love to have her recognized some how for the Angel that she is and the work she does to save these animals, as we all try to do. These poor animals do not deserve a life on the streets with no where to go, these are God's creatures and should be treated like God's creatures. There are also so many dogs we can't save either because we find out about them too late or we have no one available to pull the from the shelter before euthanization. Our hearts break everyday. I am not asking for anything but for Terri to at least be recognized for her love and commitment that she gives to these animals, job or not, she will not just drive by a stray without taking him in and giving the love she so freely does. I hope I am not asking too much, I know she watches you show and would be so grateful (not to mention surprised) if she knew how much we love and appreciate all the work she does.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

God Bless

Joann Millmather

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Carolyn Chesson
387 days ago

I am a 58 yr. old black female whose husband left her in 2007. When he left, I lost the house and had to move into an apartment. I could not afford to pay the mortgage. I received no alimony from him. I only make $34,000 a year and have a ton of bills that my ex left behind. Ellen, I need your help.


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eydie flores
415 days ago

o.k. I guess this is the place.
My story is a bit long and I am only looking for advidce and where to go from where I am at.
It starts where my son at the tme as 22 and met a girl it was 2010 4 months later they were married .We can't tell him what to do at this age so we just stood beside him.
She had a little boy he was 16 months at the time.
Well as time came to tell nothing was working out.So they seperated.Shethen found out she was pregnant she did not know if it was my sons (scott) or the father to her othe child.She had a baby girl Hannah.A few months after that her son who was now 3 drowned in a pool at her moms house.She was already on alot of medication and we soon found out she was suicidal after the death her her son.
Her biological grandma put her (Hannah) into a foster care because of course her mom could't care for her and her grandma said she couln't care for her either because of mental and other reasons. Then Amanda took her own life.And Hannah was left with no one.
Well they contacted everyone else . Family wise, even whom they believed was the the biological (robert)no one called or came forward.
Then thy called myson Scott because his name was on her birth certifate they told him the situation and even though they were seperated they were still spending alot of time together with Hannah as well.So even though he really didn't think he was the biological dad he loved her just as much.
And when they asked him him if he wanted her before she got deeper into the system. He said of course .
Because like I said no one else stepped to the plate.
So Scott lives with me and when he got her she had a bag with 3 pampers an the clothes she had on her back.
We don't have a lot of money but guess what? Every penny we had went into everything a little girl needed. Scott worked extra hours do get her what she needed.
But her real dad came into play after we had her her a couple of months and now he wanted her.
To try to make a long story shorter we went through a custody battle .And my son is not inocent he has 4 misdemors and 2 are from high school and this robert guy has 7 felonies ,sex offender, on probation,no job and then some.
But everything that little girl knows is her dada and her mama (grandma) and they ripped her out of our arms in a matter of 4 hours. They did not give him visitation or let her go slowly . her see her it's just not right . My son hurts so much as well as the rest ot the family.
Where can i go from here higher court ? I don't know.
Every morning my grand daughter woke up . She wanted her dada. Then she came and looked for her gamma.
My gosh it has been a week and a half and it worries us . Cause I know she is looking for us and wondering where we are at. How could a judge make that kind of a ruling ,And take her from the only home she knew'
Oh yeah the judge said it was a kidnapping becaus Scott knew it wasn't his daughter but took her anyway. No one else wanted her and he was named father on her birth certifate. He was already attached to her so why wouldn't he . We all loved her .
And now without her without no contact at all hurts so bad . She has to wonder where her Dada and Gamma is. All i'm asking if you can help me find someone or where is the next step We can take to try to at least get visitation with us . PLEASE HELP andgive me advice.

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