message from ellen
Happy Sunday! Portia and I jumped into action this morning. We vacuumed the entire house, did the laundry, we even got the grocery shopping done. April Fool! We've been on the couch since we got up.

I hope everyone had a great spring break and got nice and rested, because we've got a lot of show coming up.

First of all, Spider-Man is here. Andrew Garfield was in one of my favorite movies, "The Social Network," and now he's playing one of the most loved superheroes of all time. He's swinging by on Monday.

Plus, I'm talking to Emma Stone. She plays Spider-Man's love interest in the new movie, "The Amazing Spider-Man," and she was also the lead in "The Help."

They're not the only great duo I'll be talking to. Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw have teamed up to record a new duet and will be going on a summer tour! They're here to tell me about their new partnership and perform their duet. I can't wait.

I'm also gonna meet an incredible female athlete named Mo Isom. She's trying to break into the world of college football, and she may actually have the talent and the courage to do it. You won't believe her story.

Throw in some very handsome men like Colin Farrell and Seann William Scott, and a YouTube dancer with some crazy skills, and it's a week you don't wanna miss.

So hurry up and even out your tan lines, 'cause new shows are starting tomorrow!