Wayne Pacelle, President of the Humane Society in the US, was here to talk to Ellen about his new book, "The Bond," and the important role animals play in our lives. Animal rights is something very close to Ellen's heart, and she got to speak in depth with her friend and fellow activist about the next steps we need to take.

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Susan Robinson
126 days ago

Dear Ellen, I love that you believe in animals so much. Almost 4 years ago 3 cats, well 2 kittens and 1 adult cat (Now Lilly, Sissy, and Mamma)came to mine and my daughters door. All their left ear tips were clipped and didn't know who had done this awful thing. I come to find out after looking into google that these were feral cats. They had been caught and released and made a colony that no one came back to feed. My daughter and I took on that responsibility and fed them every day. More cats started to come, it seemed like they were spreading the word (FOOD HERE!!). One day there was a very small kitten in the food dish, heck the dish was bigger than he was. I had to take this one in, I named him Tyson cause it looked like he had a broken nose and broad chest. Since then I have taken care of many sick wonderful cats at one time may of had family's, That now have gone to wonderful homes(Bobby, Miss Kitty and Big Jimmy). I now take care of all the cats since my daughter has now moved. I feel I cannot move(my landlord keeps raising rent and I'm on disability, I go without food or paying a bill) cause there would be no one to feed these wonderful cats and they are now my family, they would not understand. There is not enough help out there for feral cats, I have looked for help any kind of help. Ellen keep up the good work to help these animals and please put a word out there for FERAL CATS!!! They so need our help. You can see there pics facebook/hawaiiangirlsue

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Debbie Hatfield
127 days ago

I love animals so much and believe in animal rights. I worked at a Pet hospital for 11 years and saw so many abuse cases, made me so very mad but most of the had a happy ending which ofcouse made me happy.

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152 days ago

I feel that our humanity is defined by the treatment of our animals. If our civilized advancement is measured by the empathy towards all living creatures then I am sadden by the fact that the majority of the human race is failing. I seek to unite with all the people that are working hard to protect the animals and educate the public. Cruelty towards any living thing is unacceptable!

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169 days ago

I wanted to bring this situation with Janet Sinclair and United Airlines to Ellen's attention.

(see her Facebook post below https://www.facebook.com/janet.sinclair.186?hc_location=t...):

“United PetSafe almost killed my Greyhound on July 3, 2013. They never gave my dog or cat water, nor let them out their crates to relieve themselves, after 12 1/2 hours in their crates; even though I had paid extra for a "Safety Stop" in Houston. They left them on the stifling hot tarmac in Houston under the wing of the plane, instead of having them transported by an air-conditioned van, as advertised and promised. My Greyhound suffered severe dehydration and heat stroke because of the neglect and mishandling from United Airlines. She arrived in Boston with her crate covered in blood, feces and urine. Her kidneys were failing and she was urinating and defecting blood, brought on by the heatstroke. United refuses to reimburse me the $2700 it cost to save her life. They offered me $1000 on the condition that I sign a 4 page Non-Disclosure Agreement. They have killed many animals (Google Maggie Rizer and Michael Jarboe). United PetSafe IS NOT SAFE!”

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Mary Lewis
170 days ago

Dear Ellen could you please spotlight the "Best Friends Society". It is a beautiful place I visited this Summer in Southern Utah. What a wonderful place. I am sending you this link so you can see all the work they do for the animals big and small that need special care, and are looking for a forever home. There is so much love and care being done there, and it's all through donations. Here is the link. http://bestfriends.org/The-Sanctuary/Explore-the-Sanctuary/ I hope this link works for you. Thank you for all you do for animals and people alike. I never miss your show. You are a beautiful person.

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JAN Marquardt
170 days ago

I would like to have Ellen donate to the Animal Shelters in Larimer County Colorado. The area was devastated by flooding in September and the shelters stepped in to care for more animals than they could easily handle. The need help with food, blankets and money for shots the animals need to be adopted. Please consider these shelters.

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Feline Kondula Butcher
253 days ago

I am a big animal lover myself and really appreciate it when a big celebrity like Ellen takes time out to raise support about fighting against animal abuse as well as the need for animal rights.

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sylvia mclachlan
254 days ago

The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keensburg, Colorado needs funds from anybody who can help with donations. They rescue and rehabilitate wild animals from all over the world. Ellen please help. Check Facebook page, Wild Animal Sanctuary.
I'm trying to get the word out anyway I can. They would appreciate donations any amount will help. Pat Craig is the founder and angel on earth.

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sylvia mclachlan
254 days ago

I am trying to post comments everywhere on Ellen's page just to alert her to how some animals who have lived in horrific situation that have been rescued and rehabilitated by a wonderful wild animal sanctuary in Keensburg, Colorado. These animals are taken out of these situations and now live their lives running free. PLEASE alert Ellen to this sanctuary, just a visit from her would bring the smiles to so many animal lovers and all monies made from a mere $15.00 fee to enter and all of it is donated to the sanctuary. Ellen they need your help please. The angel who founded this sanctuary is Pat Craig and he needs to be congratulated by Ellen. Thank you and hopefully you can help.

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266 days ago

There is a bond between humans and animals. When my 1yr-old American Eskimo got "steam-rolled" by a huge rotweiler, it broke his front leg in half. The yelp as Snowball ran back to me echoed through the neighborhood!

I took him to the vet that night, posted some immediate cash, applied for an in-house-credit card, and left. The next day, the bill was over $1000 already because of oxygen he needed, etc. After getting his broken leg mended with a titanium rod, the total was over $2000. They weren't going to let us take him home without paying up front, so mom came to the rescue!

(They, a vet's office, was actually offering euthanasia if we couldn't pay!! I cried, as I said that it's unfair to have to kill a dog simply because of a broken leg!!!!)

So part of the debit mom collected during her promise to help back my custody battle was incurred by our new dog. :( Sites like Reddit have the ability for you to post links to ask for help so you don't have to put down your dog. Here's another site on which you can collect your own personal donations... or help with mine and my family's. Thanks for reading!


Thanks again!

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Frances Nash
292 days ago

My mind can never wrap around people who are cruel to animals and those who just get tired of them and throw them out. I have 7 dogs and 5 cats - all strays and/or rescues. I have had people throw their dogs over my fence! It is amazing what people will do to get rid of "their" animals. I try to find homes for them but since most are pit bulls or pit mixes, it is a very hard to find them homes so they are home with me. If I see a dog or any animal being abused, I will rescue it - some may call it stealing (hehehe) but no one desevers to be on a chain in over 100 degrees with no shade or water and be under weight from starving.....that's where the "rescue" comes in. I live in Oklahoma and they are very bad animal parents. The stories out of OK regading animal abuse is disturbing (they throw dogs and bags of puppies out their vehicle windows. What is that!!! We just had a puppy left at our house - also a pit mix. She is so loving and cute. It is sad and a shame for those people who have no heart. They need to start asking for forgiveness! I believe in animal heaven, so the animal should have the final say in their prior parents demise. Thank you for being an animal lover! Cruelty to animals should be punishable in all states and "counties". The county I live in, Grady County, allows you to shoot animals. Disgusting. Thank you and all the rescues out there!

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leeann starinieri
297 days ago

Please stop the cruelty to animals. I can't imagine someone pouring chemicals on your feet so you walk with a prance. Imagine if your feet hurt so bad every second of your life!  Maybe humans that mistreat animals should be locked in a cage so small they can't move or lay down.   Horrible breeding & living conditions just to sell the offspring. The pure torture some people impose on animals keeps me up at night. I worry about the horses and how much their feet hurt. I wake up at night thinking how awful a life would be in a small cage. Please protect all the life on earth. I am in full support of saving animals and prosecuting cruelty.
Leeann starinieri
Lihue, hi
I emailed mo.gov

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Betti Garnett
299 days ago

We need to take action in every city, every condo association, and every place we can to save all the animals that we can.
I have 4 cats, 1 dog, and a ferret that are God gave me for a reason. Lets give them all a reason to live and be happy.

Betti Garnett

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Cathy Collett
300 days ago

Please let all of mankind help ALL animals in the world. There is too much animal abuse out there.Thank You Ellen for caring!!!

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325 days ago

Hey Ellen!
I love cats too, I have one and he's handicap. No one would adopt him because he walks like Steve Harvey and he can't squat so when he has to go potty he goes to the door to go out and comes back when he's done. He's so smart! People who love animals are the best kind of people! Thanks for bringing laughter into my home daily you are a jewel :-)

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