Ellen loves the new movie "Chimpanzee" that's opening soon. Ellen's audience received the cool book, "Chimpanzee: The Making of the Film" and tickets to go see the movie at AMC! For every moviegoer who sees "Chimpanzee" during its opening week, Disneynature will make a donation to help protect chimpanzees today and tomorrow, so go see it!

The audience also got new MARLEY Freedom Exodus Headphones! Designed by The House of Marley, these earth-friendly and innovative headphones are made of sustainably-sourced wood and recyclable aluminum. You can get a pair for yourself right here!

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The Powerbag Business Class Pack is the ultimate charging system with a built-in battery and charging system powerful enough to charge the average smartphone up to four times! You can also connect up to four devices at a time. Find out more about Powerbag right here.

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Plus, they all went home with the products Ellen uses to clean her very own home! Mrs. Meyer's makes some of the best products around, and they're Earth friendly! Get some for yourself right here.

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And Ellen had one more surprise for her audience -- a new bike! The Specialized Vita Bike is fast and easy to ride. The Women's team at Specialized focused on great fit for comfort and making it super lightweight, so it's easy to carry upstairs or load in the car. It's a perfect bike for getting in shape or running errands around town. On Saturday, April 28th, Specialized bike shops across the country are hosting Women's Ride Day, which is a great chance for you get out on your bike with other women. Check out their website to find a ride near you!

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